Sunday, 15 December 2013

Late up again this morning, sun shining but quite a breeze blowing, by lunch time it was like night, hissing down with rain and blowing a hoolie.......

DB succumbed to another dizzy this morning, he is off the medication and they are ramping up again, we do not see the Specialist again until January.

Roast beef for supper tonight. I need to part cook the yorkies, I am using the combi micro to cook it, so will put the yorkies in until they are set and then finish them off once the roasties are cooked. Strawberry fluff for dessert.

Not doing much except cook supper have 3 books to finish reading before Wednesday, so resting and reading.

1.30 pm and we have the lamps on in the sitting room, its like night here.

Just as we were about to have supper, the door knocker went....

Santa had come to visit on the Trumpton fire engine.......

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  1. Hi, my friend,

    Sorry today the weather is such a misery but it's good to be tucked in with good books to read. We got more than 1/2" of rain yesterday but today is sunny and almost warm.

    Are you able to check DB's BP when these annoying dds start and again when they end. Perhaps that information will be an important clue as to what is causing the dds but perhaps it won't be helpful at all.

    I'm trying to get in the mood to sew but cannot seem to get going even with the mailing deadline looming. At least the tree is decorated! That was what I did yesterday as the cold rain poured down.

    AMIL and I are off to have her pacemaker checked and to see her internal medicine doctor about home therapy to help her come to a standing position more easily.



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