Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Another sunny but cold day today, the thaw has not happened yet, we still have snow on the ground.

Bed changed, linen washed and along  with a load of whites washed overnight taken to the launderette and dried, put away, just have the bed linen to iron which I will be doing when DB get up from his siesta.

Upstairs cleaned and sparkly, just have the kitchen to do after supper and that's the whole house clean and sparkling for the New Year.

I wonder what 2015 holds for us.....more of the same as regards DB's condition; there will be no break there. As for me, well I just do not know. My arthritis is getting worse that is a fact, my fibro kept me awake for ages last night before the medication kicked in, so not a good nights sleep. We will not be sitting up for the witching hour, expect we will be reading in bed. Nothing to get up for in the morning, so a late rising.

Plans for 2015, none.......I have to get together some paper work for the council so the application for sheltered housing can go in. DGD tells me there is a long waiting list for the three schemes we prefer, one thing is certain, I will not be going down the agent letting route again, we just cannot afford it.

DB had notification this morning that one of his work pensions has gone up 91p a month.......the HB will go down by the same amount, so its not really worth having, would not even by a single cup of tea or coffee.

We do have a cheap weeks holiday booked in April, but that will be it for this year.

I have at last got DB to clear out some of his stuff, a bag full to go to the charity shop, he also has shirts which he wore for work when he retired 15 years ago. I need to go through them and out some, he will never wear them, he tends to use either tee shirts or polo shirts these days.

I bought new clothes 2 years ago, and they are still as good as new, I did put out some stuff when we moved back in the spring, I do not think there is much else I can jettison.

Books need to be gone through. No answered re my quilting books, so much as I regret it they will also go to the charity shop along with some that DB has decided can go.

I need DS2 here so we can go through things that are in the attic and see what in there can be sold or sent to the CS.

Looks like I am going to be busy in the New Year!!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


but we still have the snow. It does appear to be thawing a bit. OH dug out the whirly base and put the whirly up for me, I put the towels out on it, will finish them off on the airer. I have a load of whites plus the bed linen to do tomorrow, will be going to the launderette to dry them.

Spent yesterday afternoon sorting out some demo bits for the table at the U3A meeting on 15th Jan. samples of various ways of making blocks. I need to put my mind to a few more.

Did the freezer audit and as I thought will not need any meat this month, so may not do an Aldi shop but go to Morrisons instead. It will save us a gallon in fuel. Lidl is due to open sometime in 2015, so will be trying them out as well. I also had an order from Approved Foods with stuff that I use. Saved 21 pounds.

Did you see the chap on rip off Britain, he got £600 worth of groceries for stupid cost and donated it to a charity for the homeless. I did not see the actual programme but OH had recorded it. I will have to watch it again. He printed money off vouchers from the internet and did a weeks shopping for less than £5.00 for Gloria Hunniford. ?spelling. Hmmmmm I need to look into this. He said he saved his mother around £1000 last year on her groceries. He also had a stock of things like toilet paper, mouth wash etc.

Back to simple living for us, macaroni cheese and salad tonight.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Its Another Day

of cold snowy weather. We had to go out to the library this morning, no books left to read. DB was defrosting the car, could not get the drivers door open so I went into the car from the passenger side and gave the door a shove, wouldn't open, went round and tried the handle again pulled and the door shot open, I almost ended up on my BTM in the snow.

DB has been ok for the last couple of days but seems determined to wear me down by moaning about any and everything, I lost it big style..........

He had his lunch and has now sloped off for his siesta, think he is hoping I will be in a better mood when he comes down... Wrong!! long walk and short pier are in my mind, for him..not me. There are times when I really wonder why I put up with it.

Spent some time in the sewing room OH is filling out a form, keeps asking me questions I cannot answer......

Sunday, 28 December 2014

We Still Have The Snow

and also a heavy frost overnight, the roads will be like skating rinks. So glad we do not have to go out.

The windscreen on the car had a thick layer of ice, we had to wait for the sun to hit and melt it, then dried the screen and put the cover on, we do not want to have to defrost it in the morning when we go out.

Another quiet day for Us, so far DB has been ok, so keeping my fingers crossed till the next time.

A slightly later night last night we watched 'Mrs Brown's Boys', not quite as funny as in previous years, its getting a bit 'has been' now.

DB spoke to his sister yesterday, she had the house full with children and grand children, she had escaped to her bedroom for a bit of peace and quiet before sorting out dunner for 18!! sooner her than me. I have done my fair share of that!!

Wondering what 2015 is going to bring for us, guess we will have to wait and see. No resolutions made, no point, I always manage to break them within a couple of days.

Saturday, 27 December 2014


When we went to bed last night there was about 2" of snow on the ground and its still there this morning. DB at last got to use his snow shovel he bought after the horrendous snow we had in the winter of 2010. It has not been used, we have not had that amount of snow since.

The car park in front of the house.

The back garden from the back door.

Various parts of the UK have had it a lot worse than us. Our local airport was closed for a while last night, but is open again now. The sky is quite grey, we may be in for some more later. Hope DD2 got to work ok last night, she  usually walks.

Turkey taken off the bone and in the freezer managed to slice enough for 5 roast dinners and have enough 'bits' to make a turkey and potato pie, or chopped up and mixed with mayo turkey spread for sandwiches. I also have a bowl of turkey stock to use in some soup.

DB was ok yesterday fingers crossed for today.

Decorations down, I need to go up and put them away, the boxes can go in the bottom of the wardrobe now DB has cleared out the crate of stuff that was in there. When its a bit warmer I will be going into the loft to get the photo albums down and sort through the photos, see which ones we want to keep and which can go. I am hoping to reduce them by 90%, I need to source another external hard drive for the ones we want to keep, will also use drop box as a back up.

Very ordinary supper tonight, sausage and mash, we had fish and wedges last night, finished off the trifle, great just having a small one lasted us 2 days.

I have a load of tea towels etc to wash, I will put them on later and leave them on the airer overnight. Will start the big wash Tuesday night, will be taking it to the launderette to dry on Wednesday, I need to change our bed as well.

