Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I am ready

for the New Year. Bring on 2014, it cannot be any worse than this year.....or can it???

Laundry is all done and ironed, the house is clean, so bring it on.

My thoughts are with those who have been flooded out and those still without power, in this day and age that is not really acceptable. Of course the answer really is to put all the cables underground where the wind and snow cannot damage them, that will never happen, too expensive. 

So many people flooded out and in some cases their whole home and cars wrecked by flood water. How much does the responsibility lie with councils who allow building on the flood plain and people concreting over gardens so the water has no where to drain. Many are without insurance, either because they have not bought it themselves, or they have been refused insurance after a previous flood. How are these people going to re-build their lives?

Thoughts to ponder going into a new year. They tell us these things wll happen more frequently as the weather pattern changes.

DB is having his siesta, we were late up this morning the lassitude that affected me before the holiday is back again, I am finding it hard to get going. I wonder how much is due to the chocolate etc we have been eating. Maybe once my diet goes back to normal my energy leveals may rise again.

Tomorrow we are going to DD2;s for lunch, the children are both out with their friends so it will be as Christmas Day just the 3 of us.

So as this year draws to a close, I wish everyone who reads my blog a very Happy New Year, Health and Happiness too.

See you all next year...............and thnk you for reading and commenting on my blog.

Monday, 30 December 2013

This is the hanging I have put up on the dining room wall, it was hanging in the hall at the apartment.

Its the first 'quilt' I made when I started quilting and is a combination of different techniques, machine piecing, applique, and piecing over papers.

It is the quilt I used as the basis for my teaching, as the blocks allow you to practice the techniques. The hardest and most complicated is the purple and gold block on the top left. It was the last one to be tackled.

The centre block was a celtic inspired design that I designed myself.

Hey Ho its back

The wind and rain of course.....our loose fence panel is now lying on next doors lawn and the two top panels are also leaning at an angle, how long before they go too?

DB has just gone to bed with a dizzy, I expected him to get one yesterday. With a bit of luck that will be the end of them for a day or two.

Pot of lentil soup on the stove, a small load of dark washing on the airer, will do the whites in the morning. A pile of ironing awaits my attention, might do it after lunch. Monday clean done....just down stairs to do tomorrow, will get DB to bring the Dyson down for me. All the decs have been put away and a different wall hanging put on the dining room wall.

Supper tonight cauli and calebrese gratin with jacket spud and roasted tomato. I have 2 creme brulee in the fridge. I have open frozen the loaf I made yesterday, just left 4 slices out to have with our soup at lunchtime.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

More sun but this time with frost

It was well after 2am before we settled down to sleep.DB had a dizzy in the early evening and had slept, so because he was awake I had to be too....

It was almost 10am before we woke,today was to be my last slob day so no real problem. I put another load in the washer. We had weak sunlight but the garden was covered with a layer of frost, in the street the windscreens of cars were iced up too. A white loaf in the breadmaker. We have been eating shop bread.......

DB went for a short walk before we had a light lunch. I brought supper forward to 4.30pm. So roast beef from the freezer roast potato and parsnip, cauli and carrots and the last of the trifle for dessert. Thats all the christmas food apart from a few bits of cheese gone.

Back to normal tomorrow. I will do the Monday clean and the sitting room etc on Tuesday, ironing and any left over laundry will also be done so we start the new year with a clean house and no washing.

We have an appointment at the hospital on Thursday, wonder what the consultant will have to say this time???

Saturday, 28 December 2013


Thankfully the wind has dropped, we have quite a bit of damage to the fence to the right of the house, DB has wired one piece back, but there is not much we can do with the post thats broken.

A sunny morning so stripped the bed and sheets etc are on the line, a slight breeze, not much but they will finish drying inside later.

We had a bit of a change round in the dining room, I have moved the dresser into the far corner which gives us more room round the table when its out. I also washed all the crystal glasses before I put them back.

DB spent time this morning scooping up the berries from the catoneaster tree, there are hundreds of them on the top bed in the garden. Some of the daffodil bulbs I planted are sowing tips through the soil. The ones I have in the living room are very slow to grow, doubtless will get there eventually.

All the decs are down and packed away, I have put the sampler wall hanging up and the Christmas quilt is folded up on the wooden towel rail.

We received a very apt card from some friends in the US this morning.

