Friday, 6 December 2013

Thank goodness the wind has dropped

The wind had dropped completely this morning when we got up. Awful to see the damage,  from the storms, especially those people whose houses have slipped into the sea, they must be devastated. Its been a clear day  but very cold.

Also the news of Nelson Mandela's death, it had been expected for a while, but sad all the same. 

DB had an appointment at the bowls club to pay his fees for The Stute.

I did the friday clean whilst he was out. 

I visited my friend Cotton Reel this afternoon, lovely to see her and enjoy a chat and a cuppa. We chatted and put the world to rights, looked at quilts, chatted about quilts and had something I eat. I came home with a couple of parcels for opening on Christmas day, some magazines and a pack of ham.......

I had a letter in the post this morning to go for my operation 23rd December, I do not think so, they wanted me there at 7.45am. I would have to leave here at 7am to get there for 7.45 and its 30 miles away. I cannot drive myself as I am not allowed to drive for 24 hours so how do I get there???? Answers on a post card please......

I have phoned and cancelled the appointment, no way am I having an op 2 days before Christmas. I want to be in full possession of my facilities when I cook the Christmas lunch thank you. I will sort it out after the holiday.


  1. We share the sadness at the death of Nelson Mandela, although, as you said, at age 95 it was expected. What a remarkable man with such kindness and good humor in his eyes.

    Good for you in cancelling the surgery appointment! Who would want to have surgery just before Christmas??? As a former surgery nurse, methinks most folks don't know they have the right to refuse the date and time of their surgeries if it's inconvenient.

    I'm glad you and Cotton Reel got to play today and have set the world to rights. That was surely needed.

    During the last week I sewed two little quilt bindings entirely by machine but on this last wee quilt, I had only a narrow strip of the best matching fabric, so this binding will be hand stitched. Bother!

    It's nearly 70*F and overcast here today with rain or wintery mix in the forecast for the next 6 days. The high on Sunday is expected to be only 36*F.


    1. I am wondering where you live Barbara? Your climate sounds similar to mine and I am in Dallas TX, We have ice and freezing temps today, the area is paralysed, schools are closed and flights are cancelled. It is not going to get above freezing until Monday.
      I do so enjoy Anne's blog and your replies, I look forward to them each day.
      Stay warm everyone.
      Pam in TX xxx

    2. Your weather sounds as if you live near me instead of Texas. I thought that you had high temperatures all of the time. I stay in and bake or sew in the winter with 3 trips out o walk my dog.

    3. Hi Pam,

      I couldn't find your blog, so am replying here. We lived in Waco for 10 long, hot years but happily moved to Virginia about 11 years ago. Since we're native to the Southeast, TX never felt like home. I missed the 4 seasons and abundant greenery too much so am delighted to be here.


  2. Hi Pam and Barbara Anne,
    Thanks so much for your replies.
    Here in North Texas we get extremes of weather. Only last week it was warm enough for shorts, mid 70's, now here we are frozen to the bone and lots of folk without power.The ice storm has brought down tree limbs and power lines, (power lines are mainly above ground on poles).
    Barbara, my husband is a military brat and his Dad was stationed in Virginia for two years, he would love to go back. We hope to downsize enough to squeeze ourselves into an RV and travel the US. Virginia is high on the list.
    When my husbands parents retired they did just that and travelled for two years. They say it was the happiest time. They settled in Florida where they have 80f today!
    Pam in TX.xx


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