DB has been ok all day, his sister emailed me so I got him to phone her and put her mind at rest. All the decs are away, and I have finished cutting some fabric up, also cut the wadding for the bags so almost everything is ready for the class at the end of next month. I need to start and prepare February's lesson now.

Friday, 26 December 2014

We have snow

It started snowing around 6.30pm it is now about 2" deep. Shades of winter 2010???

Today is a new day

and so far no dizzies.

I went to bed at 9pm last night, we watched a couple of things on TV, I almost fell asleep reading. Did not wake till almost

DB is up and dressed, I am still in my PJ's, no way am I getting dressed today, I very badly need some chill out time.

DB has asked for fish and wedges tonight, so will take the rest of the turkey breast off the bone, slice and freeze it. Might keep enough in the fridge for sunday supper.

We had an air frost last night, roof of the car was white this morning. DB went out to put the bin out for collection tomorrow, he said it was bitter.

This time next week it will be a new year, not that I am expecting it to be much different than last year......I just keep plodding along.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Wonderful day

Not...DB started with palpitations at 11.30pm last night, it was after 1 am before I put the light out. Up again just before 8 am to do the breakfast and prepare the veg etc. I started the day badly by throwing DB's breakfast coffee into his porridge and orange juice all over the sitting room carpet......

DD2 arrived with presents just after DB retired to bed with nausea and a dizzy and he has been there ever since. I have spent all day running up and down stairs with food etc.

Fed up?? You bet!!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

To all my bloging friends and followers where ever you are in the world.

A very Happy Christmas and Good Luck for 2015.

May all your wishes come true, and thank you for reading my blog and supporting me through what has been a hectic year. I really appreciate it.

A Busy Christmas Eve

Up early, we cleaned through the house, I sorted the kitchen worktops whilst getting the breakfast ready.

So far DB has been ok, he has just gone up for his siesta and I am going to have 5 minutes with my book. I might even have a Nana nap. I had to take pain killers before I settled down last night, once they took effect I was away till DB woke me at 4.15 am coughing, of course he was asleep!!

The turkey is still quite hard in the middle so will get cooked tomorrow, I have a loaf in the breadmaker, just had our lunch using some of the cheese board I got from Aldi.

We watched Hotel Marigold last night, DB recorded it when it was on a few weeks ago, we both really enjoyed it, I think there is one for tonight as well.

Everything that can be done has been done, so from now on until the morning I am in relaxing mode........

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Today is a new day

but nothing changes.

Had a lie in this morning, was just out of the shower when OH shouted that DS2 had just driven into the car park...eekkkkk. Smallest grand daughter asked very anxiously if I was ok as I was wrapped in a towel. She has tonsillitis and a virus, but after a day on medicine was much improved from yesterday.

Breakfast for 5.......littlest watching Pepper Pig on Nana's computer M doing work in the school book which DS had to sign to say she had done it. DS had brought the presents for the family, he is having my Ex for Christmas not envy him that. So as DD2 is coming to us for Christmas Day theirs is no problem but DD1 has very little hope of getting over before the day so not sure what is going to happen to hers. DS2 also brought me a box of vegetables........Looks like we are going to be eating brussels for quite a while!! The salad potato's will be great to have with our supper on Boxing day.

DS2 is on his way home having put up the shelves in the sewing room, so now I can get stuff up in front of me where I need it. Eldest GD has asked for a sewing machine for Christmas, she was very interested in what was going on in the sewing room, I showed her the cutter which she pronounced 'magic Nana' and informed me that now my hands would not hurt so much when I was cutting up 'all that fabric'!!

DB has retired to bed with a dizzy, I can tell looking at him whats on its way, so packed him off upstairs. I now need to sort the sewing room out and get stuff back in the right place, then I will be happy.

It was quite bright first thing but is clouding over now, they sky is very grey so guess we are in for some rain.

Turkey is in the fridge to defrost, not sure how long it is going to take, so its out. Will check it in the morning. If its defrosted I might just cook it tomorrow and reheat the meat on Christmas day in the top of the steamer. Years ago when I had the family for Christmas lunch, I used to take the legs off, bone and stuff them, cook the bird on Christmas eve and then the legs with all the trimmings on Christmas day. Sliced turkey went in some gravy in a foil covered dish in the bottom of the oven about 3/4 of an hour before I served lunch.

We sampled the shortbread last night, I think next time I will cook it at a slightly lower temperature, but it was pronounced very good by he who should know, being a Scotsman. I only ever make it at Christmas.


Sewing room sorted and I found the missing ruler.......somewhere I had looked before. I sorted out 10 fat quarters to go with the bag fabric for the handles and top, just need to have the wadding down and cut the strips, then everything is ready for the class apart from some samples.

At last I put up 3 framed embroideries my eldest DD made for me some years ago, they are on the wall over the bed.

Tomorrow morning I need to put a loaf on and do a full clean and also possibly cook the turkey crown. 

Monday, 22 December 2014

Better Day

I hope!!  Having slept away most of the day yesterday, how DB managed to sleep all night I will never know. I lay awake for ages, go the IPad in the end and played games till I felt my eyelids drooping around 4am. Could not believe it was 8 am when the alarm went off.

Went to the PO, drew cash from there rather than stand in the bank, then called at Morrison's for the last bits we needed.

DS2 was to come today, but DGD2 is not well at all. He had to take her to the out of hours doctor at 6am this morning, so not sure if he will get here before the holiday. Mother has no dependency time left  from work so DS2 is left literally holding the baby.

Since I got back from the shops have made 2 rounds of short bread and 15 mince pies. I am knackered. DB has gone for his siesta, so I am going to put my feet up on the settee and read, you never know I might even have a Nana nap.

Its fine out but a very strong wind. Pity I do not have any clothes to go out. Laundry all finished till after Christmas.

4 pm and DB was retching again and back in bed. A much shorter attack this time, he was down stairs for his supper. I think I am going to retire to bed I am shattered.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Not A Good Start To The Day

7am DB announced he was feeling sick, he then promptly collapsed on the bathroom floor, unresponsive to anything I phoned for help, he was making a devil of a racket. The call handler kept telling me to roll him on his back, he was wedged between the toilet and the bath........impossible!!