DB says he is going to paste it in his journal.

Every where is very quiet, the children  next door have been away for most of the holiday, back now, but not much noise, so they must be busy with Christmas presents.  

We watched some catch up TV last night, I have finished the dishcloth I had on the needles, done another one and almost half way through a third, should finish it tonight,

Well we are still eating up some of the Christmas food, but supper tonight will be fish and chips, we just have a couple of servings of the trifle to finish and that will be that gone too. Now I need to see what is absolutely essential to buy food wise for January. I am sticking to last years budget of £120 a month, anything left over at the end of the month goes in the money tin towards our holidays.

No new years resolutions here but some things to aim for.......atch this space.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Its Past

Christmas that is, done and dusted for another year.

We have very high winds, our fence is showing signs of collapsing, we tried the agents but they are not open so rang the landlord, he was not happy, had been up all night with toothache.

So.....we had a quiet time over the holiday, having DD2 here was lovely and yesterday we just slobbed out, did not get up too early, ate when we wanted, and either switched off the TV or watched programmes we had recorded.

This morning we ventured into town on the bus, the library was open, we had read all our books so a quick trip.....I also got another ball of dishcloth cotton so can finish the one I have on the needles and knit a couple more.

Left overs for lunch, pork pie and cheese. OH has asked for meat and veg for tonight, so I will take the last of the turkey breast off the bone and along with a couple of slices of beef, we will have that and either the Christmas pudding or trifle for dessert. I have one side of the turkey breast to remove and slice, then the carcass will go in the stock pot, turkey soup anyone???

So now we are on the count down to the new year 2014......I do not make resolutions because I just do not keep them but...I am hoping to finish all my quilting UFO's and also get rid of the CC debt for the caravan mover. Normally I would have had enough in the account to cover it, but having moved earlier in the year the coffers were empty. One last payment should see it gone.

We will have been in this house 12 months in April, DB remarked the other day that we do not seem to have ever been away.....he has settled well here. Yes we do not have the facilities on the doorstep, ie library and Aldi but having to travel has made me more aware of having to plan and stock various things. We have the mobile library and a trip into Melton to the main library is about 6 minutes on the bus which runs 3 times an hour; saves on diesel too. We have a green grocer in the town so fresh fruit and veg from him. We no longer have a High Street butcher which is a shame, but as DB says we cannot have everything.

DB's dizzies have settled now he is back on medication, so will report to the consultant when we see him next week. Maybe 2014 will be a better year for us, we will just have to wait and see,

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day

Started earlish, DD2 was being picked up at 10.30 so I needed to be on the ball.

DB went to collect her whilst I sorted the lunch out, turkey crown in the combi micro ( how much I love that oven, it was not cheap but does a fantastic job).

We sat down to a beautiful lunch, turkey,roast spuds and parsnips, cauli, brussels carrots, stuffing and gravy. Christmas pudding and custard to follow. I flamed the brandy for the pudding, very spectacular.

Pots washed and a cup of tea we settled down for a relaxing afternoon. Watched the Queens Speech and then put the TV off until Strictly and Call the Midwife.We had a light tea, cheese and biscuits, trife and mince pies

DB took DD2 home to get ready for her night shift tonight. When he got back we had a turkey and cranberry sandwich and a cuppa.

I was quite tired, but we really enjoyed having DD2 here and she enjoyed a day of peace with her mum cooking.

We watched Downton and then made our weary way to bed.

Christmas over for another year...............

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


          To all of you who read my blog I would like to wish you,

A Very Happy Christmas

and Health and Happiness in 2014.

Thank you all for reading and for your comments, I do appreciate them.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

So here we are....Christmas Eve.......I have just pushed the dyson over the rug in the sitting room and blown the dust to rearrange it. No more cleaning till next Monday I am on official holiday after I have cooked tomorrows lunch.

Turkey is thawing in the fridge, base of the trifle in the fridge, will put the custard on later and the cream on tomorrow. I have an appointment at the hospital to get my hearing aid checked at lunch time, will make up some sandwiches with the left over corned beef from last nights stovies before we go. I bought some smoked salmon so we will have rocket salad and  smoked salmon for supper tonight with some lemon cous cous. No idea about a dessert, might just have a mince pie.

DB went and collected his medication from the chemist. He said the road was quiet. Bet the supermarkets are not though. 

