Saturday, 28 December 2013


Thankfully the wind has dropped, we have quite a bit of damage to the fence to the right of the house, DB has wired one piece back, but there is not much we can do with the post thats broken.

A sunny morning so stripped the bed and sheets etc are on the line, a slight breeze, not much but they will finish drying inside later.

We had a bit of a change round in the dining room, I have moved the dresser into the far corner which gives us more room round the table when its out. I also washed all the crystal glasses before I put them back.

DB spent time this morning scooping up the berries from the catoneaster tree, there are hundreds of them on the top bed in the garden. Some of the daffodil bulbs I planted are sowing tips through the soil. The ones I have in the living room are very slow to grow, doubtless will get there eventually.

All the decs are down and packed away, I have put the sampler wall hanging up and the Christmas quilt is folded up on the wooden towel rail.

We received a very apt card from some friends in the US this morning.

DB says he is going to paste it in his journal.

Every where is very quiet, the children  next door have been away for most of the holiday, back now, but not much noise, so they must be busy with Christmas presents.  

We watched some catch up TV last night, I have finished the dishcloth I had on the needles, done another one and almost half way through a third, should finish it tonight,

Well we are still eating up some of the Christmas food, but supper tonight will be fish and chips, we just have a couple of servings of the trifle to finish and that will be that gone too. Now I need to see what is absolutely essential to buy food wise for January. I am sticking to last years budget of £120 a month, anything left over at the end of the month goes in the money tin towards our holidays.

No new years resolutions here but some things to aim for.......atch this space.


  1. I do like the card your American friends sent you. It will spur you on to more travels in the new year. Sorry to hear you had damage done by the storm over Christmas. I pity those poor people who had their homes flooded and the ones who lost power all over Christmas. All those festive meals ruined. We have been fortunate to have been spared and today has been sunny, so a bit of gardening completed.
    Wishing you and DB good health and happiness for 2014.

  2. Love the Christmas card of the caravan! That's one I'd be tempted to frame for display as part of future Christmas decor.

    I'm glad your weather has improved and those frightening winds have stopped. A new fence post will be an easier repair than the worse damage elsewhere so am glad you and DB fared no worse!

    Happily, AMIL is doing well today despite being sore from those falls. She didn't get much sleep last night but she did sleep for most of the morning.


  3. Its been lovely hand sunny here... I too stripped the bed and got it in the washer ... just a case of getting it dry now. Think the weather is to change again tomorrow.... dare we hope for an early spring.
    Just love the card,

  4. The card makes you think of fun times to come. Terrible weather all over. Eastern Canada is having a terrible time. Some people are into the 8th day with no power. We had a very bad storm Friday night into Saturday morning-whiteout conditions. Lots of vehicles in the ditch out of town. Today is bright and sunny, about -10C, not too bad.


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