To cut a long story short we had a first responder and 2 para medic here for over an hour, by which time he had come round enough to be put back in bed, where he still is. His BP was fine, so was his heart trace, no point in wheeling him off to LRI. 

I do not want to sound unfeeling but I am sick to death of coping with him, but cannot see a way round it. The specialists have said there is no medical reason for this happening.. I feel that I am slowly sinking into a black hole which I will not be able to climb out of.

At 11.30 am I have just got up enough strength to get up and dressed, thats about all I will be doing today apart from cooking some supper.

Saturday, 20 December 2014


A late morning for us, no alarm set, so we slept on until after 9 am.

DB has washed and polished the car, so its fit to go through the winter now. Its a job he had been wanting to do for a while.

A load of coloureds out on the line, quite a strong breeze blowing, it went very black just before lunch so we fetched them in, finishing off on the airer.

I spent an hour cutting scraps of fabric into 2 -1/2" squares and some into 3-1/2" squares. Will put them in poly bags may be able to sell some at the group, along with some of my vast stash of fat quarters.

One of the chicken hangings has been bought today, need to post it off on Monday when I go to Town.

Quiet day one way or another, looking at opening a separate bank account for the class money. Do not want to get it mixed up with ours, problems that way.

Apart from sorting supper going to spend the afternoon Chilling, I have a book I want to finish reading before Monday and some research for a project on the internet, so that will keep me amused this afternoon, then Strictly final tonight, who will win????? Who knows.

Hmmm best laid plans etc DS2 was due to come today, sent me a message to say littlest GD is not well, so he is hoping to make it Monday morning. So we beetled off to the library and changed our books. DB can stay here Monday morning whilst I nip to the P.O. and Morrisons just in case they decide to come early.

Prepped the supper, left the quiche, which had been frozen, on auto pilot so we will have supper a  bit early. No stollen with our afternoon tea.

I bought a bottle of Aldi's take on Bailey's, gosh its delicious, we have been having a small glass each evening, goes down a treat. This is the first year I have not bought pale cream sherry, we used to have a glass before supper, cannot be bothered to fight through the crowds at Tesco to get some, so we will go without.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Books for sale and other things

After yesterdays post, I thought I should lead by example, so at the top of the blog you will see books for sale. I have weeded out 12 quilting books that I am prepared to sell. Please contact me via my blog with your email address if you are interested in any of them. I will leave the page up for 4 weeks and then list them on Amazon.

Late start today after 4 early starts we did not set the alarm. No Friday clean done, we are going to do a through clean on the next 2 Wednesdays......DB has started to sort out his stuff, he has emptied a crate that has been in the bottom of  his wardrobe for at least 10 years, some stuff has gone in the bin, the rest in a bag for the charity shop.

I have a bit of a quandary. I have quilts and bed linen from the caravan and also the single bed. All of it is good quality. I am a bit loathe to send it to the charity shop. I have tried before to sell it at boot sales etc which has been a waste of time.

The wind has dropped, it is sunny in bits but still quite cold. 

We get our medication delivered by the chemist, we ordered it on Tuesday and it was delivered today. So we are all pilled up for the holiday.

DB went for his siesta, I thought I might have a nana nap but no such luck.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


with hot sausage rolls this morning for the U3A meeting. sketches and songs based around the 100th anniversary of the first world war, given by the guitar and drama group. It was very entertaining.

Afterwards there was a buffet of Christmas type goodies and cups of tea or coffee.

I linked up with another lady for the quilting group. so I have only 3 places left. Will see what happens at the groups showcase next month.

Quite cold and very windy, there did not appear to have been any overnight rain.

At last DH has had a sort of lightbulb moment. he has just woken up to the fact that when he shuffles off this mortal coil I will be left with very little dosh. ( he will be fine if I go first)So he has decided we need to put our name down for sheltered housing so I have some security. I will not be able to afford to stay in this house, even with HB etc, paying the utilities etc will leave me with very little money to actually live. Because I was a civil servant I have a pension which will bar me from pension credit. As a married woman I get my pension based on my husband contributions and a small amount from when I worked after the children were old enough for me to go back to work.

I have pointed out that we will have to do a drastic downsize, as we will only be allocated a single bedroom flat or bungalow......he is a great rubbish keeper. There are books on Scotland in the book case he has never had out. They have to go. We need to make enough room in the one book case to take all his and my books. I will also have to sort through my cookery and quilting books, I am allocated just one shelf for my books, When I look round it is obvious that I am going to have to start now. We may well have to wait up to 2 years before we get offered a place.......but the stuff has to go.

I have over 1000 photos in albums in the attic, I am going to try and scan them in montages as store them on an external hard drive.

After just moving 6 months ago the thought of sorting through the contents of the house and deciding what can go is daunting but needs must.

Fingers crossed that the fridge freezer and washer do not need replacing any time soon.

Again we have the lights on in the sitting will be nice when the nights start drawing out a bit.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Off to Aldi this morning, the road was quiet, so a quick journey.

As usual Aldi was very busy, but I managed to get everything I wanted and a couple of things that were not on the list. It was quite sunny and the car soon warmed up. A speedy journey home too.

I have made up 10 bag kits, all I have to do now is cut the wadding which we will have to do on the sitting room floor, it is on a huge roll standing in the corner by the wardrobe. Sorted out some fat quarters have to go through the rest of the boxes and cut bits of fabric into squares.

We are off tomorrow to the U3A Christmas entertainment, I must remember to put the sausage rolls in the oven to warm up before we go.I need to bring the tray home as well, its the one DB uses for our bedtime drink.

3 45pm and we have the lights on, the light levels were very low this morning just 4 days to the solstice. Roll on.........

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I decided to wash the quilted wall hanging I made 16 years ago, it has washed ok, I had it on the line, but brought it in as it started to rain.

This morning we went into town, we needed to put in a prescription at the chemist, drop some things off at the charity shop and a quick visit to Morrisons. We also did a couple of other little jobs including taking DB to see about some new bowls shoes.

Shattered when we got home. DB had his siesta, I watch a video I had downloaded.

Made macaroni cheese for supper with tomato and celery salad, a jacket potato to go with it.

