Friday, 27 December 2013

Its Past

Christmas that is, done and dusted for another year.

We have very high winds, our fence is showing signs of collapsing, we tried the agents but they are not open so rang the landlord, he was not happy, had been up all night with toothache.

So.....we had a quiet time over the holiday, having DD2 here was lovely and yesterday we just slobbed out, did not get up too early, ate when we wanted, and either switched off the TV or watched programmes we had recorded.

This morning we ventured into town on the bus, the library was open, we had read all our books so a quick trip.....I also got another ball of dishcloth cotton so can finish the one I have on the needles and knit a couple more.

Left overs for lunch, pork pie and cheese. OH has asked for meat and veg for tonight, so I will take the last of the turkey breast off the bone and along with a couple of slices of beef, we will have that and either the Christmas pudding or trifle for dessert. I have one side of the turkey breast to remove and slice, then the carcass will go in the stock pot, turkey soup anyone???

So now we are on the count down to the new year 2014......I do not make resolutions because I just do not keep them but...I am hoping to finish all my quilting UFO's and also get rid of the CC debt for the caravan mover. Normally I would have had enough in the account to cover it, but having moved earlier in the year the coffers were empty. One last payment should see it gone.

We will have been in this house 12 months in April, DB remarked the other day that we do not seem to have ever been away.....he has settled well here. Yes we do not have the facilities on the doorstep, ie library and Aldi but having to travel has made me more aware of having to plan and stock various things. We have the mobile library and a trip into Melton to the main library is about 6 minutes on the bus which runs 3 times an hour; saves on diesel too. We have a green grocer in the town so fresh fruit and veg from him. We no longer have a High Street butcher which is a shame, but as DB says we cannot have everything.

DB's dizzies have settled now he is back on medication, so will report to the consultant when we see him next week. Maybe 2014 will be a better year for us, we will just have to wait and see,


  1. How nice to read of your summing up and that you're well pleased with your home and the decision to move back to that area. Cheers for paid off debts and for plans to deal with UFOs!

    We've heard about the horrid winds and rains afflicting the UK and Europe and wish all well with dealing with the effects. May the winds die down, the rains go where they are needed, and your fence stay up.

    I may join you on the quest to finish UFOs. I hope to sew more often, more quickly, and to make at least one or two quilts that I have long wanted to make (Snails' Trail is one of them).

    Stay cozy and enjoy those books. I'll have some turkey soup, ta!


  2. Sounds as if you had a nice Christmas, it's over much too fast. All the prep work for one day.....
    Hope you survive the rain and wind, when talking to my friend in Sussex, on Christmas eve, she mentioned the terrible weather she was having and the forecast was much of the same.
    Nice to hear the dizzies have stopped, hope it continues in the future.
    I make resolutions, but like you, they are not kept. I do intend to walk more often, the scales are showing some increased weight. Also want to finish some quilting UFO's and start a quilt for my DD1 and DS, DD2's is being worked on at the present time.
    Happy New Year to you both, hope 2014 is good to you.

  3. Good to hear the dizzies has backed off. Wishing you both a wonderful 2014!

  4. The weather wasn't as bad down here this time, we had our share before Christmas!! Although a lot of water lying around. A quiet holiday here, we looked after a friends dog and it was wonderful!! He was taken around 'The Lakes' (old gravel pits, turned into a nature reserve) and I discovered a whole new set of people!! Doggy walkers seem to be quite a friendly bunch!! I feel better for the exercise and Jack was good company! He stayed longer than planned because there was no electricity in his house from the storms last week, he went home this afternoon and boy, do I miss that furry lump sitting next to me, even though he did run off with my knitting and ate half of No.2 son's chocolate cake this morning!!!
    Glad you had a peaceful Christmas with no drama's of the dizzy sort! Wishing you a Happy New Year and thank you for the great blogs!! Looking forward to next years musings!!


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