Monday, 16 December 2013

Another Manic Monday

Well not really, bed stripped and sheets etc washed and hung on the airer. Monday clean done. 

Postman knocked the door with a parcel and a package for me. A Christmas pressie from across the pond, it was flat, it did not rattle but felt soft, at that point DB took it off me and hid it away until Christmas day.

I sliced up the beef from yesterday, all told we will get 6 meals from it, we have cold beef, jacket spuds and salad for supper tonight and slices of ginger cake with cream for dessert.

After lunch we went into Melton to get our feet done, what used to cost us £30 in Scotland we now get done for free....a quick trip to Tesco for a couple of things and home.

Its been a very grey day, we had some rain this morning hence the laundry on the airer, now at 3.40pm the lights are on in the sitting room. I will be glad when the days start drawing our again and its lighter at night.

I have been search for long enough for dishcloth cotton, last week I found some in one of the local shops, so knitting dishcloths, several people have asked me if I had any. I love them, The ones I am using are 3 years old, I chuck them in the washer on a boil wash and they come up like new, brilliant.

Watched strictly last night, what a shock to see Natalie in the dance off, the public are fickle.......the final on Saturday will be interesting.


  1. I keep thinking about making dishcloths, but hubby prefers to use scouring pad! Also, I think the wool is quite expensive and not that easy to get hold of. I think Fred Aldous sell it, I saw another blogger had bought some. I would love to make some face cloths and try to sell them, but don't think people would buy them - they only cost pence in the supermarkets and cheap shops. Make sure you post a picture when finished !!

  2. Ha Ha! I had to laugh at DB taking your parcel away to hide!! I met up with a friend yesterday to exchanged prezzies, we txt each other when we got home as we both had a way to go, and my friend said she felt guilty because I'd given her more parcels!!! Honestly!! I can't repeat what I txt back!!!! Talking of which!! I just love the mats etc you sent to Sue, they are fabulous! Raining here, but what's new!!! Atleast the wind has dropped. An emergency Christmas cake for someone in the oven!! Can get some crocheting done while I wait for it to finish cooking and I can go to bed!! It's only a tiddler so hope it won't be much longer, a million mince pies to make tomorrow!!

  3. Am playing catch-up as I was so very shattered yesterday that I didn't look at the computer.

    I use cotton dishcloths and scrubbies depending on what the task is.

    What fun to shake parcels and to wonder ...!



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