Thursday, 5 December 2013

What a day

I took DD2 to Loughborough to do her shopping this morning. High winds blowing a hooley. the oak tree at the back of us has lost all it leaves, they are blowing round our garden.

The journey there and back was ok, no hold ups. I stopped at home to drop off the shopping DB was outside grappling with our little greenhouse which had blown over. A large terracotta pot has been reduced to fragments, we managed to rescue thee french lavender which was in the greenhouse I have brought it into the house for safety.

Just after I got home it started to rain. I am glad we are not in Scotland, it has been really bad up there thousands are without power. I hope our friends on the east coast are ok, they have a holiday site and some of their caravans are very close to the beach.

DB went for his siesta. I prepped the veg for supper tonight, beef and bean stew with dumplings and veg. There is enough crumble left for one so DB can have that, I will find something else.


  1. We are getting ready for a huge temperature drop and first rain, then sleet and then 3 or more inches of snow. I have a quilt guild dinner tonight that is questionable as it all depends on when the bad weather arrives. Bob says to stay at his mom's if it is too bad to drive home. Tomorrow a quilt shop was having a party and that is questionable too.

  2. Cheers that you got so much accomplished despite the wind and arrived home before the rain!

    I hope the power is restored to those without power to the north of you. A winter storm is making it's way across the middle of this country causing power outages, too. What a mess!

    It's forecast to be 75*F here today but we've had unexpected torrential rain and the temperature is expected to plummet tomorrow.

    Your dinner sounds delicious and I imagine your home will smell wonderful as it cooks. How about having some wine with dinner?


  3. Yes, it was a very stormy night and an accident near our house which was reported on the mational news. Our craft group had their annual Christmas Craftathon at my house today and we were grateful that everyone got here eventually. Now all cleared up and everyone safely home. Catriona


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