Sunday, 29 December 2013

More sun but this time with frost

It was well after 2am before we settled down to sleep.DB had a dizzy in the early evening and had slept, so because he was awake I had to be too....

It was almost 10am before we woke,today was to be my last slob day so no real problem. I put another load in the washer. We had weak sunlight but the garden was covered with a layer of frost, in the street the windscreens of cars were iced up too. A white loaf in the breadmaker. We have been eating shop bread.......

DB went for a short walk before we had a light lunch. I brought supper forward to 4.30pm. So roast beef from the freezer roast potato and parsnip, cauli and carrots and the last of the trifle for dessert. Thats all the christmas food apart from a few bits of cheese gone.

Back to normal tomorrow. I will do the Monday clean and the sitting room etc on Tuesday, ironing and any left over laundry will also be done so we start the new year with a clean house and no washing.

We have an appointment at the hospital on Thursday, wonder what the consultant will have to say this time???


  1. Sorry about the inconvenient timing of that dd and that you and DB were up so late as a result. Good you could sleep in to make up for the lost sleep. May the consultant you see this week be a genius or have a flash of helpful insight as to how to end these dds once and for all!

    It rained her from just after midnight until a little while ago - 13 hours - so all is well and truly soggy.

    I have a load of laundry on, too, and am about to have some lunch and think I'll read a bit while I eat, then may get myself into the sewing room to accomplish something.


  2. Wishing you a very Happy 2014 filled with good health and prosperity!


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