Thursday, 12 December 2013

Another very grey day and cold.

We had our fuel bills in this morning and to my surprise I am getting money back. Apparently the energy companies can no longer hold on to more than one months payment in advance. As our gas account was £114 in credit we are getting it back. I will be putting it in a separate account just in case we need it later. I have worked out how much our weekly bill is likely to be and it is just over £10 a week, so hopefully we will not have too big a bill to pay at the end of winter.

DB had a call from the Drs secretary he spoke to earlier in the week. The letter that should have been sent from the hospital had not been sent. It has now arrived and he is on the waiting list for the scan. I have suggested that he contacts the hospital administrator and lodges a complaint. Had the letter gone in when it should have done he could have already had the scan, as it is, it could be sometime before his name comes up.

Spag bol  and garlic bread for supper tonight, possibly banana in some form or another for dessert.


  1. What great news that you'll be getting money back but you're very wise to keep it available in case it is needed later.

    Bother that DB's scan appt. fell thru the cracks. It seems to me that the doctor's office should lodge a complaint, too, and request that DB be moved up the list as it was the hospital's fault the letter didn't arrive when it should have.

    Sunshine continues today but it's cold with the high being only a few degrees above freezing. Brrrr!


  2. This may be my second comment!! The first one zoomed off somewhere, obviously not to you!! What a turn up for the books!! We have had quite a pleasant day, weather-wise down here!! That makes a change to have sunshine instead of you!!! It was chilly though. We went to Bath Christmas Market, had a lovely wander! Am afraid I came home with a lot of 'I could make that' bumbling around in my head!!!
    Sorry about DB's appointment. I had a lot of trouble getting my appointment for my Oral op. I rang appointments once, only to be told I had to book the Theatre myself!!! In the end I rang the Consultant's Secretary who was mortified and I had an appt. in the post the next day!!!!!

  3. Have you tried banana ice cream? Just peel banana and then cut up and put on a plate and then open freeze for an hour or so. Then beat up in food mixer until sort of pureed. This makes yummy ice cream with no additional ingredients. I am sure DB would enjoy! JoanB


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