Monday, 30 December 2013

Hey Ho its back

The wind and rain of course.....our loose fence panel is now lying on next doors lawn and the two top panels are also leaning at an angle, how long before they go too?

DB has just gone to bed with a dizzy, I expected him to get one yesterday. With a bit of luck that will be the end of them for a day or two.

Pot of lentil soup on the stove, a small load of dark washing on the airer, will do the whites in the morning. A pile of ironing awaits my attention, might do it after lunch. Monday clean done....just down stairs to do tomorrow, will get DB to bring the Dyson down for me. All the decs have been put away and a different wall hanging put on the dining room wall.

Supper tonight cauli and calebrese gratin with jacket spud and roasted tomato. I have 2 creme brulee in the fridge. I have open frozen the loaf I made yesterday, just left 4 slices out to have with our soup at lunchtime.


  1. Do hope the fence panel isn't one of the new ones you erected. You certainly seem to be having worse weather where you are than us. I believe it is to be worse tomorrow. It has rained most of the morning but not windy.
    Hopefully, when DB sees his Consultant soon, he will have something to remedy all these dizzies he keeps having. It must be so frustrating for you both, not knowing when they are going to happen. Planning days out must be a nightmare.
    Wishing you both a Happy and healthier New Year.


  2. Bother that no attention has been paid to a prompt repair of your fence! Hope your neighbors don't have a dog that needs a fenced yard.

    Bother, too, that the dds aren't lessening enough with this medicine. An improvement, yes, but we want the dds banished forever!

    Your menu sounds yummy!

    May we please see your newly hung wall quilt? Ta!



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