Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Not a good day

Well yesterday ended badly and today is not going so well either.DB had a very bad dizzy last night, as bad as when he was first diagnosed. I ended up in the guest room and was still awake at 5am. Did not get up until after 10.am.

DB went for his siesta and after about half an hour banged on the floor, the full works again.

I got him to ring our GP this morning and asked if he should go back on his medication, so we have to start again tomorrow. He needs more medication so I will have to take a script into the surgery, I just cannot cope with day after day of attacks like this. In 2008 he was having anything up to 4 attacks a day and we look as if we are going the same way again. He has an appointment with the consultant again next month........hope he has stabilized by then.

I am not in a happy place just now now.


  1. Well blast and several stronger such words!! What a bother for these dds to be ramping up again. Is there a chance for your doctor to call the specialist so DB can be seen before going back on the medicine? I hope y'all can get real answers and a cure this time.

    Big hugs!

  2. So sorry to hear about these continuing dizzy attacks. You must both be very worried and weary. Surely his Consultant will see him sooner than originally said. I am not medically minded, but it seems to me that DB's medication needs to be addressed.
    Will be thinking of you and hope you both have a better night.

  3. Oh dear, I do feel for you. I hope going back on the meds helps DB tomorrow. Just make sure you rest when you can.


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