Friday, 31 January 2014

More Rain.................

It was fine when we woke up but just after lunch it started to rain again and its throwing it down, I am really cheesed off with the weather, roll on some fine weather.

DB had a blood test so we did another couple of errands whilst we were out, got home just in time for lunch.

DB went for his siesta, I sat and sewed down the binding on the place mats, so they are finished and in the drawer. I also put the lamb bones, carrots, onion, swede, garlic and soup mix into the pressure cooker to make some scotch broth for lunch tomorrow.

Its 3.30 and we have the lights on in the sitting room, its horrible outside. I will be glad to draw the curtains and shut the weather out.

Supper tonight fish, chips and coleslaw, I got bananas this morning so we will be having banana something for dessert.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Whats that??? No rain!!

Off to the hospital this morning for DB's echo, I do not have a good feeling about this, I have a book to read, it is going to take an hour apparently.

For once its not hissing down but very grey, would not be surprised to see some spots at some point.

I bought a bowl of tiny daffs yesterday to brighten up the house a bit, the are on the front window cill, got a bit of growing to do yet.

Noting exciting going on just now, fritatta and salad for supper, fruit and icecream for dessert.

As Victor Meldrew would say 'I don't beleive it!!' its not raining...its snowing!!


Back from the hospital, everything went ok, no sign of angina and the stress test was fine. So we now wait for the appointment with the consultant. We have to go and get a special monitor DB needs to use when he gets the palps, so another trip into Leicester in a couple of weeks to collect that.

LL has turned down my request to put down 4 slabs to get to the whirly and prevent more damage to the grass, so fine, I will continue to trample and compact the grass as I go to and fro to hang the laundry out. He does not want anything else doing to the garden......hhmmmmmm. I think intransigent is the word, two of us can play at that game.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to wrrap myself in the freecy blanket and read for a while.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Has it stopped raining???? No!!

Well another day of hissing rain. I went to Aldi at Loughborough this morning, the number of fields with standing water was horrifying......The river by Cotes Mill was also running very high near the top of the bank.

Managed to spend £48.04 at Aldi, that was with the £5 off voucher from last week. The freezer, fridge and cupboards are now full to bursting, I just have to get fresh fruitt and veg over the next 3 weeks.

DB managed to fall over bringing some of the stuff in from the car, he went over on his right ankle, brilliant!! He has grazed his hand and knee but apart from that seems to be ok. Tomorrow he has his echo, I am not looking forward to it.

Library van due this afternoon, I have a couple of books to go back and also some to collect. 

No sewing today, do not feel like it, am shattered after my trip to Aldi.

Supper tonight macaroni cheese, celery and tomato salad with a jacket spud. Fruit and ice cream for dessert.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

When is the sky going to stop leaking???

Yet more rain, our neighbour is keeping an anxious eye on the land behind us. Apparently 2 years ago the house next door but one flooded on Christmas Eve after a heavy strom. We have water standing in the borders.

Todays Funny:

Go one laugh you know you want to!!

Fridge cleaned out and freezer audit done, just a chicken and 4 pork chops needed this month still plenty left in the freezer. I am going to Aldi tomorrow have a £5 voucher to spend.

Nothing exciting going on here apart from the blessed rain hissing down, the mobile library  comes tomorrow, I have some books to go back and a couple to collect, that should keep me going until the next visit in 2 weeks time. We are so lucky to have the service, fingers crossed it will continue.

Might get to the machine this afternoon to quilt another couple of mats, I also have some ironing to do, sheets and a table cloth from this weeks laundry.

Supper tonight spag bol and garlic bread, will cook the mince to make the sauce after I have had my lunch. I made a bread and butter pudding last night so half of that left for tonight.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday, Monday

Monday rolls round again, no sooner is it Friday than its Monday morning again.

A friend sent me an email of funnies, I will put one a day on my blog for your delectation.

Monday clean done, extra through as it did not get done last Monday. The bed changed and the laundry on the airer. It was very dreich first thing, but has brightened up now. I could have put the laundry on the line, but the grass is just a sea of mud and I do not want to make it any worse. I also turned out my wardrobe and have asked DB to do the same, I am starting to do a further sweep to get rid of excess stuff, a big bag out for the charity shop, anything that has not been worn for a year is going in the bag. Thankfully I am feeling better, a bit more energy than I had last week.

I cleared out a couple of bags with knitting wool in, some of you will remember my sock knitting marathon a couple of years ago. I have some small balls of sock wool and also some bits of double knitting wool, If any one is interested you are welcome to it. A refund of the postage would be appreciated.

We spent some time at the weekend making some plans. If everything goes to plan we will move from here into Melton in 2017. So we are looking to put cash into our ISA against removal costs. At that point we will be 84 and 74 respectively and it may be that I will need help with DB, he may not be driving and I could well be coming to the end of my driving too. Our car will be 9 years old then too. We just do not know what is in the future.

