Monday, 13 January 2014

A Moan and a Give Away

To start a new week. a give away. A large chicken  fabric mat for a casserole or some such on the table, a pot holder and a bag a kindle will fit in, or could be used for a travel sewing kit.

To win, you need to post a comment on today's post saying you would like to win, I will draw a name on Wednesday night and contact the winner.

We woke up to a fine morning, think it may have rained in the night. A load of laundry done, drying it inside, the grass is so wet its turning into a bog. Also did the Monday clean and sorted a load of laundry for tomorrow, the bin was full.

No real plans for today, I have a book I want to finish reading before the library bus comes on Wednesday if I can, its a very thick book and taking some reading.

Made a pot of leek and potato soup for lunch, I made a loaf yesterday to that needs doing on the slicer. Pea and sweetcorn fritatta for supper with salad. Apple and blackberry crumble for dessert.

I have to go for my pre op appointment tomorrow afternoon, a week today I will be under the cosh!!

We had a phone call for the agents today our LL wants to replace the fence with Leylandii!!! my god does he know how tall those blasted things grow???? Nothing will grow underneath them and it will be 12 months at least with no privacy in the garden. There are over 200 bulbs in the garden as well as all the climbing plants we put in towards the end of last year. O.K. its not  my house but the LL does not  seem to have taken much notice of how putting a hedge in will affect us. Apart from anything else there is no way we are going to maintain a hedge, it will need a lot of maintenance especially if it is to stay thick at the bottom. AArrggghhhhh..........We will have to get out and dig up and repot all the clematis, climbing jasmine and everything else we have put into the garden. Not happy bunnies.


  1. Sorry to hear about the Leylandii. Does the LL really know how much attention they require to get them the right thickness, and then when they do grow they will likely need cutting at the top. Hope he doesn't proceed on that one, - what a lot of work for you to sort out the borders. I too have been making leek and potato soup, I'm runnning out of containers for the freezer now! I love your sewing and would really like to be entered into your give away, they look fab. Hope tomorrow goes off alright, especially with your early start, sadly distance from the hospital doesn't seem to be a factor in giving appointments. Vee x

  2. Crikey! Is your LL MAD? Blasted Leylandii is nothing but trouble, just hope you can persuade him differently!! Good luck! Hope all goes well tomorrow, have you sorted a lift for next week's op then? Our Dr surgery arrange lifts via the Volunteer Bureau maybe there is something like that your way? Nice sunny day to start, but raining by early afternoon, just for a change!! Off to Embroiderers Guild now. Toodle pip!

  3. I think your LL is off his trolley they are evil nasty things Our neighbour at the bottom of our garden had them blocked all light out he had then over 30 ft tall and nothing we could do about it!!

  4. I would imagine that enough Leylands to fill the length of the yard might well cost more than a couple of lengths of fencing - than add the needed tending, trimming, and time before it looks nice. That doesn't even address the work in relocating all you've planted that would look lovely on a fence. Please call your LL and tell him the cost of keeping the Leylands healthy and growing will be his as you and DB cannot do it due to medical issues. Perhaps you can make him see reason. Hope so!

    Your give-away is indeed delightful but I hesitate to enter because of international shipping costs.


  5. Leylandii cause so much trouble, we have two in our garden and apparently before we moved here, the roots broke through the sewers and cost the council thousands to put right as this is a council property. They moved some of the roots and repaired the sewer but wouldn't take the trees down "due to cost" . Now when the wind blows they move so much.
    Would love the chicken hot pad if I were a winner

  6. Hi, We had a neighbour with leylandii. nothing but trouble. We ended up having to have scaffolding erected to keep them trimmed plus they block out the sun and daylight.
    Love the kindle holder and would like to enter please.

  7. I hope you manage to talk your LL around re the Leylandi, he probably thinks its an easier maintenance option but I am sure once you explain he will hopefully change his mind. Good luck! Please enter me for your lovely giveaway too.