It was cold out but I guess it was slightly milder as we had a shower of rain when we got home. Its 4pm and dark, so curtains drawn and heat on.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Nice but cold

day, the sun was out but no warmth in it. I did hang the sheets and towels out but although some of it dried the duvet cover and towels were still very damp, I have ironed the linen and its now airing.

Monday clean done, I moved the chests of drawers and bedside tables so we could hoover underneath.

DD2 came this afternoon, she is coming for lunch on Christmas day, she is working 4 nights this  week so we will not see her again until the day. She is going to bring a chocolate and orange cheesecake with her instead of having trifle.

We talked over with her the time scale for applying for sheltered housing, she thinks we will have to wait about 18 months from when we apply. We are very conscious of the fact that if DB dies first, my income will be less than half what it is now. I need to be somewhere where I can stay on and not have to look for new accommodation.

It has been quite cold again today, we had rain late this afternoon. More of the same tomorrow,


Hetty please can you contact me via a comment on my blog with your email address, obviously I will not publish it, re the wall hanging you  want.

Thank you.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Time to chill

Not, late up this morning, DB slept late so did not wake him. He seems better today so think his tiredness was from the medication, we will see.

Cut squares for another 6 bags, I am all bagged out, thank heavens for the go cutter, its brilliant. I now have some bits to cut up into smaller bits. hey ho the life of a quilter.

There was a heavy frost when we went to bed, thick hoar on the top of the car and the pavement, it was gone by the time we got up and was raining. It stopped during the morning and has been fine but bbrrrr ever since.

DGD due back from Mexico tomorrow lucky girl all that sun. Niece in Aus having Christmas in bright sunshine. we look as if we might have snow uugghhh.....

Busy week coming up a visit to Aldi Wednesday and the U3A meeting Thursday, need to change the bed and wash the towels, so may be a trip to the launderette tomorrow afternoon. DB has been muttering about mince pies, so guess, as I have mincemeat in the cupboard I had better get on and make some.

DD did not come yesterday, had to wait in for a parcel so she is coming tomorrow.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


this morning, quite a layer of frost on the car. There is some sun so its melting slowly.

DB is still in bed, the palps went off about 2am, but he seems very tired, so breakfast in bed, he can get up later.

DD2 was coming this afternoon, but rang to say she had to wait in for a parcel, so will come on Monday afternoon.

Following a conversation with OH I have decided that whilst the weather is bad to do a double load of laundry once a fortnight and dry it at the launderette. I hate having wet washing hanging around in the house. I have the bed to strip on Monday and also the towels to do, so they too will go to be dried. If and when my washer gives up I will look at a washer  dryer. I just do not have room for a dryer in the kitchen and no outhouse or garage to put one in. The flat in Haddington had a huge kitchen and the dryer sat at the side of the fridge freezer. I only used it if I had to, which was mostly at night on the cheap rate electricity.

Nothing planned for the day, just going to take it as it comes.

DB got up before lunch but is now back in bed he was dozing in the chair, I will wake him in time for his supper. I think it may be the tablets he takes for the palpitations, they did this to him once before.

I have sat and sorted out most of the stuff for the  first U3A patchwork and quilting  class, now have 6 ladies so the class is viable. Lots of blue air when I lost a long document, had to do it all over again. aarrggghhhh......

I see they are forecasting temperatures of minus something, colder than somewhere north of us, Finland I think. Its cold enough for me now thanks. I already have 4 layers on. I wish I could find something to keep my blessed feet warm, a pair of think socks and a pair of themal socks on top and my feet are still cold. Hey ho it will soon be 21st December and I can look forward to warmer (i hope) days.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Late Start

No alarm call this morning so we were late up. Friday clean done and also a double load of laundry. It was raining so a visit to the local launderette to dry it, 20 minutes and £2.70 later it was all dry.

DB has the dreaded palps, first time for a month, he is in bed just now watching TV, he will be having his supper in bed.

I did a bit of sewing this afternoon and also sorted out the instructions for a patchwork bag, have sent them off to a friend for proof reading.

Expecting DD2 tomorrow afternoon, need to make either cake or scones in the morning.

Damp sort of day, very cold we had some rain, no way was the laundry going to dry outside.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bright but oh that wind

It is gusting fit to bust......

Out to get our feet done and then on to put in the agreement for the hall and have a look at the room, its a nice room right next to the great for cups of tea etc.

Back home again, sorted out tonights supper and also got out the Scotch broth from the freezer. More stock put in, enough soup for lunch today and tomorrow.

I am getting annoyed with the freezer part of the fridge/freezer, it has always been difficult to get the baskets in, if you do not get them just in the right place they will not go in. Sometimes you 'hit the spot' straight away other times, like this morning, it took me 10 minutes to get the flipping thing in. We have often said it was a mistake to be dragooned into buying the freezer, so I am on a mission, to find a fridge/freezer where the shelves just slide in without any problem. My friend has an Indesit which is taller than ours and has 4 drawers in the freezing compartment, I am going to have a look and see what I can find. I have had an indesit washer for 7 years and the previous indesit for 15 years, they are very reliable.

Both of us had a snooze this afternoon, I am getting bad at napping for over an hour after lunch, although I am sleeping at night ok. My legs are very sore after standing about so much on Tuesday at the market.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Not so cold today

No overnight frost and the sun was shining when we went out DB needed his INR doing and I needed to pay in the money I took out for the float yesterday. Also a quick trip into Morrisons to get a few things we needed.

We have decided not to do the Farmers Market on Friday, so I will be photographing the left over things and posting them on my blog in the Christmas shop many of the things will be reduced, I really want to clear out my stock.

I do hope none of you are suffering with the really  bad weather we are having at the moment. We have strong winds, and the silver birch in the garden at the back does not appear to be too stable, it seems to be leaning more and more with each gust of wind. Just hope if it falls it goes away from us.

DB had his siesta, we spent the rest of the afternoon putting away the stuff from yesterday, The sewing room looked like a tip for a while.

For  any of you who are interested I have put some things in the Christmas shop. First come first served.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

No Friday Market for us

In view of the weather forecast and today's experience we have decided not to do the market on Friday.

I will be photographing the goods I have left and putting them on the page I have on this blog for my 'shop'

It will be a case of first come first served.

