Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I am ready

for the New Year. Bring on 2014, it cannot be any worse than this year.....or can it???

Laundry is all done and ironed, the house is clean, so bring it on.

My thoughts are with those who have been flooded out and those still without power, in this day and age that is not really acceptable. Of course the answer really is to put all the cables underground where the wind and snow cannot damage them, that will never happen, too expensive. 

So many people flooded out and in some cases their whole home and cars wrecked by flood water. How much does the responsibility lie with councils who allow building on the flood plain and people concreting over gardens so the water has no where to drain. Many are without insurance, either because they have not bought it themselves, or they have been refused insurance after a previous flood. How are these people going to re-build their lives?

Thoughts to ponder going into a new year. They tell us these things wll happen more frequently as the weather pattern changes.

DB is having his siesta, we were late up this morning the lassitude that affected me before the holiday is back again, I am finding it hard to get going. I wonder how much is due to the chocolate etc we have been eating. Maybe once my diet goes back to normal my energy leveals may rise again.

Tomorrow we are going to DD2;s for lunch, the children are both out with their friends so it will be as Christmas Day just the 3 of us.

So as this year draws to a close, I wish everyone who reads my blog a very Happy New Year, Health and Happiness too.

See you all next year...............and thnk you for reading and commenting on my blog.


  1. Happy New Year to you both, wishing you health and happiness in 2014 x

  2. I have a Lilliput Lane version of the little building in the pic at the top of your blog, every time ( see it I mean to tell you and the forget.

  3. Amen sister, on the idiocy of building on a flood plain or paving too much of the world without regard for the power of water.

    Happy New Year to you and DB! Wishing you both good health, satisfying creativity, and joy!


  4. Feeling the same as you, I do believe the goodies I have been consuming and the lack of exercise is the reason for my lack of energy.
    Quiet New Year's Eve and Day for me. Was invited to my DD2 for dinner tonight, however, she is having friends over to celebrate the ringing in of 2014. She had to work during Christmas, so this time is for her and her family. Weather is cold, windy and snowy so just as happy to be snug in my own house.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  5. Happy New Year! WS xxx

  6. Have a wonderful new year. Sylvia

  7. Wishing you both a very Happy, and healthier New Year. Looking forward to Caravanning days again! Thank you for your lovely daily blog. Hurry up and eat the rest of that chocolate so you feel better!!!! Much love X

  8. Happy New Year .. may next year bring you peace and contentment ... and less dizzy do's!

    Vicky x

  9. Happy New Year. I hope the coming year solves the puzzle of your partner's health. All the best.

  10. Happy New Year to you both. Hope you feel better soon A


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