Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Another day at the sweat shop

Well not really. DB had a Drs appointment this morning so we had to get up early. I needed to do the Monday clean as I was otherwise engaged yesterday, so a swoosoh around the bedrooms. I also tackled a pile of ironing that needed doing. Insulation people back and also the new light bulbs arrived, we are trying them out in the lamps in the sitting room and dining room and our bedside lights.

Yesterday we did a freezer audit, I took out some chicken and a pot of beef and bean stew, chicken tonight, I put it in white sauce with mashed spud on the top and did a farmers pie, cauli and carrots with it. DB requested an apple and blackberry crumble so that takes care of tomorrow as well.

DB has stopped complaining about his tooth socket, so I guess it is healing over, just waiting for him to find one of the stitches in something he is eating!!

Made arrangements to visit my quilting friend on Friday.....time for some chat and tea.


  1. Cheers that life is settling back to normal once more. That is so much better than the alternative!

    I'm delighted that you can happily anticipate your Friday visit with your sweet friend. My father used to say that "Anticipation is as much fun as realization."

    Isn't it a pleasure to have frozen meals available that just require thawing and adding a side dish rather than cooking all from scratch?

    I've made my list of things I'd like to do or need to do before Christmas and think it is manageable. I hope AMIL slept well last night so we can accomplish a couple of those errands today as rain is possible for the next 3 days and the temperatures are expected to drop by the end of the week, too.


  2. So glad you have a day with a friend to look forward too, don't say it too loud though, you never know what might happen!!!!! I never knew when my stitches came out, 4 came out without any trouble but the 5th hung on for weeks!! Think the Surgeon was a Boy Scout with a triple whammy in knots!!!! An hour with the Dentist tomorrow and I hope that is the end of 2yrs of problems! Just thought, hope the blackberry pips don't get stuck in that hole!!!!!


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