What a waste

of time and effort that was!!

Up at 6.45am!! at the market before 8am to find someone had pinched our stall, The chap next door took stuff off the table next to him and allowed us to use it.

Everything set out:

We waited, and waited and waited. A lady bought some silk machine embroidery thread and an ornament from the Christmas tree.....and for ages that was it!! Lots of people looking, 'oh lovely things, look at that' but hands firmly remained in the pocket, no sign of a purse. We managed to sell the circular mat for a table centre and also a Candle mat, as for the rest zilch. After paying for the stall we made the fantastic sum of......wait for it.....£2.80. We stood and froze for £2.80. A lot of the other traders were making the same comment, plenty of lookers, no buyers. Very disappointing.

We will do the market on Friday and then the stuff thats left will go into my shop on here, if it doesn't sell it will be given away as gifts.

Back home, the heat went on, soup and bread for a quick lunch. DB  retired for his siesta and I think I may well snooze on the settee for half an hour or so.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Frosty morning

After a horrendous  sleepless night, I poked my nose out from under the duvet and knew it was a cold one. The roof of the car had quite a deep covering of frost on it.

By the time we were ready to venture out the sun was out and the roof clear. Bank to get change for tomorrow and the library to change our books, dates for the closing times over the holidays were up, so duly noted, we will need to go in the Tuesday before Christmas day and get enough books to last us until the library opens in the new year. DB will resume his research then as well.

I have had another lady put her name down for the quilting group at the end of January, tally is 4 and I guess there may be a few more before we actually start. I need to get my brain into gear and make up a kit for their first assignment. Several of them will not have cutting equipment so I will need to order that for the second meeting.

The Go Cutter has had its baptism of fire this afternoon I have cut out 240 3 1/2" squares for bag kits this afternoon, all done and dusted in just over 2 hours.I would have been cutting tomorrow without the the Go. Its a brilliant piece of kit, When I have made up the bag I will post a photograph. I have to write out the instructions as well and also try and find some smaller plastic bags to put the kits in.

I am shattered. We had chicken yesterday so I have the legs in a casserole for tonights supper.

The car is packed ready for the morning, we are getting up at 6.30am. heaven help me. We want to be at the market by 8am.

Fingers crossed there is not snow or frost overnight.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

After yesterday we were late getting up, the coffee was well brewed when we came down.

After breakfast we set off to Desford to collect the sun glasses I left at my friends on Friday. We spent a very pleasant hour drinking hot chocolate and chatting.

As expected traffic was heavy on the way back and the town centre was blocked off for the Victorian Fair. All the car parks well full and a huge lorry came out of Mill Street, he had to go right across the road to turn his trailer onto Burton Road, I thought he was going to side swipe us, it was very close.

DB retired for his siesta, I caught up on a couple of things and then fell asleep myself.

Tomorrow we have to go to the bank and draw cash for the float on Tuesday and we also need to go and take books back to the library. When we get back we need to pack everything for Tuesday into the car, so we can just go off on Tuesday morning with the flasks etc. DD2 is joining us about 10am, she is going to phone me and find out just where we are.

Yesterdays visit has been dissected......DB's sister has really changed, she looks older than DB although she is in fact 4 years younger. If she had passed us in the street neither of us would have recognised her. She has also lost a lot of her haughtiness, her Scottish accent is far more pronounced than ever it was. We had a nice email from her last night thanking us for the lunch.

I was shattered last night, two appointments in one day are really too much, but I am pleased for DB's sake that I said yes to them coming, it has repaired a lot of wounds although I doubt for DB all will be forgiven.

Saturday, 6 December 2014


We have survived the day!!

Up early this morning, OH did the carpets upstairs, I did a quick clean on the bathroom and put a fresh towel in. The pushed the dyson over the sitting room carpet and set the table in the kitchen.

Smoked salmon and cucumber, egg mayo sandwiches and creme caramel made.

The visitors arrived just after 12.30. It is the first time DB has seen his sister for 18 years since his mothers funeral, but there was no awkwardness at all, we chatted and had something to eat, DB was going through his family tree with his BIL and SIL went out to inspect the garden, then they decided it was time they were on their way.

Washing up done we had half an hour to collect ourselves before going to DD2's. DD1, DGD and boyfriend were there, followed by DS2 and DGD and then my niece and her youngest son. We enjoyed a nice tea, DB had a large slice of peppermint and chocolate cheese cake. I got my daughter to cut a piece in half, could not manage a big piece.

We have just got home, its been a long day!! and I am shattered. Will not be late out of bed tonight.

Tomorrow we have to go and collect my sunglasses from my quilting friend, we may pay a visit to a local garden centre whilst we are over there.

Friday, 5 December 2014

What a day

Started off grey and cold. Managed to get the coffee machine to do the coffee for when we got downstairs, lovely.

Left before lunch to go to Aldi for my quilty friend and then on to see her. First time driving the car since my op.

Lovely time as usual talking and drinking tea, generally putting the world to rights.

Left to drive home before it got dark, OMG what a nightmare, traffic wall to wall and the closer I got to Melton the worse it got. Listening to radio Leicester I discovered it was switch on night for the Christmas lights in Melton........It took me over half an hour to get from the turn off on the main road to the house......Drink quick, not tea..... whisky!! DB informed me I had left my sun glasses at my friends.......brilliant.............he had a phone call whilst I was on the way home.

I had just come downstairs, phone rang, dear SIL, they are travelling down to Cambridge tomorrow and she wanted to know if they could drop in for 'a cup of coffee' early afternoon........oh well better get it over with. So the salmon will not go in the freezer, I will do a plate of salmon and cucumber and egg and cress sandwiches and make a pot of will be the first time we have seen her since DB's mothers funeral in 1996.........18 years.

Phoned DD2 to let her know we might be a bit late tomorrow afternoon.......aarrgghhhhh.....

No Friday clean done so I will have to do it in the need to set the alarm....... once breakfast is over it will be all tomorrow night I will be exhausted.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

What a dull day

Its only 2pm and we have the light on in the sitting room, after yesterdays sun it is so gloomy!!

