Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day

Started earlish, DD2 was being picked up at 10.30 so I needed to be on the ball.

DB went to collect her whilst I sorted the lunch out, turkey crown in the combi micro ( how much I love that oven, it was not cheap but does a fantastic job).

We sat down to a beautiful lunch, turkey,roast spuds and parsnips, cauli, brussels carrots, stuffing and gravy. Christmas pudding and custard to follow. I flamed the brandy for the pudding, very spectacular.

Pots washed and a cup of tea we settled down for a relaxing afternoon. Watched the Queens Speech and then put the TV off until Strictly and Call the Midwife.We had a light tea, cheese and biscuits, trife and mince pies

DB took DD2 home to get ready for her night shift tonight. When he got back we had a turkey and cranberry sandwich and a cuppa.

I was quite tired, but we really enjoyed having DD2 here and she enjoyed a day of peace with her mum cooking.

We watched Downton and then made our weary way to bed.

Christmas over for another year...............


  1. It seems you had a lovely family Christmas. Your meal sounds wonderful. Now the countdown to the New Year begins! Wishing you and yours a Healthy and Happy 2014. Barb

  2. What a delightful Christmas celebration for you three! Good food and relaxation cannot be beat. We had a lovely day, too.

    We love turkey and cranberry sandwiches and think they're the best part of the after-holidays.

    It's sunny and cold here, but just right for December.



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