DB has an appointment for an XRay this afternoon, we have a raft of hospital visits this week.

Leek and potato soup made for lunch enough for another couple of days. I have cut the meat off the shoulder of lamb from yesterday, we will have some cold for supper tonight with salad and cous cous. The rest will go in the freezer against another meal. I have sliced the sweet loaf I made yesterday, it has turned out quite well, I am open freezing it so we can take a couple of slices at a time out for afternoon tea.

DB off for his siesta, so I am going to put my feet up for an hour, have a book I want to finish reading.


We had a communication this morning from BT for broadband at £5 a month for 6 minths and ten £110 plus line rental, I presume that this also includes the telephone? I worked it out and it is less then half what we are paying with Sky for the year. They charge me £7 surcharge because we are too far from the exchange....whats that about then???

I am going to look into it. I will give them a ring on their free phone number and then see if Sky will match the deal. I doubt it very much but you never know. o not think there are any free calls included in the package but I will ask. Sky charge us £5 for that and I rarely have £5 of charges on the bill, although we do have a number of local calls. I suppose we could use our mobiles more.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hissing down again

Well the rain has arrived, its slinging it down, heaven knows where all this water is going to go..... I feel so sorry for the people who live on the Somerset Levels, they must be tearing their hair out in frustration. So much water still lying and so much still leaking from the sky. 

We were late up, had our usual post haggis breakfast, there is always some left.... bacon, tomato, fried bread and haggis, I heat it up to sizzle in the microwave, so we will not have any lunch but I will cook supper early tonight

Another load of laundry in, it will have to go on the airer.......its sheet and duvet cover day tomorrow and that will have to dry inside as well.

I sewed the binding on the two place mats yesterday and started to quilt the ones for DD2, I need to find some thread to sew the binding down on out mats, looking at the thread I chose in the light its the wrong colour. If the worst comes to the worst I will have to use very light grey which is a neutral colour.

I sat and knitted some more dishcloths last night so I have several in stock now, at least I now know where I can get the cotton from, two shops in the town stock it. I have never come across Boyes before, they do carry a very varied stock including haberdashery. I bought a Sabitier kitchen knife from there, price on the packet £23 I paid £4.99. I will be going back to get a new cooks knife next month.

Fruit loaf on, I was going to do it yesterday but got side tracked, The white loaf I baked was fine so it was the flour that was off on the brown loaf not the yeast. I was so cross I had to throw away 2 bags of wholemeal flour. I re arranged the cupboard I keep the flour in, so its all on the same shelf and the newest flour is to the back, which was how it was in the cupboard in the apartment. When we moved in here everything was in such a stoshie things just got shoved in where they could, its only now I am coming to wipe out the cupboards and re arrange them I am coming across various bits and bobs. I need to spend a day on the contents of the cupboards and get them cleaned and sorted logically.

I also need to sort the freezer to do an audit so I know what meat I need for next month. Yesterdays liver made 6 portions enough for 3 meals so each portion of liver was 13p, I will add either bacon or sausage when we come to have it for supper.

Tonight, roast shoulder of lamb, potato's and parsnips, cauli and calebrese. We did not have a dessert last night, so the last banana cut up in chocolate mousse.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Its The Weekend

DB decided last night was to be a late reading night, consequently t was almost 9.30 before I opened my eyes.

A sunny morning despite  the forecast, so a late load of laundry on the line. Bread in the bread maker and tomorrows lamb studded with garlic and now marinating in red wine. I want to make a fruit loaf when the bread is finished. I also have to cook the liver. I forgot when I took it out yesterday that we were having haggis tonight, so will cook and re freeze it for later to have either with bacon or sausage.

I am still feeling incredibly tired, I really find it difficult that the anaesthetic has affected me so much.

DB is in the garden, we have asked the LL for permission to put in 4 small slabs as stepping stones to the whirly in the garden, the grass is still very wet and is turning to mud.

I hope to spend a bit of time with my sewing machine today, I want to get the bidning sewn on the two mats and start another 4 destined for my DD2.

So supper tonight will be haggis, neeps and tatties ( haggis swede and mashed potato) no idea whats for dessert.


We had the most horrendous thunderstorm this afternoon, hailstones and everything.

There was also a bit of excitement in the street, I was sewing when I was aware there appeared to be a traffic jam in the street and I could see what appeared to be a large lorry trying to back up. Indeed it proved to be a Pickfords lorry. The house at the top of the cul de sac at the side of us has had a sold sign on for a number of months. Yesterday we noticed a car and van at the house, sure enough the Pickfords van was going idea where they have come from but a weekend removal will not be cheap......and its raining.

I fetched the laundry in just before it started to rain, almost dry, its finishing off on th airer. First time for a while I have managed to hang clothes out.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Busy Day

I managed to get up at 8am this morning. We were on the bus into town at 10am. DB wanted to do some research at the library. I sat and read the papers for an hour and then decided to go for a short walk. We were home just after 12noon. I managed to pick up some more dishcloth cotton 40p cheaper than the other shop I used to get it from.

