Sunday, 1 December 2013

\whats that I see

Goodness it the sun, mind you there has been a heavy frost.

Up and stripped the bed, blood has come out of the quilt cover but not the sheet, have put washing up liquid on it and put it back in see if that fetches it out. The rest is out on the line, it will not dry but gets a blow, the frost is holding on the grass.

DB is better this morning, face still slightly swollen but he managed to eat bacon, haggis, tomato and fried bread this morning. There is always too much on a small haggis for the two of us, so after we have had it for supper, I reheat it in the microwave and we have it for breakfast. We will just have a cup a soup at lunchtime. I have got some mince out to cook for supper with swede and spuds mashed together, carrots and calebrese. We have one banana left so banana and ice cream for dessert.

I have no plans except to try and recoup some energy after the last couple of days. I am taking DD2 and DGD to Ikea tomorrow.

Update, the sheet had a second wash and the stain is still there although quite a bit fainter, it can stay......maybe it will wash out over time but I doubt it, I did run a cycle of cold rinses through the machine before I put it on to wash, it has cleared the stains on the duvet cover.


  1. IKEA will drain any energy but so many interesting things. Love the store and glad that it is a 1.5 hour drive away. Only get there once a year or maybe once every 2 years.

  2. Try soaking the sheet in some Vanish/oxy cleaner stuff (or try rubbing with a Vanish bar) ... the stuff is expensive (try stores own) but I get quite good results with it when I soak old linen ... gets most old 'vintage' stains out.
    Take care .. try and have a rest.

    Vicky x

  3. Glad today is a little less fraught for you! Vanish (or similar) is great for blood stains on bedding, where I work Mr. is on Warfarin and has very thin skin, so I can highly recommend it, believe me!!!!! No frost here, in fact I have been in the garden, putting it to bed for the winter this afternoon and I was quite warm out there, no sun though. I do have some sympathy with DB, I had an op in my mouth a couple of months ago and I can't begin to describe how sore it was for a couple of weeks!! I lost over half a stone because it even hurt to talk, let alone eat!!! Hope this is a better week for you both. Good luck with IKEA!!

  4. I also use vanish to remove all kinds of stains. Need to put vanish in water then put the stained part in the water and leave for some time. Then wash in the machine and hopefully, the blood will come out this time.
    Glad the mouth is so much better. Must be if he can manage to eat all that for
    breakfast. Can't imagine eating haggis for breakfast, but perhaps that is just a Scottish thing.
    Not been out at all today because of trying to finish my king sized quilt. Just needs the binding hand sewn now and then ready for the bed.
    Hope you have a restful night. Enjoy Strictly results and hope the right person is voted off this week!!

  5. I used to use just bar soap and scrub under cold running water and have good results but these days I use a pre-treating product called Stain Stick by Spray 'n Wash. Rub it on the stain and let it be until wash day. I hope DB feels better and better each day.

    Today is sunny and a bit warmer and I've been next door to sort out the lights on AMIL's Christmas tree so she can decorate it.

    Our nearest IKEA is about an hour away so I have never been there. I don't need anything for the house, but do like some of their products and always enjoy their catalogs. Have fun tomorrow!

    If I have any backbone, I'll turn on Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas CD and start sewing. Christmas is coming!


  6. My remedy for removing blood is hydrogen peroxide and cold water. It works for me every time.


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