Saturday, 14 December 2013

Blue Sky

Yes we had sun and blue sky, how long for is any ones guess. We had a frost overnight but it soon cleared.

Lie in this morning, no alarm set so it was after 9am when I woke. Thanks to the extra meds I am sleeping better and the energy levels are coming up.

Pot of soup on the stove, using the bottom of the fridge stuff, some chicken stock and lentils. Also prepped macaroni cheese for supper, we will have it with tomato and celery sald and a baked spud. The last of the bananas for dessert.

DB spent an hour in the garden clearing up leaves and the berries from the catoneaster, the backbirds have been having a good time. DB saw the branches swaying and thought Mr Squirrel was around but it was a blackbird. I understood squirrels hibernated, we have seen it several times in the garden recently. He is very annoyed he cannot get at the nuts hanging from the bird table.

DB will have to phone the agents on Monday and get them to remind our LL we still have the christmas tree in the garden, if he does not get a move on he will miss the time slot and we will be stuck with it for another year. It has grown at least 2ft this year and is now taler than the house, I hate to think where the roots go.

The sun disappeared at lunch time and by 2.45 we could hardly see so the light had to go on. Its also turned bbbrrrrrr again.

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  1. I imagine your home smells wonderful from the simmering soup that was on. Lunch for me today will be soup, too, as it is cold and raining with some sleet thrown in for good measure.

    Might the Christmas tree in your yard have gotten too large for holiday use in most homes?

    Most of the lights are now on our tree so the decorating will soon start and that will leave just the baking and finishing that little wall quilt and mailing two last boxes of gifts.

    Sweet dreams!



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