We did not set the alarm this morning so it was fully 9.30 before we got we have been behind all day, no matter nothing spoiling, we had no plans for the day.

Bit of a disappointment with the coffee maker this morning, I had obviously not set it right, so no hot coffee when I got down stairs, have sorted it this morning, instructions not too clear.

Made several small tissue cases this morning, ideal for children to give as a present, complete with a small pack of tissues.

Now working on a runner I made some time ago and have not quilted, Hope to get it more or less finished this afternoon.

Still no word from SIL, so smoked salmon in the freezer, it will not take long to thaw out if they do decide to come. To be honest I am not looking forward to the visit, lots of issues between her and DB.

Once the 2 markets are over I will put some decs up and decorate the small tree I got last week.

The freezer is full, cannot get anything else in. I have the turkey and gammon in there so just fruit and veg, We have DD2 here for lunch Christmas day. DGD is going to her boyfriends for the holiday.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Nice day but Brrrrrrr

The sun was shining this morning but no real heat in it. Just meant I had to wear my sunglasses when we went out.

Library, Boyes and Morrisons. We bought a present for the house, a new coffee machine, we have not had one for quite a while and it means I can set it at night and the coffee will be ready when we come down in the morning, 

Morrisons was heaving, it is always busy on Tuesday but I have not been in on a Wednesday before, stuff going out in trolly fulls.

I put a load of laundry in last night so its been out on the whirly, some of it has dried, so its on the airer in the sitting room.

We tried out the new coffee machine this afternoon, we usually have tea, but DB was dying to try it out....we used the aroma setting, the water runs through slower so you get the full flavour of the coffee, It went down very nicely with a slice of buttered stollen.

Off to see my quilty friend on Friday, first day back driving the car. must make sure I start for home before it starts to get dark. Have also wrapped up a couple of things for my nieces who are going to be at the family get together on Saturday.

We have not heard from DB's sister so I have no idea if she is coming or not.

I made a couple of stuffed lavender hearts this afternoon. Have folded the strips I ironed and put them in a box I got at Boyes this morning, there is plenty of room for more strips.........if I decide to do a fair next Christmas I will need the strips for the  backs of the stockings.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Brighter Day

Sky cleared quite early, it had rained again overnight but by the time I went out with the bath towels it was starting to dry up, quite a breeze blowing, so hopefully will only have to air them off later.

We cleared the tables in the sewing room, and put the things out, I am going to make up a couple of cushion kits to put on the stall and I have also bagged up some squares.

The sun came out for a short while at lunch time, soon disappeared again though.

No visit to the market today, waiting in for a parcel to be delivered, we will go to the library tomorrow.

Our neighbours at the end of the terrace moved out on Saturday, their house is up for let.

This afternoon Parcel Force came with the package I had been waiting for.......

The new shelf unit for the sewing room, just need DS2 to come and put it on the wall for me, I love the shaker pegs on the bottom and there are two hearts in the sides at the bottom. I will see how it darkens, at some point it may well get the Annie Sloan treatment.

The towels more or less dried on the whirly, just put them on the airer to air off over night.  It has turned rather cold, think we might get a frost tonight.

Monday, 1 December 2014

What Happened.....

to the sun, lovely day yesterday, this morning dull, grey and horrid but at least its dry.

Monday clean done, just about to walk over to Tesco to get smoked salmon and brown bread, against a visit from DB's sister, she is threatening to come sometime this week on their way to or from Cambridge.

Eye is doing great, just hope the antibiotics last out till Thursday. I still have drops to put in for another 2 weeks 4 times a day.

Yesterday laundry is now waiting to be ironed. I only ever iron bed linen and shirts these days. I hate getting into un-ironed sheets.

I have spent the last 2 afternoons sorting through and ironing Christmas fabric left over from the things I have been making. Some of it has been cut in squares and I will put them on the stall, the rest I need to look for a box I can put them in.

Trying to set up a new patchwork and quilting group for U3A, Looks like I may well have bagged a room at the village hall in Asfordby either Thursday or Friday once a month, just have to sort out the day that suits most people.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

? Is That The Sun

The sun was shining first thing so I stripped the bed and put the washer on. There was evidence that it had rained quite a bit in the night. Laundry out, at lunch time it began to cloud over.......but it did not rain.

A friend in the south of France sent us a video of their house, Its an old water mill and had a river and the mill lode running through their ground. They were sweeping water out of the house yesterday and the bridge they use to get up to the main road has been washed away. A new bridge was put in last summer. They had 140mm of rain over 2 nights,

DD2 and DGD arrived for a visit after lunch, requested to make a cake for next weeks get together with the rest of the family. Lemon drizzle coming up!!

We were late up this morning so after having  a cooked breakfast we went without lunch, so supper was early tonight.

Some of the laundry dried on the whirly, so whats left is on the airer in the sitting room airing off, it should be ok to iron tomorrow.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Thank Heavens its Morning

Terrible night last night, still awake at 5am and then some low life from somewhere foreign rang at 5 minutes to 8. Not happy. I snarled down the phone and shut it off.......what a daft time to ring on a Saturday morning.

Since getting up the ladder has come in, I need to go into the attic to find a box of Christmas decs I though was in the wardrobe in the sewing room. Carrot cake in the oven, visitors expected tomorrow, and a loaf on.

DB is doing the labels for the sale on stiff card, I have started the list of what we want to take with us, its already half a page long.....I was wondering in the night whether to make up some bags of squares and a couple of kits for the shabby chic cushions. Pricing them could be a problem. We will see.

Its a dry morning, no fog and DB says its quite mild out and the sun is trying to come through.


The stuff is now down from the attic, it was close to the hatch so I did not need to actually go up, just stood on the steps and handed stuff down to DB.

Cannot find the invisible thread for the angels so will have to use white floss.

Its St Andrews day tomorrow, DB has elected to have his haggis, tatties and neeps tonight, we will have whats left with bacon, egg and tomato for breakfast tomorrow.

Tea break over. I need to clear the tables in the sewing room we are going to try out the setting for the stall, I will take a photo with my IPad and take it with me on the day. I also want to make up a couple of kits for the shabby chic cushion covers and some packs of 2 1/2" squares.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Another Dreich Day

Very low light levels again today, the rain is supposed to clear later we will see,

My first night last night without my eye shield, better nights sleep thank fully, still feeling tired though.