DB had an appointment with the Dr re his cough and choking this afternoon, I nipped into Morrisons for a swede. I also found bovril stock cubes which I have been looking for. 4 packs found their way into my shopping basket. DB has to go for a chest xray and also an endoscopy.....more hospital visits, we should take our beds.

Its been very cold all day and tonight it started raining. DB wet next door to tell A about the bird count this weekend. A told him that he chap who put the hedge/chicken wire in had refused to come and take the stuff out and was going to take LL to the small claims court for payment........thats all we need. We have a hedge we do not want. Any idea what we are going to do with 50 privet plants, 4 concreted in fence posts and a roll of chicken wire??

Fish and chips for supper, banana and ice cream for dessert.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Make your mind up

Is it going to rain or be sunny. A few moments ago the sky was black and hissing down with rain, now the sun is shining.

Bad night ended up in the guest room DB moaning about the light being on......did not wake until after 9am.

Appointment came for my follow up, right in the middle of when we are away so shoved back a month to the end of May.

DB went and collected my medication and a copy of the mirror for the £5 voucher for Aldi. I will go either Wednesday to Loughborough or Thursday to Leicester. DB has an appointment for Thursday at the hospital in Leicester, his examination will take an hour do I can drop him off and then go back and collect him.

I managed an hour in the sewing room this afternoon, a pair of place mats for our table on the way. Many years ago on one of our trips to the US I bought some halloween/autumn fabric to make a tablecloth, I found a bit of fabric enough to make 2 mats. Just have to sew the binding on and sew it down.

Supper tonight cauli and calebrese gratin with jacket spud and roasted tomato. Guess it will be banana for desert.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Takes longer than you think

to get over even a few hours in a hospital bed. Its over 20 years since I was last in hospital for anything other than visiting. Boy has it taken it out of me!!

I did not wake until DB came in with my breakfast, he went to get his INR done, when he came back we went to Tesco, I needed some things I could only get from there so I decided I would get what bits of fruit etc I needed.  I had only allowed myself £100 for this month as we had quite a lot of meat in the freezer, I finished my last bits today £2.18 underspent, so the change has gone into the sealed pot. Doubt if I will get away with £100 next month but we will see. We need to do a freezer audit at the weekend so I can do the menu and shopping lists for February. Next Thursday I will be at Aldi.

After lunch DB went for his siesta, I put the belly pork on to cook and did the veg for supper, by the time I had done that I was done in, had to lie down for a while.

Have just put a loaf of bread on, we have no fresh bread, just some toasting bread in the freezer, so decided I should get a loaf on.

I also put a load of white in the washer whilst we were out, they are on the airer in the dining room, should be dry by the morning, if not I can finish the stuff off on the radiators as they cool down.

The early mist cleared and we have had a sunny day, although it was very cold, I was glad to get in from the shops. Much warmer inside.

My ear is ok. although it did discharge last night, so I gently cleaned out the outer bit of my ear this morning. 

Post this morning has a leaflet from the book people in....DB was very impressed with some of the offers.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

That Was yesterday

A very early start. Once at the hospital I sat reading until 10.45am when a theatre nurse asked me to get undressed and follow her.

45 minutes later I was awake and talking and taken back to the ward, given a drink and then a plastic white bread turkey sanwich and a cup of tea. At that stage I could have eaten anything, well almost. About an hour later I got dressed, phoned my driver and asked him to come in to collect me. The surgeon came to see me. What they could see through the perforation was skin growing, He has taken a biopsy, I have to have another CT scan and then see him again, his objective is to repair the hole.

I was home by 3.30pm. and spent the rest of the day on the settee. I have been told to rest today, so thats what I am doing, having a duvet day.

DD2 is due to visit this afternoon. DB is taking good care of me, I got breakfast in bed. I am up just now but will be going back to bed after lunch for a while, will get up for my supper.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

An Early Start

I was awake just after 4am, gave up the ghost at just after 5am showered and dressed, so now have to sit and wait for my lift.

Does not appear to be raining but then who knows, its as dark as pitch outside. Our street lights go off at 1am and come back on around 6am. There has been a  very heavy frost, hope the roads are ok.

So will see you all later...........

Brighter Morning

AAArrrgghhhhh I caught DB looking at the houses for rent on the internet. He has been very firmly put in his place, no way, it would be financial suicide. Apart from anything else I like it here, quiet, no neighbours over looking the house at the back. The only small snag is the miniscule kitchen but that I have learned to live with.

Its a bright morning, keeps going dull but for the most part the sun is shining. I have had a bit of a turn round in the sewing room, moved a chest on wheels into the guest room and stood the little TV on it, not that the TV works, there is no plug close to it. I can now get at the whole of the table and also the boxes in the corner without having to either lift them up or drag them out from under the table. I have some stuff to do, might manage to get at it later in the week when I have recovered from tomorrows little episode. I have to get up at 6am and shower to be ready for 6.45am when I am being picked up.

