Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Another Day Aother Dollar

Another night in the guest room, OH could not sleep so wriggling about kept me awake. He has started his medication again this morning. Went back to bed with a dizzy just after 10am, no nausea this time thank heavens. It could take a while for the medication to start working again, which means I am going to be on a knife edge for a few weeks.

I made a pot of leek and potato soup for lunch, enough for tomorrow as well.

We have to go and collect a script for him and then chase the library van. We  have not heard that its not coming so will chance it. Otherwise will go into the library one afternoon and get new books, need enough to see us through the holiday. When there is not much to watch on TV we tend to sit and read, as well as read when we go to bed.

Supper tonight sausage mash and the baked beans left from last night. Ginger cake and cream for dessert.

The ball of dish cloth cotton has made 2 3/4 dishcloths, with postage and packing they will be £1.60 each. They are washable 100% cotton, can be boiled or washed on a 90c wash. I sling mine in the washer, have been using the same ones for 3 years.

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  1. Fingers crossed here that DB's pills will soon have him set to rights, sleeping well, and banishing those annoying dds. Might as well hope!

    AMIL called to say that new pill for sleep gave her a wonderful, restful, full night of sleep and that she was feeling great. We'll be watching for side effects, but this seems to be a good start.

    Love the cotton dishcloths and the checkerboard pattern you've chosen to use for them!

    I'm about to get back to sewing in hopes of getting this little quilt together today, backing chosen and cut, and determining if I have enough fusible batting for it. If not, I'm back to the shops tomorrow.

    It's sunny and cold here.



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