Friday, 20 December 2013

Forward Planning

We have been discussing our caravan trips next year. We hope to have a couple of long weekends at the site we went to this summer over looking Rutland Water.

Our main trips will be one in April to SW Scotland to make use of our National Trust Memberships and also catch up with a blogger. We are staying in the Lake District for a couple of nights on the way up. Our friends are back at the site  near Windermere for next season, so we will be able to catch up with their news.We will have a stop in Ripon on the way home.

Our other trip will be in the middle of September down to Cornwall, there is a holiday rally at a site just outside Perranporth. We will be able to visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan, somewhere I have wanted to go to for sometime. Its a few years since we were down in Cornwall. We will break our journey home in Hereford. In both cases we will be away for just over 2 weeks.

These holidays have to be paid for so money is being saved in a holiday account. Menus will be worked out and as much food  as possible taken with us. When we are away we usually have one meal out, I guess in the case of Cornwall it will be fish and chips.

Fuel is another consideration, We have a map which shows supermarkets where we can get cheaper fuel, and of course my favourite store Aldi for any shopping we nay need.

We are looking forward, watch this space.


  1. Sounds like an exciting 2014 coming up.
    I am fed up with blogger, can't see any of the bloggers I follow. Will have to see what I can do about it. Was able to see your post via the e-mail you sent me several weeks ago.
    It is a busy time at the present, wishing you both a Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
    Regards, Patricia

  2. How delightful to happily anticipate holidays that will take you to interesting places and back in contact with friends! Hope nothing interferes with these two vacations in any way. You two have a wonderful talent for good planning with a view toward good economy, too.

    Still machine quilting this little quilt. It's taking some time because of all of the straight stitching lines but it's beginning to look like the photo of the quilt I used as a pattern. Perhaps I can mail it tomorrow?



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