Supper tonight will be the last of the sliced turkey from the freezer, with roast spuds and parsnip, carrots and cauliflower. I have made a creme caramel for dessert, no cream DB an have it with peaches, I will just have mine plain. He spent a while in the garden this morning sorting various bits out, the grass is a real mess thanks to the chap dnacing all over it on Friday, it will grow back, but like everything else it will take time.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

What a good day not!! Our neighbour came round to ask if she could take photos of the hedge, she is not pleased, did not want a hedge of any sort, wants a fence......she has spoken to the LL and also the agents. Apparently the LL is due this afternoon sometime. Why do I have a really nasty feeling about this??? The LL seemed reasonable in the beginning but now seems to be very unhelpful. A was not happy that the LL, who is a friend of their was extremely rude on the phone.

It started off wet, but the rain has cleared and we had a brief spell of sunshine which has also disappeared.

2 parcels packed and posted, a script put into the chemist, apart from that very little else has got done. Tomorrow I need to push the Dyson round the bedrooms as I will not be here on Monday. Cannot say I am looking forward to it really.

Supper tonight fritatta, salad and potato wedges, banana for dessert.


We were out this afternoon, when we got back LL was in next doors garden. LL and A came round and spoke to DB. No way was I getting involved, I would have ended up laying the LL flat with my fist. The upshot is we are getting a complete new fence right along the garden. Apparently the landscaper who came charged £480 for 2 hours work!! I wish I could get paid that.

DB is not at all happy with the LL and is making noises....aaarrggghhhh............

Friday, 17 January 2014

Denuded Garden

The chap to take down the fencing arrived just before 9am this morning and the job has been completed, and the privit put in

He has, at our request left  up 3 panels which are ok, two next to the house and one right at the top, a wire fence has been put in and he has left two of the fence posts as well. I am going to fix the trellis back on them to take 2 of the clematis. We have also fallen heir to left over privet so DB will put it all along the back fence. The photinia never arrived!!

We bagged some of the old fence posts for DD2 she has a wood burner, so will be able to stack and use them. There is also a pile of kindling

Its a fine morning, cold but dry, had I got laundry it would have dried outside.

Friday clean done whilst DB spent all morning watching (supervising) the work in the garden. The rest of the lentil soup for lunch, fish and chips for OH fish and salad for me for supper. we need to finish up the bananas too.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Busy, Muddy Morning

The clematis are out and potted up, they are going to have to grow on in the pots until next year otherwise they will suffer badly from being moved twice. They were expensive so I cannot risk them dying. DB is taking photos of the garden as it is now. The ground so so muddy and claggy the soles of my boots were caked with mud.

Its quite a pleasant morning, it rained during the night, but the sun is out. According to the weather forecast we are due heavy rain this afternoon. I do not envy the chap coming to dismantle the fence tomorrow. Wonder if he is into mud wrestling???

Yesterday someone posted a comment asking what a hob and extractor were..... In this picture you can see the built in oven and above it the gas hob the door above the hob is the extractor which takes steam from the pans on the hob, the door pulls outwards which activates the fan, the steam is pulled through the extractor unit, ducted along the top of the cupboards to a flap on the outside wall which opens to allow the steam out. I know the door looks like it hides a cupboard but it doesn't.

Built in oven, hob and extractor fan

Pot of lentil soup for lunch, should do us several days. 

DB has just gone for his siesta, so I will be relaxing and reading Zero Waste Home, which was waiting for me on the library van yesterday.

Supper tonight sausage, mash, cabbage and carrots. We have banana's to eat up so banana something for dessert.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Give Away Results

The result of the give away is;      drum roll..............

             Trudie. Congratulations!!

If you send me your address etc in a comment I will not publish it and will get you prize off to you asap.

Time to get shifting

Spoke to the agent this morning and agreed for the hedge to be put in, Privit and photinia. LL going to cut it. just had a phone call the chap is coming Friday to do it, which just leaves us tomorrow to get the plants out, pray for fine weather!! He has to take the fence down first, and remove the posts. I do not envy him getting a couple of the posts out they are set in about 2sq ft of concrete.

Another very cold day but bright this afternoon, the light goes so quickly, just after 4pm we have the lights on in the sitting room.

DB went for his INR its still too low so they have upped his warfarin again, he asked me to nip into the post office and send a letter for him. An A4 envelope cost me 69p second class!!! No wonder people are using email to send correspondance.

Visit to Sainsbury this morning, will not be going again, very expensive and they do not have things like basic porridge oats, I pay 75p for a kilo at Aldi and Tesco, £1.64 at Sainsbury was the cheapest I could find. Also the breaded haddock I get for DB was £3 for 4. £2.00 for the same size packet at Tesco. I paid £19 56 for 17 items. Did a comparison with Aldi £14.96!! No contest there then. Even having to drive 24 miles to Aldi at Loughborough and back, it would still cost me less.

