Monday, 23 December 2013

Wet and Windy

A very dull grey sky greeted us when we got up, the sunny skies of the last few days have gone.

It is now chucking it down with rain and blowing a bit. I feel sorry for anyone who is travelling to be with family over the holiday, it looks as if travel is going to be very difficult.

Boring Monday clean done, I will push the dyson over the rug in the sitting room tomorrow before I go to collect DD2, that will be it for this week, it can wait until next Tuesday when, following in my MIL's tradition on Hogmany Eve, I will clean through the whole house and finish up any washing. Then all will be well to welcome in the New Year.

The turkey crown is in the fridge defrosting, I need to start OH's raspberry trifle today to the jelly stage, I will put the custard on tomorrow and the cream on the day itself. Have managed to keep the mince pies out of sight, might break them out tomorrow night. So all is as ready as it can be here.

Feeling a bit out of sorts for some reason, not sure why......fingers crossed I have nothing horrid in the wings.

Watched 'The Choir' last night was a bit surprised at the overall winners but there you are, thats life.

Spending the rest of the day chilling........

Supper tonight, least thats the plan.

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  1. I still admire your industry, energy, and imagination in all you bake, cook, and accomplish in your cozy home. Well done!

    We've had wind and rain since yesterday morning and it's still sprinkling. AMIL have a few errands to run so will be leaving soon for that.

    I hope your spirits will soon be merry and bright and that you'll enjoy the decor, the special foods, and the free time to relax.



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