Saturday, 7 December 2013

Sun shine

After the storms the weather is trying to make amends....its another bright day but very bbrrrrrr if you are outside.

DB did another hour in the garden, picking up leaves and sorting out stuff that had blwn about in the garden. We are so lucky it was not worse, those poor people who have seen their beloved houses slide into the sea were mostly not covered by insurance amd will only get around £6000 compensation. I know they must have known the risks but its sad all the same.

No idea where the morning went, it just seemed to slide by me. Lunch was soup, ham sandwiches, courtesy of my quilting friend who sent me home with some ham for DB, yogurt and fruit.

I have just prepared the liver and sausage casserole for supper, with mashed spuds, calebrese and cauliflower, it will be something with banana for dessert.

DB having his siesta, I will be putting my head down for half an hour shortly, I will have to boost the heating its getting a bit chilly as the low sun moves round to the side of the house.


  1. Anne, you are like me..... You love your heat. I could not go without it. We have a wood burner that's on from I get up and then the CH comes on in the evening.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. Bright day? Not here it isn't!! Very dull and overcast with spits and spots of rain! Hope you had a good afternoon rest, you deserve it! We have our caravanning friends coming round for supper so have had to clear the table of all my sewing!! Have shoved it everywhere out of sight!!!! Just hope I can find it all again tomorrow!! Went to see the recipient of one of my quilts! No.2 son's friend had a little boy 8 weeks ago so I went to meet him, he is gorgeous!! Had a lovely cuddle and he slept the whole time, he must have tired, according to Mum he'd been awake all night!!!!

  3. Hope you had a nice nap and are going to have a lovely cozy evening.

    It is sad what has befallen people around the world at the mercy of such intense wind and weather. Methinks climate change by any name is all too real.

    I woke up clogged to the gills and can barely hear but still plan to go to the library and then get more of the Christmas decor into the house since rain is in the forecast for the next several days. I may also go to a quilt shop where I have a gift card so I can sew if I get the other things done. Tonight we may get ice, but are hoping for rain so the trees won't be in peril.

    I love to be warm and may just use my prodigious stash of flannels to make a quilt for us.


  4. We're housebound here in North Texas as the roads are treacherous with ice. It's extremely cold too-nice to be inside with the heat on!

    1. Same here Jan, I am in North Texas too, it is supposed to warm up tomorrow afternoon. I cooked a turkey today, nice lazy day, although two events I was supposed to go to were cancelled.
      Pam in TX.xx


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