Wednesday, 11 December 2013


My goodness its cold this morning. Out to the PO to post a couple of parcels and for DB to get his INR checked. Nurse not happy when he told her what happened when he had his tooth out.

I got the TV choice for the next 3 weeks, talk about extortion, they had put the weekly one up to 45p, it was 38p last week, the double one was 90p.

A better night last night thanfully, DB woke me when he got up for the loo, went striaght off again. Will continue to take double meds until next Monday and see what happens when I go back down to a single dose. Its mainly my shoulders, hip and knees that are the problem.

Trip into town this afternoon....on the bus..... should be interesting......

We went into town on the bus, just a short trip took approx 10 minutes. Into the Library to return some books and then walked to the hairdressers for DB to get his hair cut. We then went and got more bird seed and I managed to find an open ended zip fastener for the fleece gillet I am going to make fo DB.

Back to the library for books, we were just coming out when we saw the bus at the stop, we just got on when he drew away. A quick journey home.

Now we have done it once we can do it again, the buses ran to a reasonable timetable.... 3 an hour and we can either catch them in the town centre or outside the library, very handy. We were out just over an hour.

Heating is back on, its very cold out.


  1. What a wonderfully productive day you and DB had and am glad you found the bus routes and time so convenient. I know it's good to be home and cozy again.

    Cheers for a good night's sleep! AMIL just called and she said she feels 98% better than she did yesterday because she slept a bit better last night.

    I'm going to sew the little wall quilt today so need to get going on something.


  2. You did do well with the buses.


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