Monday, 30 December 2013

This is the hanging I have put up on the dining room wall, it was hanging in the hall at the apartment.

Its the first 'quilt' I made when I started quilting and is a combination of different techniques, machine piecing, applique, and piecing over papers.

It is the quilt I used as the basis for my teaching, as the blocks allow you to practice the techniques. The hardest and most complicated is the purple and gold block on the top left. It was the last one to be tackled.

The centre block was a celtic inspired design that I designed myself.


  1. That's such a lovely quilt and a great teaching tool!!

  2. What a daunting first project, but you certainly did a stellar job with each block, each technique, and the color selections! I like your multi-color sashing and borders, too. Applause, applause! Ta for showing it to us.


  3. What a lovely quilt! I am new to quilting and enjoying it so much. Like so much in life, a fine teacher improves the experience immeasurably. Thanks for sharing your expertise with your quilting students. It is lovely to imagine that knowledge flowing out into the world. Happy New Year!

  4. Great work for your first project. Love the colours you used, it certainly brightens up your wall during the dull gray days at this time of the year. .


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