Friday, 20 December 2013

It Bloomin' Cold

We had rain last night and then followed by a heavy frost, so its very cold.

We received a room thermometer from our gas provider this morning. We have no heat on, the thermometer is showing 21c just right. We have no heat on at all but the sun is shining into the sitting room which helps to keep it warm. I will be keeping an eye on it later when the temperature starys to drop.

DS2 is coming tomorrow, not sure if the children are coming or not. His ex's mother is reacting very well to the chemo. She saw the specialist last week and after 2 rounds the tumour had shrunk 90%, he said he had never had that result before, she has 2 more rounds to go, so the outlook is better a 5 year life expectancy instead of 2.

We were late getting up this morning, I was shattered after all that shopping yesterday. The Friday clean hs been done and I made a pot of scotch broth, very good.......enough for tomorrow and possibly Sunday as well.

A card arrived this morning from our old address, someone I had not told we had moved ooppssss... our neighbour sent it on to us. Not sure if there are any more doing the rounds.

DB has just gone to bed for his siesta, day 3 of taking the medication again, he said he ws slightly dizzy, but he was on his way for his siesta anyway.....time will tell.

DD2 has had the offer to buy her house from the council, they are going to re-roof the house and replace soffits and guttering before its handed over. Apparently the roof was picked up by the surveyor when he valued the house. The council have to hand it over in good condition so that works for her. She is a bit cross because the council have just announced they are re-fitting all the kitchens over the next 2 years. How ever DS2 will be able to put a new kitchen in for her when she can afford it.

Supper tonight fish, mustard mash, sweetcorn. Toffee bananas for dessert.

I have at last found a wall that will take the wall hangings I have made at various times. This is one I made over 10 years ago. A couple of years ago I sold several smaller versions


  1. Gorgeous wall hanging - and please post the recipe for your scotch broth x

    1. 1/2 cup of soup mix, soak in water overnight, drain and rinse again.

      Onion, leek, carrot, swede all diced.

      Crushed garlic.

      Lamb stock.

      Season to taste.

      Soften the leek and onion in a pan, add the drained soup mix and veg, stir well and add 1 1/2 pints of lamb stock. Season.

      You can add tomato puree, but traditional broth does not have puree in.

      I cook mine in the pressure cooker on high for 25 minutes.

      Cooking in a saucepan, bring to the boil and then turn down and simmer until the dried peas are soft. You can also cook it in a slow cooker.

  2. Glad the sun is providing you some heat. What a pity it is so scarce.
    Your wall hanging is beautiful.
    What is mustard mash?

    1. Mustard mash is mashed potato either with a spoon of mustard stirred through or mustard sauce poured over the mashed potato.

  3. Love the Christmas tree wall quilt and I am so glad you found a place to hang it for the holidays. Doesn't it add Christmas cheer? Last year AMIL used a large fabric panel as the center of a Christmas wall quilt, added just one border, and her sister hung in on her panelled den wall. It added such wonderful color that she left it up all year despite the poinsettias in the panel!

    Cheers that DD2 can buy her home and more cheers that DS2 is handy and can refit her kitchen when the time is right. More and more cheers that DS2's ex's mother has responded so amazingly well to the chemo!!

    I, too, had wondered what mustard mash was. Will have to give that a try as our DS2 who dislikes mustard no longer lives with us.

    Still sewing .... and all of this straight-line quilting can cause eyes to cross and something akin to highway hypnosis to happen.



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