Beef casserole, dumpling, carrots and cauli for supper Banana and ice cream for DB, just banana for me.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Now We Know

When I got back from my pre -op there was a message on the answer phone. We are getting a hedge but not leylandii its privet (which I also hate) and photinia. No idea when its being done but the clematis has got to come out tout suite, no idea what I am going to do with them. No idea when the job is getting done, but if its fine tomorrow we will start and get the clematis out along with some of the other plants I do not want trampling on. Thank goodness we have got 2 bags of compost and plenty of pots. 

I am so glad that we are NOT getting the dreaded leylandii, I really would prefer fence but there you are.

The LL is going to arrange to get the hedge cut once a year, because I am not doing it and neither is DB.
A sunny morning, very cold, rain overnight and ten a frost which has made the roads like skating rinks.......

DB spoke to our neighbour last night, he too is against having the leylandii hedge put in, so spoke to the letting agents this morning, he is going to pass word on. I am not holding my breath, but one thing is for sure, if he goes ahead with the hedge, all the plants will be out of the garden, nothing will grow under the hedge and I will not spend any more money on it.

Another load of washing on the airer, I have a small pile of ironing, but it can wait until the shirts etc are dry then I can get it all over with at once.

No plans for the day, apart from my visit for my Pre op, it will be busy tomorrow DB's INR and then I need to go to Tesco or Sainsbury for the bits I cannot get from Aldi. Its also library van day so we can change our books.

Window cleaner came this morning to clean the windows so they are nice and clean, he comes round about every 6 - 8 weeks.

Supper tonight chicken and apricots in white wine sauce with rice. The last of the crumble for dessert.

Monday, 13 January 2014

A Moan and a Give Away

To start a new week. a give away. A large chicken  fabric mat for a casserole or some such on the table, a pot holder and a bag a kindle will fit in, or could be used for a travel sewing kit.

To win, you need to post a comment on today's post saying you would like to win, I will draw a name on Wednesday night and contact the winner.

We woke up to a fine morning, think it may have rained in the night. A load of laundry done, drying it inside, the grass is so wet its turning into a bog. Also did the Monday clean and sorted a load of laundry for tomorrow, the bin was full.

No real plans for today, I have a book I want to finish reading before the library bus comes on Wednesday if I can, its a very thick book and taking some reading.

Made a pot of leek and potato soup for lunch, I made a loaf yesterday to that needs doing on the slicer. Pea and sweetcorn fritatta for supper with salad. Apple and blackberry crumble for dessert.

I have to go for my pre op appointment tomorrow afternoon, a week today I will be under the cosh!!

We had a phone call for the agents today our LL wants to replace the fence with Leylandii!!! my god does he know how tall those blasted things grow???? Nothing will grow underneath them and it will be 12 months at least with no privacy in the garden. There are over 200 bulbs in the garden as well as all the climbing plants we put in towards the end of last year. O.K. its not  my house but the LL does not  seem to have taken much notice of how putting a hedge in will affect us. Apart from anything else there is no way we are going to maintain a hedge, it will need a lot of maintenance especially if it is to stay thick at the bottom. AArrggghhhhh..........We will have to get out and dig up and repot all the clematis, climbing jasmine and everything else we have put into the garden. Not happy bunnies.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Follow on

Following on from yesterdays post, the cupboard under the stairs houses 3 narrow shelves, There are some jars in there and also the bits that go with my Kenwood Chef and Bamix, the Kenwood is also in there along with the steam cleaner and its bits, the tool box, basket with cleaning materials in, the little cleaner I use for the laminate flooring, potato basket and a shoe rack which does double duty for our boots and also also bottles of water and a couple of bottles of Bucks Fizz.  There are also a long and short 'flat mates' which are handy for cleaning down the back of things, the 'Ken Dodd for the ceilings and corners when I am cleaning, and a mop with an extending handle for the kitchen floor. There is room to walk down and get things out from the back, you have to mind your head though. Heaven knows what I would do without this cupboard, so much hidden in there.

A bright morning, but its very cold we had a heavy frost, so the heating is on for a while.

No news from the LL about the fence, half of it is in next doors garden, they do not seem anxious to get rid of it either. so why should I worry.......after all its not my fence.

DS2 is hoping to come sometime this week, I need to take our bed to bits to clean the carpet, the bedroom is rather neat and I cannot just move the bed to get underneath. I knew there was a reason I wanted a metal bedstead!! You can get a hoover under there without having to move it!!

I have the bread maker on and taken some of the sliced christmas turkey out of the freezer, will have it with roast spuds, carrots & cabbage for supper apple and blackberry crumble for dessert, should do us 2 nights.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Miniscule Kitchen

I was looking at 365's blog, the last two days she has published pictures of her kitchen cupboards and freezers. So In for a penny in for a pound.