Laundry dried on the airer is now airing on the radiators, I was reading an article in the news paper yesterday about not drying clothes inside as it encourages the growth of mould that can affect your health. Thats fine but if you do not have room for a dryer how the heck do you dry laundry??? by osmosis???

This afternoon we went on a jaunt to check out a quilt shop we had been told about, very expensive and not a big selection of fabric, disappointing. We then went over to Gate's garden centre and I picked up a small artificial Christmas tree to display stuff on when we do the market. Result!!

Very foggy on the way home and a load of traffic going both ways. Glad to get home and into the warm.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

How Much?????

.Went to Aldi this morning, with the £10 voucher off my bill was £86!!! ouch. However, I had the turkey crown for Christmas day and also a new chopping board into that so real cost was £66........I just need fresh fruit and veg for the holidays. I did buy a stalk of brussels, its in the garden, they keep for ages outside and frosting does not hurt them. 3 years ago when we had the very bad winter I kept a stalk outside through all the snow and frost.

Eye seems to have improved as far as it is going to. I managed to do some hand sewing last night, have 3 table mats to sew the binding down on, hope to do them later today.

Its very misty in places, it seems to have cleared here but the Grantham road was quite bad. Drying laundry inside.

I finished sewing down the binding on more table mats, I then went through the box and I think I have enough for the stall, we will also be taking some bric a brak bits as well. Once I have done the market I will open a page on my blog and reduce the prices in an effort to sell all my stock so I can start afresh for next year.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Its a nasty morning, dank and wet, DB says its not so cold, the outside thermometer is almost at 10c.I have my long johns on regardless. Think I am going to look for some fleece lined trousers, may be Matalan.

Day in today, nothing spoiling s we were late up, mind you we were reading at 1am and I was still awake at 4.30am must have just dropped off.

Tonight is the last night with the shied on my eye so maybe better sleeps once its off, will try for a snooze this afternoon when DB goes for his siesta.

I am waiting for a payment from quidco to hit my account, its taking long enough to come through, it will go in the holiday account when it does arrive.

Heads up there is an Aldi voucher in tomorrows paper, the Mirror I think, we are going to Aldi so that will be a big help. I am going for mostly store cupboard items. Stuff for Chrimbo will be bought in 2 weeks time.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Another heavy overnight frost, we had to clear the car this morning before our trip to the library and Morrisons.

Lots of people and traffic in the town, and more stalls on the market.

Morrisons had the sacks of spuds for £2 so one is now sitting in the kitchen, should see us over Christmas easily.

No heating on whilst we were out, the house was warm when we got back, but its back on low now. I put it off about 7.30 last night and it was just right for us going to bed. I cannot sleep if the room is too hot.

After two bad nights I zonked out last night and slept through till about 7.30am.

5 books from the library, a few bits of shopping from Morrisons. We decided to go to Aldi on Thursday for 2 weeks shopping and then the week before Christmas for what we need for the holiday.

After Thursday I will have a go at doing some hand sewing see how I get on. just 2 weeks before the stall on the market.

Monday, 24 November 2014

It looks like it snowed

We had a very heavy frost last night, and its still brrrrrrrrrrr although the sun is shining, will be turning the heating thermostat down and leaving the heating on all day. I do not care what it costs I cannot bear to be cold. 

I have broken out the thermals this morning too, might have to go up and put my long johns on, its my legs and feet that get cold.

Monday clean done, DB did the bending down bits for me and hoovered. He also helped me to do the veg and the beef casserole for tonight, There are some beans in the fridge that will bulk it out a bit.

DB went to bed with a dizzy before lunch, we had a trip to Sainsbugs, I needed fish and had vouchers for £26 we got 5 bottles of wine to top up the cellar. Also met an old neighbour at the checkouts, he is still in his flat at the old house, says its freezing. We are cosy and warm.

I have decided to go to Morrisons this week, will leave Aldi shopping until halfway through December, when my eye is better. Its still going ok so far, although I do find the eye patch a bother at night, still only another couple of nights to go and I can leave it off. Will be glad when I can put my head down!!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Credit Card

The call we had yesterday was actually fron the credit card people, not from Tesco. Someone had tried to spend £1000 on our Tesco credit card. It was declined. So now we are to get new cards .....let's hope the same thing does not happen again.


horrid day, wet, cold, grey and miserable.

I am getting cabin fever, time I got outside again.

Eye doing ok, sight continues to improve in my left eye, especially without my glasses. DB is doing a grand job with the eye drops, but we are not talking about cooking meals........I will be taking over most of it tomorrow. He will have to do some of the cleaning though, especially the bath and floors.

I am now reduced to reading his books, I have read all of my own and a couple of his, a visit to the library on Tuesday. Normal service will start to resume next week apart from not lifting heavy stuff or bending forward. I managed to hang the laundry on the airer sitting down yesterday so I did not have to bend down. Its amazing what you can do if you try.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Tired today

Breakfast in bed again this morning, It was quite bright, we had been forecast rain, it arrived at lunchtime.

Eye doing very well. DB is coping but shows signs of stress.....asked him how he thought I managed to cope with him, his problems and all the washing, cooking, cleaning.......He is cooking liver for supper tonight. I had the liver cooked in the freezer but he has to do the bacon to go with it and the veg.

I did manage a sleep this afternoon for a short while.

I have read all my books........

We had a call from Tesco this morning some one had tried to spend £1000 on our credit card. They blocked it, but this is the second time it has happened and both times it has been after I have used the Asda fuel station....hmmmm......we will be getting new cards through the post, I am considering whether to just cut them up. We do not used them very often but they are useful if there is an emergency.

Friday, 21 November 2014

It's Wonderful

What they can do with piece of plastic!!

I had decent nights sleep, no real pain from my eye and no double vision. I did become aware last night that the sight in my left eye was improving this morning it is much better than it has been for a long time. My left eye is now the dominant one, I am much more aware that the right eye will need doing at some point. No sign of swelling, bruising or bloodshot.