The wind and rain from yesterday has gone, it was very dark first thing, but the sun is in and out. I feel so sorry for those who were travelling to be with their family over the holidays and have had their journey's disrupted or cancelled by the bad weather. They must be so disappointed.

I had a message from DS2 they eventually got to see Santa yesterday afternoon, so the little ones were happy.

Offsky to do the sarnies for when we get back from the hospital, later I will do all the veg for tomorrow and put them in airtight bags in the fridge, a bit less to do tomorrow.

Santa has started on his journey, have you put up your stocking, left him a drink amd a snack??? Most of all have you been good???? If you have been naughty he will not leave you any presents.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Wet and Windy

A very dull grey sky greeted us when we got up, the sunny skies of the last few days have gone.

It is now chucking it down with rain and blowing a bit. I feel sorry for anyone who is travelling to be with family over the holiday, it looks as if travel is going to be very difficult.

Boring Monday clean done, I will push the dyson over the rug in the sitting room tomorrow before I go to collect DD2, that will be it for this week, it can wait until next Tuesday when, following in my MIL's tradition on Hogmany Eve, I will clean through the whole house and finish up any washing. Then all will be well to welcome in the New Year.

The turkey crown is in the fridge defrosting, I need to start OH's raspberry trifle today to the jelly stage, I will put the custard on tomorrow and the cream on the day itself. Have managed to keep the mince pies out of sight, might break them out tomorrow night. So all is as ready as it can be here.

Feeling a bit out of sorts for some reason, not sure why......fingers crossed I have nothing horrid in the wings.

Watched 'The Choir' last night was a bit surprised at the overall winners but there you are, thats life.

Spending the rest of the day chilling........

Supper tonight, Stovies.......at least thats the plan.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Another bright morning, 5c colder than yesterday. I put a load of laundry in the washer on the timer last night it was done and ready to hang out when I got up, we still have quite a breeze, so hope it will dry a bit. Empty laundry bins but that will not last long, still I will not wash again until late in the week.

DB is out clearing up the berries from the catoneaster, he has also had to empty the seed out of one of the feeders it has started to go mouldy. He was fine yesterday so fingers crossed he will be ok for a couple of days.

We watched Strictly last night, I was not really surprised Abbey won, the judges seems to favour her, although I did wonder, if on the night Nathalie might just pip her to the post.

DS2 over this morning and then going on to his sisters to collect presents and put a shelf up for her. He is still on the hospital run, was not too happy when I spoke to him on the phone, seems Gran was having bad headaches......she is coming out for a few days over the holiday and then going back for her last two chemo treatments. She has been on a drugs trail, the results were a real surprise to her consultant, very positive.

Not doing much, sirloin steak for supper tonight, DS2 brought a pack a couple of months ago and gave me two. Cannot remember the last time we had steak, so roast spuds and parsnips, yorkies and veg. Banana for dessert.


Was just about to put the lunch on the table when DS2 walked in with the 3 girls. So it was sandwiches, pop and tea. Despite me asking him not to DS2 had brought a parcel. Eldest GD said we had to have one, it wasn't right for Nana and E not to get presents!!

DS2 had taken his ex's sister to the hospital in Nottingham, he was going to his sisters and then back to pick up ex's sister and so home to Corby. He was then hoping to take the youngsters to see the lights at a local garden centre before taking then back for bed.

Littlest DGD was fascinated to see the squidel (Squirrel) in the garden, I thought they hibernated, this ones does not seem to have done!! He was on the bird table looking for nuts and seed.

DB went for his rest, the cloud was looking very stormy so I fetched the washing in. Shortly afterwards it started to rain.....most of the washing was dry, just put it on the airer to finish off.

Time to start the supper!!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The Christmas quilt is on the bed, it must be Christmas.....

Sunny Saturday

Not a good night we were reading till 2am, so rather tardy getting up. The wind was blowing so I decided to bring the laundry forward to today and tomorrow, the forecast for Monday is dire. So a line full of whites out dancing in the wind, will finish them off on the airer over night.

I decided to be a good housewife and make DB some mincepies, 12 and a turnover cooling. I do not make too many at a time, they disappear too quickly if I do.

Friday, 20 December 2013

It Bloomin' Cold

We had rain last night and then followed by a heavy frost, so its very cold.

