Friday, 13 December 2013

Up early this morning I had an appointment to get my locks cut. If it gets too long it starts going into ringlets, not a good style for an 70 year old!! Back nicely trimmed, had a coffee and then tackled the friday clean. It was the week to move the settee and turn the big rug. I was shattered when it was finished. Made a pan of soup as well for lunch we had some garlic bread left from last night.

Just 12 days to go to 25th....where has this year gone??? Over in a flash. This time last year we had no idea we would be back in Leicestershire.......

DB retired to bed with a dizzy, second this week, I had bought some stem ginger so made a ginger cake....the kitchen smells delicious......I also have a loaf in the bread maker.

A very dull grey day, we are promised rain/frost, I was glad to draw the curtains on a very murky afternoon. Nice and snug with the heating on, curtains drawn and a good book.

Supper fish,chips and peas....... for supper. DB has asked for a slice of the ginger cake with custard for dessert,,,,,,,,,


  1. Another day of accomplishments for you and I can just imagine the fragrance of the ginger cake!

    Bother about yet another dd for DB. I continue to wrack my brain for possible causes and cures as I'm sure you do, too. What an annoying mystery.

    Your dinner and dessert sound yummy as usual.

    I, too, enjoy the coziness of closing out the cold, wrapping myself up, and settling in with a hot beverage and a good book. "Tis the season!

    Sunny and cold here but my last Christmas cards were mailed today. Yippee!


  2. Sorry about your DB having another dizzy. Thank you for posting your cleaning routine. I grew up in a household where very little was done so I have never really had a set routine although I DO clean. You have inspired me.


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