Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fine morning, sun was out for a while. Towels in the washer and out, at least they had a bit of a blow but did not dry much.

Bad night again last night was still awake at 3am, its getting s regular thing again, will have to up my medication for a couple of days see if that helps. I did have a nap whilst DB had his siesta, still feeling tired though,and for some reason my feet are like blocks of ice.

DB out raking leaves again this morning another bag full tied up to rot down. The bulbs I put in are beginning to show their heads, little bits of green poking through.

We are having roast pork for supper..... its all ready just have to put the remoska on to do the chops and roast potato's. We will be having banana split for dessert.

Have 2 pot holders to pack up, that makes 2 parcels for the post office this week. decision has been made re the country quilt, just have to wait for the sale at The Fabric Guild and see what I can find. Still lots of bits and strips to use up. Not really in the mood for sewing.

Christmas dec box down off the top of the wardrobe, sorted out the stuff thats in it, will not be decorating until next week at the earliest.

 Now I am making bread regularly again the flour mountain is going down the overflow that I stashed in the dresser cupboard will soon be gone and the crystal bowls will be able to go away,  until they next have bread flour at AF that is. Thats the one draw back of a tiny kitchen very little storage space.

A magnificent sunset tonight, guess this means a heavy frost overnight.

The light was shining in the window in the hall and bouncing off the mirror back onto the wall on the stairs, fabulous..........

We had gone out to put the cover on the car windscreen, DB is going out in the morning, do not want to have to defrost the car before he goes.

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  1. I'll be over for dinner as I love pork chops and banana splits. Yum!! I'd soon be as large as a house if I had dinner at your home very often.

    We have sleet and freezing rain this morning but it's expected to change to rain later. The cats aren't happy about staying inside and pretend not to understand it when I tell them it is cold and icy outside.

    Most of our Christmas decor is in the house but the old tree is in the barn. It will come inside when the rain/sleet slacks up. I love Christmas!

    Hope you sleep better tonight. May I ask what medicine dose you plan to increase to help you sleep? As you know, AMIL has too many nights of bad sleep so I'm open to all ideas. Ta.



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