Some of you will remember the huge kitchen we had at the apartment. The cupboards took everything and space to spare. Now we have moved and my kitchen is tiny, how did I get a quart into a pint pot I hear you ask....well..........the kitchen measures 7ft 10 in wide by 9ft 4 in. Out of that there is the back door, the door to the dining room and the cupboard under the stairs.Which has some shelving in to take big jars I cannot get in the cupboards.

The fridge freezer and washing machine, work top has my Combi Microwave on it, next to is is the bread maker and a mug rack of spare mugs. Kettle and water filter jug.

The other side of the kitchen. built in oven and hob with extractor over the hob floor and wall cupboards

Window end, sink unit. The cupboards go back to either side and contain saucepans etc, serving dishes, washing up liquid, and laundry stuff. Also baking tins I do not use very often. The ones I use the most are in the oven, which I never or very rarely use.

Cupboard to the right next to the window.

Cupboard next to the kitchen door into the dining room

Bottom cupboard next to the door into the dining room. The small cupboard to the left of the cooker has plastic containers etc for the freezer in.

Cupboard next to the extractor.

Cupboard next to the fridge freezer, the boiler is mounted on the wall next to this cupboard.

The combi micro......I use this a great deal, much cheaper than using the main oven which is old and the temperature markings on it are non existent, so although I have an oven thermometer the temperature fluctuates. The freezer that was in that hall is now in my DS2's kitchen, and I sold the dryer and the cooker just after we moved, I used some of the money to buy the dresser below.

The dresser which is in the dining room, it has china and glass in it and also part of an AF order which will eventually go into the kitchen. It is going to be painted and distressed at some point, once the weather improves and I can stand it outside.

So, thats how I got everything in, its not ideal and I do have to search occasionally for things, but as stuff get used up more space will appear.

We had a bright start to the day, but it is very cold and now clouding over. DB spent some time in the garden this morning, he said the middle of the lawn is like a bog, we could do with some dry weather now thank you. We have been lucky there are so many people whose homes have been flooded, some of them may not get back into their houses for more than a year.We are blest that things have not been worse in this little part of Middle England.

DB has gone for his siesta. DD2 who was coming this afternoon has a cold, so does not want to pass it on, thank you DD2, I is quite a few years since I last had a cold. Prefer not to have one now. I am going to put my feet up. Supper is prepped, mince and veg, spuds for DB, not for me and yogurt for dessert.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr But Bright

We had a frost last night, the sky was very clear when we went to bed. The sun is shining fir to bust but its still very cold.

Sketchy Friday clean done. DB had come in the french doors with his muddy wellingtons, I found mud on the linings to the velvet curtains, so he is banned from coming in that way, back door for now. I managed to get the mud off and also gave the frame of the doors a scrub with some bleach. Signs of mould again, despite wiping them down.

I did sleep better last night DB went straight to sleep when he put his light out and I had taken extra medication, my fibro is playing up, woke a couple of times in the night but went straight off again.

Early lunch (soup) for me, I am going to see my quilting guru this afternoon, its her birthday next week, so a pot of miniature daffs which she can put in the garden once they have flowered and a card.

DB is having fish and chips tonight, I have some lamb from the freezer, will do myslef a salad when I get back. Think dessert will be banana.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Another day at the fun factory

Another bad night, DB was fidgiting even when he was asleep, so I went in the guest room, think I am going to be spending a few nights in there.

We were out to catch the bus at 10am and soon in the town. I picked a couple of books in the library and then went off leaving DB to do some research.

I spent £7.50 at the greengrocer and then went into the bank, had to go and get DB to sign some papers. We then got some more nuts for the birds and caught the bus home.

Soup and bread for lunch. DB went for his siesta, I sorted out the supper, macaroni cheese, jacket spuds, tomato and celery salad. I did fruit in jelly last night so enough left for dessert tonight.

I fell asleep on the settee for a couple of hours.......hope I can sleep tonight.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Goodness Me A Dry Day

No rain this morning, light sky and quite a breeze, a change from the last couple of days, although the rain did give way to sun late yesterday. I have cleaned the laundry basket, it was very muddy from where it got blown away on Monday. Its upside down outside drying off, DB is outt picking up the last of the berries from the catoneaster.

DB went for his INR, it had gone down so he has to go again next week, guess I need to up his green veg for a few days, although he has been eating brussels. I am still trying to get transport to the hospital for my op. If I cannot get it I am cancelling the op. Its not as if its anything important, he just wants to have a look at the inside of my ear. No way am I allowing DB to do two 60 mile round trips.

Pot of lentil soup on the stove, I can eat bread again today. The only time I felt I needed something to eat was last night, so I had half a stick of celery. I could have had dried apricots but do not want to replace carbs with sugar......which is just as bad. I do not take sugar in anything, just have half a teaspoon on my porridge, just cannot take it with salt as DB does. Yukkkkkk.