  8. We also have a neighbour who planted leylandii trees on the border of hers and our back gardens. They have also grown over 30 feet high, and the worst part is, we have to pay a gardener to trim our side because the woman will not let us have them cut down short enough for my husband to trim our side himself. They have certainly made a barrier between us and has taken our view away. I hate them.
    Good luck tomorrow with your appointment. Please don't add my name to the list for your very generous give away as I don't have a kindle and have enough pot holders that I made myself. Some lucky reader will be very grateful to win them, but thank you anyway.


  9. Can I be entered into the draw please - we spent this weekend reducing the height of a Leylandi by half - In the recent strong winds I thought we were going to loose either the fence if it came down in one direction or the summer house roof in the other direction - let's hope that the LL comes to his senses xx

  10. Do your next door neighbours know of your landlord's intentions with the leylandii. If they own their home, I'm sure they won't be very happy either. Means these trees will overhang their garden like they do ours, so they will need to trim them too. Silly man.

  11. From Margie in Toronto
    Sorry to hear you are having all this aggravation - I certainly hope that he doesn't expect you and your husband to do the maintenance - perhaps the thought of that ongoing cost will help him change his mind!

    Lovely as things look I also hesitate to ask to be entered because of the cost of international postage.

    One thing I've always meant to ask you is - what sorts of books do you read? Who are your favourite authors? I'm a great reader myself and I'm always interested in what others find interesting ie fiction vs non-fiction - that sort of thing.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  12. Sorry to hear that the landlord has decided to put in a hedge. Perhaps if you explained the garden issues to him in person, he might be persuaded to change his mind? Best of luck at the hospital tomorrow. Hope all goes well for you. I would love to be entered in your draw; the prize package looks lovely! Cheers from Canada.

  13. I had to google Leylandii to find out what they were. It certainly sounds like they cause a lot of problems. Your giveaway looks really nice. Are you including overseas? if you are I would love to have my name in the hat. Another 6" of snow here today, we didn't go outside the door. We will have lots of shovelling to do in the morning.

  14. Great blog, look in daily but don't often comment. Please think seriously to write to your LL and express your worries, perhaps evern with a link re Leylandii care and mantenance, as LL ourselves we appreciate our tenants views and consider their point of view. Envious of your talent re quilting, and would be so pleased to be entered into your draw. Keep up the good work, and GOOD LUCK with your surgery next week.

    1. Thanks for your message Kathy. We spoke to the letting agents this morning and told him that neither us or our next door neighbour wanted the leylandii hedge putting in. We did suggest that if he must put a hedge in he should look at something like beech, but that we would prefer a fence.

      We had 3 leylandii trees taken down in the garden last year, the one at the top of the garden had caused our neighbour on the other side to have to have his garage rebuilt as the roots had undermined the garage and also his fence. I am well aware of the damage they cause, and as a gardener himself I am surprised he put this to us I think he is looking for the cheapest option.

  15. Love your sewing. Would love something to put my kindle in.
    I lost my glasses last night. Can't find them anywhere. Lost another pair about 18 months ago and the NEVER turned up. Something happening in this house.

  16. Aarrggh! Not leylandii! - When we moved to our house there were 21, yes 21, leylandii trees engulfing the garden. All well over 20ft tall. It was astonishing and we were aghast that there were so many when they were cut down. They had been planted as shrubs in the 1960s when our house was built. The only good thing was that we had loads of logs to pile up for hedgehogs etc and to give away to anyone with a log burner. Lots of stuff for our compost heaps and tons and tons of chippings to use on the garden, which lasted us about three years. Good luck with NOT having them in your garden. As a recent beginner to quilting I would love to be entered in your give-away. Your work always looks really interesting. I have just finished a project and will put some pictures up later. Happy New Year. Ann x

  17. What a lovely blog header picture you have!
    And such a lovely blog giveaway too. Please enter me, and thankyou kindly for telling me about it!

    Take care dear lady.


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