Sunday, 22 December 2013

Another bright morning, 5c colder than yesterday. I put a load of laundry in the washer on the timer last night it was done and ready to hang out when I got up, we still have quite a breeze, so hope it will dry a bit. Empty laundry bins but that will not last long, still I will not wash again until late in the week.

DB is out clearing up the berries from the catoneaster, he has also had to empty the seed out of one of the feeders it has started to go mouldy. He was fine yesterday so fingers crossed he will be ok for a couple of days.

We watched Strictly last night, I was not really surprised Abbey won, the judges seems to favour her, although I did wonder, if on the night Nathalie might just pip her to the post.

DS2 over this morning and then going on to his sisters to collect presents and put a shelf up for her. He is still on the hospital run, was not too happy when I spoke to him on the phone, seems Gran was having bad headaches......she is coming out for a few days over the holiday and then going back for her last two chemo treatments. She has been on a drugs trail, the results were a real surprise to her consultant, very positive.

Not doing much, sirloin steak for supper tonight, DS2 brought a pack a couple of months ago and gave me two. Cannot remember the last time we had steak, so roast spuds and parsnips, yorkies and veg. Banana for dessert.


Was just about to put the lunch on the table when DS2 walked in with the 3 girls. So it was sandwiches, pop and tea. Despite me asking him not to DS2 had brought a parcel. Eldest GD said we had to have one, it wasn't right for Nana and E not to get presents!!

DS2 had taken his ex's sister to the hospital in Nottingham, he was going to his sisters and then back to pick up ex's sister and so home to Corby. He was then hoping to take the youngsters to see the lights at a local garden centre before taking then back for bed.

Littlest DGD was fascinated to see the squidel (Squirrel) in the garden, I thought they hibernated, this ones does not seem to have done!! He was on the bird table looking for nuts and seed.

DB went for his rest, the cloud was looking very stormy so I fetched the washing in. Shortly afterwards it started to rain.....most of the washing was dry, just put it on the airer to finish off.

Time to start the supper!!


  1. Like the sound of sirloin steak for supper. Can I come too.


  2. Meant to add, I agree with your comments about the winner of Strictly. I don't think Natalie's character in Coronation Street helped her popularity, whereas Abbey and her handsome partner were always the viewers favourites. Great series, if you are a dancing fan, which my DB isn't!!!

  3. I do enjoy steak, baked potato, and a lettuce salad every so often. Enjoy!

    To our amazement, the high today is expected to be 80*F and it feels like spring outside. What is up with that? Later today and for most of the next 48 hours, there is a high probability of rain and maybe storms.

    Wishing DS2's former MIL well but those headaches do bear looking into. Visits to family in hospitals is so exhausting for all so am wishing them well, too.


  4. Natalie and Artem in my opinion , the winners

    1. I agree, she was the best dancer all the way through the series.

  5. My eldest grandaughter used to call squirrels squiggles. A merry Christmas to you and yours and a healthy and happy new year/

  6. 'Tis the season for welcome surprise guests and for surprise gifts! What fun!



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