Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Dizzy A Day

Hey ho, DB in bed with a dizzy, I will be glad when the meds kick in and hold them at bay for a few days. I hope he is ok next week. I seem to remember that he went to bed with a dizzy last Christmas Day. We did get a decent sleep last night although it was after 12 midnight when the light went out.

I decided to go to Aldi this morning as their fruit and veg was so much cheaper than Sainsbury, I still managed to spend £38......that has to stop as from 1st Jan I have to sick to our £30 a week budget. I will go to Mr S's tomorrow and stock up on tinned and frozen veg, just in case we get a severe storm and are not able to get out. I still remember the 5 weeks we were stuck in at the cottage in 2010 and had to get our neighbour to shop for us when they went out the the 4 x 4.

Its a bright morning, I had to wear my sun glasses driving along, a lot of traffic on the road and Aldi was heaving. At least they were not fighting in the shop and pinching stuff from other peoples baskets,  like they were in Slough of all places yesterday!! There were the usual old dears who left their trolley's in the middle of the aisles? (spelling) whilst wandering off to find what they wanted and trolleys left sticking out whilst people rummaged in the freezers etc but all in all they were a very controlled bunch. I did find a packet of bananas that had been opened, there were only 3 bananas left in it. I gave to to a shop assistant.

Everything is packed away, the fridge is almost full, have a bit of room left in the freezer but not much.......there will be a bit more room when the turkey crown is out.

I am going to spend the rest of the day slobbing on the settee, we have some leek and potato soup for lunch, the breadmaker is on. No idea what to have for supper, might do a fritatta and salad.....will see what DB says once he gets up.

Up Date

After going to Aldi this morning I decided to go to Sainsbury this afternoon, so, I have no more shopping to do..........fini.....if I have forgotten ayhting we will go without!!

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  1. You certainly are wonderfully organized and made the most of the hours in this day! A delightful sit with a good book was well deserved!

    Bother about the dd and as you say, it will be good when the medicines kick in again. It is such a puzzlement that they stay quiet for a time, then something - what?? - sets them off again. Is it weather? Some activity? May the consultant you see in January be more brilliant than the rest and find the answer and the cure!

    Today I hope to quilt and bind the little wall quilt but first have to find backing fabric, find a large enough piece of fusible batting, and make the binding. How is that for a lot to aspire to?



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