Monday, 9 December 2013

The day after yesterday

Well, we did not get the frost we thought we might, and its quite mild outside. DB has an appointment around 10am, I will be staying at home doing the Monday clean. The towels I washed yesterday are still damp so washing today has been put on hold.

I took some extra medication before I went to bed, as a result I feel very tired this morning, tempted to go back to bed and sleep it off.

Read the meters our electricity bill has gone up with a wump a result of having the fire on in the sitting room, so today I am going to put the heating on around 3pm. I read the meter today so will read it again in the morning and just see how much extra gas we have used. I cannot bear to be cold. It makes me feel worse.

I sold 2 pot holders yesterday so have 2 parcels to go to the PO tomorrow.

Supper tonight is egg and chips with banana for dessert.

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  1. I hear you on feeling worse when you're cold. Those annoying aches from arthritis complain loudly when you're not warm enough. I love the several pairs of wool socks and wool knee socks I have as they seem to keep me warm all over. Go figure!

    Our high temperature for today is supposed to be about 15*F above freezing so the ice that is bowing down the evergreens will thaw, much to our relief. We seem to have lost only one pine tree branch.

    I'll be sewing HSTs for a small Christmas gift today and yes, I'd better hurry as it has to be mailed.

    Hope you sleep well tonight and, perhaps, have a nap before then.



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