Supper tonight will be fritatta and salad, fruit bowl is almost empty, so tomorrow when we go into the library I will nip down to the green grocers for some apples and bananas. Doing OK on the veg front. May need a top up next Thursday though. Will open a tin of fruit and put it in jelly for dessert for a couple of nights.

I have managed to arrange lift to and from the hospital it will cost me £32 but thats a heck of a lot cheaper then the taxi chap quoted. So thats sorted!! I have to go next Tuesday afternoon for my pre-op, no problem there we can take the car and do an Aldi shop whilst we are out.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Not in a good place today, I started a project yesterday which went very badly wrong, the whole lot and several cones of thread ended up in the bin. Then DB could not settle to sleep, was fidgeting even when he did finally go to sleep, so I ended up in the guest room awake until well after 3am.

Beef in the pressure cooker for tonight, DB will have dumpling, I will just have the beef and veg. Soup at lunch time.

It was raining first thing but the sun is out. DB is taking down the trellis off the fences, another panel did a whoopsie yesterday and smashed. The grass is so wet the water comes out over your shoes, the support for the whirly which is screwed 18" into the ground is so loose you can pull it out and the water comes up like a fountain. Not sure what will happen if we get a lot more rain. I will wait until its a bit drier, if it ever is and pot up the clematis and some of the plants I put in last year, they will not stand being stood on when the LL decides what he is going to do about the fence. I did manage to get laundry mostly dry on the whirly yesterday.Finished it off on the airer overnight.

More or less the whole of the UK is now under various levels of flood warnings. People still are being really stupid around the sea. There is a picture in the paper this morning of an idiot standing on the edge of a cliff looking down, if they fall off they would expect to be rescued. I am afraid I would just say tough, why should someone risk their own life to save an idiot who ignores all the warnings. There are some very stupid people about.

Monday, 6 January 2014

What A Night

wind howling, rain blattering at the windows, I had visions of a flooded garden this morning, its extremely wet, but another blattering like that could see us with a flooded garden, the water has no where to go.

Its bright and sunny and the wind is drying slowly, I put a load of laundry out and its almost dry, so put the towels in, they will not dry completely but they will have had a blow.

Thanks to the wind and the rain we slept in this morning, so like the cows tail, I have been all behind this morning, however, Monday clean done as well as the 2 loads of laundry. Leek and potato soup for lunch, enough left for tomorrow if I add a bit of stock to it.

I have some left over mince and some baked beans left so, they will go in together with some mashed spud on the top for cottage pie, have some brussels to use up and will chop a carrot up as well. We have bananas for dessert.

DB has retired to bed for his siesta, he said he could feel a dizzy coming on, so bed is the best place. I am off to tackle some sewing.

The weather is not set to improve, I see we have another horrendous storm heading towards us from the US, everywhere local is on flood alert, have not had a chance to look at the brook at the bottom of the valley, but I guess the childrens playground is flooded. The service road had huge puddles on it, the drains are blocked with leaves so the water is not draining away. The pictures in the papers are horrifying, those stupid people at Porthcawl, the waves were towering above them.......what makes people do such daft things??

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Still BBrrrrrrrrrr

There was a very heavy frost overnight, next doors roof looked as if it had snow on it!! DB said it was -9 at one point according to his weather station.

We were late up, porridge and toast for breakfast with a large pot of coffee......I made a pot of leek and potato soup for lunch enough left for tomorrow, we finished off the garlic bread from last night.

DB went for his siesta after lunch; I did the prep for supper pork chops roast spuds, carrots and brussels, dessert, banana and ice cream for DB, plain banana for me.

I am spending the  afternoon on the settee reading, tomorrow life returns to normal after the last 2 weeks. DB has his INR test on Wednesday, I am going to see if I can get transport to and from the hospital when I go for my op. I am not happy with DB driving that distance on his own.

The budget has been set for the next 12 months. We have had one notification through for DB's Scottish Widows pension, we should hear about the DWP sometime this month, then we have to wait until April for the Civil Service rises to come through, so I based my budget projections on this years income. We are breaking even.....just. I have had a note from our power suppliers that they are reducing the DD for the gas from £40 to £20 per month. I do not think its enough, however we shall see. They are now holding more than a months payment for the electric so I may well try and get that reduced as well. We have not had the worst of the weather yet; nor have we been in the house for a full 12 months.

I am going to be busy this week, I have a project I want to get sorted, once its finished I will post pictures.

Back to the normal routine tomorrow, perhaps then I will be able to remember what day of the week it is!!!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Welcome to the Wet

Yes its raining again. I am thankful however, that we are not in such dire straights as those on the west coast of the UK, the pictures on TV last night were very scary. Many of those people have been flooded before, one chap on the news had cancelled his insurance because he was out of work and could not afford it. Having got a job he had re-instated it but cover did not start until 6th Jan!!