DB is on parade this morning, I am having a Jamie day, will get up later, but not get dressed until tomorrow. DB has a history meeting this afternoon, so I may well snooze.

Not sure if I will be able to sew, I got undressed last night by without bending. It's only when you are told not to do something you realise just what you can do.

My sewing chair is adjustable, on the lowest setting my machine is level with my nose. May have a try in a couple of weeks.Cutting will defo be out.

Brekkie time..............

Thursday, 20 November 2014

It's Done

I had my eye done this afternoon,I now have a bionic lens in my eye.

I will be off line for a couple of days, watch this space!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Messing About Sort Of Day

Another fine but cold day, no laundry today. Cooked pork and bean casserole for supper and also a tea loaf.

DB spent some time in the garden this morning clearing leaves.

This afternoon I put the binding on 3 more mats. I have something to hand sew if my eye is up to it in a couple of days time.

I have put 3 shabby chic cushions into my facebook shop.....

Green and pink

Green Toile du Joye

Pink and cream.

They are complete with the cushion pads.

I may well not post tomorrow, we are out early and then off to the hospital to get my eye done, fingers crossed all goes well this time.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sunny Start

to the morning, laundry out on the line before I left for our trip to the library, market and Morrisons.

I got some bits for the fabric trees, prices up styrofoam conical shapes, at £1.40 each I decided they were just not worth it. Each tree uses half a yard of fabric, even though its scraps thats still at least £2.25 using the cheapest fabric, not taking into account the pins and time it takes, you would be lucky of any one paid £4 for each one. Correctly priced they would be at least £7.50.

DB had a good day with his research, he has found some info he had been searching for for a long time.

Yesterday I made a pot of scotch broth, we had some for lunch, delicious,.....

Monday, 17 November 2014

Whats that?

Blue sky, I was told it was going to rain all day, so is it? No!!! there has appeared some patches of blue sky. Yesterdays laundry is still on the airer, wet. I have towels in the washer, may be I will get them dry.

Late up this morning DB switched the alarm off and we both went back to a bit like the cows tail this morning - all behind.

Monday clean done, not sure if it will get done next week we will have to see. I will do the Friday clean on Wednesday so the house is ok after I have had my eye done. Fingers crossed it goes ahead this time please.

More little tree ornaments this afternoon, want to do about a dozen, also saw an idea for a Styrofoam tree, need to see if I can source the materials locally. Pleanty of fabric to do it with and can use the cutter for the pieces.

We had shoulder of lamb yesterday, I got the shank end so a batch of scotch broth on the cards for lunches this week. We will have some of it cold with salad tonight.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Gosh what a day

Late up this morning, I took extra painkillers last night and thankfully slept ok. Bed changed laundry out on the whirly.

Prepared the supper, good job since lunch time we have had 2 lots of visitors!!

DD2 and DGD came just after 2pm and stayed for an hour or so. DB took them home as it was pouring with rain, my laundry was wetter than when I put it out. Put it back through a spin, its now on the airer in the sitting room.

DB came in the door saying that DS2 was in the car park, had just followed him in, so another visitor, good job I made cake. He collected the stuff I had made for DGD's baby.

Supper was on auto pilot, shoulder of lamb.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Dull, grey day and cold again.

We were late getting up this morning, I had to get up at 4am and take more pain killers, my joints were jumping, so needed th extra sleep.

We have turned the sewing room round how I wanted it in the first place, Took us most of the morning.

The small book case at the side of the wardrobe, I can still get at the thermostat for the heating.

Both table together across the end of the room, gives me lots more space to cut out.

The bigger bookcase moved along so the tables can go in.

This afternoons efforts, stuffed Christmas trees and tree decs, folded christmas trees, I need to sort out stars for the top of the stuffed trees, and sew up the holes in the bottom. 

DD2 rang this afternoon she and DGD are coming tomorrow afternoon. DS2 is also threatening to come, so we may have a full house.

Friday, 14 November 2014

It was wet when we got up and got wetter as the morning went on. Did stop after lunch and the sun came out for a while.

Friday clean done, spent the afternoon finishing off a mat and sewing down the binding on it and the runner/hanging.
So finished.....

One table runner/wall hanging, 36" x 12 1/2". Has heat resistant wadding in so can be used on the table under hot dishes.

Selling for £25.00 including postage and packing.

Table centre for seasonal arrangement, candle or turkey dish. 12 1/2" square

£10.00 including postage and packing.

Messing with fabric, trees to hang on the tree made from 8 and 9 inch circles., need to get some gold string for these.

Nothing else done today, it was too wet for DB to go outside so he spent time doing some research on the lap top.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Late Start

after yesterdays emotional afternoon we were shattered so the alarm was put off, it was after 9am when I looked at the clock.

DB in the garden clearing leaves, I finished off unpicking the scribble from the runner. I have now finished it all but sewing the binding down and attaching the sleeve. I am so glad its finished and I can move on to something else.

It went very dark just after 4pm, but so far no rain, heating on and curtains drawn.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Busy Day

Started off wet, rain slashing down. DD2 arrived just after 9am, so not much done this morning. I gave her a lift home with her shopping bags.

After lunch we changed ready to go out. We were going into Leicester to the crematorium to bid farewell to one of OH's bowling pals from his days at Abbey Park. Quite a big turn out of bowlers, many we knew. Several asked if we had travelled down from Scotland!! The news that we are back had not travelled far.

Quick trip to Aldi and home just after 4pm.

The day turned into a very sunny one, dark glasses to the fore, my eyes react badly to bright sunlight.

By the time we got home the sun was setting and the temperature going down,.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The North Wind Doth Blow

well it was windy anyway......and rather cold when I was in the market this morning.

Managed to sort out a charger for DB's phone at last, cost me £10 but saved me having to buy him a new one.

Niece was due for lunch and to collect her hangings. We had a nice lunch, spent time talking about family, filled in some bits for her about her antecedents.

DB spent some time in the library doing more research for his booklet for the bowls club.

I have half undone the scribble I did on the runner yesterday, I have decided what to do with it, will try and tackle it tomorrow after DD2 has been, she has an appointment at the hospital at 8.30 in the morning, she will call in on her way back.

Onwards and they say...........