I do not make new year resolutions but this year I have an aim.......I need to loose between 4 & 5 stone.......gasp.......I hate dieting but have decided to give the 2 day diet a go, so I am going to need some support......sweets, chocolate, cake, biscuits, bread, potato and pasta are going to be out 2 days a week. Not sure if I will be able to have my porridge. I have ordered both books from the library will read them and then see if I think I should buy them or not. I have decided that Tuesday and Thursday will be diet days and we plan to walk every day if its not raining until we start gardening again. We used to walk for at least half an hour when we were in Haddington, its a bit more difficult here until we find some footpaths. We can walk either to the village or Asfordby Hill and back, but it would be so much nicer if we can find a circular route. We might investigate walking round the golf course.

We were late up this morning. DB developed the dreaded palps at 8pm last night, we sat up reading and to my shame at midnight had 3 chocolate biscuits and a cup of tea!! It was after 1am before the light went out. DB forgot to put the porridge in to soak so we had a bacon sandwich.It was 9.30 before my foot was on the floor.

Spag bol tonight......I bought bananas in Asda so OH will have his with either cream or ice cream, I will just have mine 'neat'.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Lazy Day

We did not get up too early after my bad night on Wednesday DB let me sleep in, so will after 9.30am before I surfaced.

I wanted to sort out the curtains for DD2 which took me part of the morning and into this afternoon.

We nipped down and I fitted them for her, so the kitchen is looking better.

We have had a sunny but cold day and quite windy. I do feel so for people in Devon and Cornwall who have been hit again with huge tides and the wind.

Supper tonight, fish and chips. DD2 gave DB the last of the cheese cake from Wednedsay, he can have it for dessert.

I have a little project I want to start, so need to get my rear into gear.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Not a Bad Appointment

We were early at the hospital and managed to get into the car park. The Consultant was half an hour late, he did apologise.

We went through what has been going on, there is a letter missing for which he also apologised. Where we are now....well he had agreed that DB needs the low dose of medication, we will take the risk of his BP going up and causing a bleed.....without the meds life is horrendous.

What is happening now is DB has to have another couple of tests so we can rule out certain things and then see what if anything we can do to make life easier in that the dizzies are easier to control and give us back some quality of life.

We have to go back in 10 weeks time when hopefully all the tests will have been completed.

We left the hospital and went to Aldi and then to Asda where I filled the car with diesel and we used a gift card to get some bits we cannot get anywhere else. Then it was home for supper.

I had taken some of the roast beef out of the freezer, so supper beef, salad and a jacket potato.We had the two slices of butterscotch cheese cake we brought back yesterday.

Before we went out at lunch time a chap came to look at the fence, we were not happy to earn that LL was thinking of putting a hedge in..... we will have no privacy in the garden especially while its growing and I would have to find a new place for the trellis we put up for the clematis. I am hoping the fencer will have a different suggestion to make. As it is I will have to take out all the plants we put in. Especially the clematis, fencers do not stride over plants, they stand on them. I spent a lot on the garden last year I am not doing the same this year. I have other plans for my money.

I did not sleep well last night so will be glad to have a better night tonight. I have taken a curtain we had  over the shelves in the kitchen at the cottage to bits, to make curtains for DD2;s kitchen, she has a cupboard where the middle shelf collapses, so she wants to take it out, take the doors off the units and replace it with the curtains. I just need to shorten them and re stitch the bits I had to unpick. I'll wash them once I have finished and then she can have them. I might have enough left over to make a frill for the kitchen window.

Tomorrow is another day................

That Was Yesterday

After all the rain, wind and mist yesterday, this morning is bright and sunny, no idea about the wind have not been out.

We have to have an early lunch, its a good 45 minutes journey to the hospital, we have to fight to get into the car park and then walk right through the hospital to get to the clinic which is right at the front near A & E.

On the way home I need to call at Aldi for some shopping and also Adsa to fill up the car with diesel and to see if they have any haggis.

A chap has just been to look at the fence, we now await what the LL is going to do.

Supper tonight cold roast beef and salad, I need to be able to get a meal on the table quickly, it could be quite late before we get in.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome to 2014

Its hissing it down and has been since about 10am.

We were reading when the fireworks started to go off, they did not last long, so soon in dreamland.

Late getting up. Due at DD2;s for lunch so light breakfast of toast and coffee. Lovely lunch, just the 3 of us pork steak, yorkies, roast potato, peas, sweetcorn, carrot and swede mash. Followed by butterscotch cheese cake, nothing else required to eat today me thinks.

Still pouring with rain and very dark, will be glad to draw the curtains on the weather.

Start the new year as I mean to go on, its housekeeping day so emptied my purse into the penny tin. Will call at Aldi on the way home from DB's hospital appointment tomorrow.

Going to put my head down, could do with a little nap.  cheers m'dears............