We received a room thermometer from our gas provider this morning. We have no heat on, the thermometer is showing 21c just right. We have no heat on at all but the sun is shining into the sitting room which helps to keep it warm. I will be keeping an eye on it later when the temperature starys to drop.

DS2 is coming tomorrow, not sure if the children are coming or not. His ex's mother is reacting very well to the chemo. She saw the specialist last week and after 2 rounds the tumour had shrunk 90%, he said he had never had that result before, she has 2 more rounds to go, so the outlook is better a 5 year life expectancy instead of 2.

We were late getting up this morning, I was shattered after all that shopping yesterday. The Friday clean hs been done and I made a pot of scotch broth, very good.......enough for tomorrow and possibly Sunday as well.

A card arrived this morning from our old address, someone I had not told we had moved ooppssss... our neighbour sent it on to us. Not sure if there are any more doing the rounds.

DB has just gone to bed for his siesta, day 3 of taking the medication again, he said he ws slightly dizzy, but he was on his way for his siesta anyway.....time will tell.

DD2 has had the offer to buy her house from the council, they are going to re-roof the house and replace soffits and guttering before its handed over. Apparently the roof was picked up by the surveyor when he valued the house. The council have to hand it over in good condition so that works for her. She is a bit cross because the council have just announced they are re-fitting all the kitchens over the next 2 years. How ever DS2 will be able to put a new kitchen in for her when she can afford it.

Supper tonight fish, mustard mash, sweetcorn. Toffee bananas for dessert.

I have at last found a wall that will take the wall hangings I have made at various times. This is one I made over 10 years ago. A couple of years ago I sold several smaller versions

Forward Planning

We have been discussing our caravan trips next year. We hope to have a couple of long weekends at the site we went to this summer over looking Rutland Water.

Our main trips will be one in April to SW Scotland to make use of our National Trust Memberships and also catch up with a blogger. We are staying in the Lake District for a couple of nights on the way up. Our friends are back at the site  near Windermere for next season, so we will be able to catch up with their news.We will have a stop in Ripon on the way home.

Our other trip will be in the middle of September down to Cornwall, there is a holiday rally at a site just outside Perranporth. We will be able to visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan, somewhere I have wanted to go to for sometime. Its a few years since we were down in Cornwall. We will break our journey home in Hereford. In both cases we will be away for just over 2 weeks.

These holidays have to be paid for so money is being saved in a holiday account. Menus will be worked out and as much food  as possible taken with us. When we are away we usually have one meal out, I guess in the case of Cornwall it will be fish and chips.

Fuel is another consideration, We have a map which shows supermarkets where we can get cheaper fuel, and of course my favourite store Aldi for any shopping we nay need.

We are looking forward, watch this space.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Dizzy A Day

Hey ho, DB in bed with a dizzy, I will be glad when the meds kick in and hold them at bay for a few days. I hope he is ok next week. I seem to remember that he went to bed with a dizzy last Christmas Day. We did get a decent sleep last night although it was after 12 midnight when the light went out.

I decided to go to Aldi this morning as their fruit and veg was so much cheaper than Sainsbury, I still managed to spend £38......that has to stop as from 1st Jan I have to sick to our £30 a week budget. I will go to Mr S's tomorrow and stock up on tinned and frozen veg, just in case we get a severe storm and are not able to get out. I still remember the 5 weeks we were stuck in at the cottage in 2010 and had to get our neighbour to shop for us when they went out the the 4 x 4.

Its a bright morning, I had to wear my sun glasses driving along, a lot of traffic on the road and Aldi was heaving. At least they were not fighting in the shop and pinching stuff from other peoples baskets,  like they were in Slough of all places yesterday!! There were the usual old dears who left their trolley's in the middle of the aisles? (spelling) whilst wandering off to find what they wanted and trolleys left sticking out whilst people rummaged in the freezers etc but all in all they were a very controlled bunch. I did find a packet of bananas that had been opened, there were only 3 bananas left in it. I gave to to a shop assistant.

Everything is packed away, the fridge is almost full, have a bit of room left in the freezer but not much.......there will be a bit more room when the turkey crown is out.

I am going to spend the rest of the day slobbing on the settee, we have some leek and potato soup for lunch, the breadmaker is on. No idea what to have for supper, might do a fritatta and salad.....will see what DB says once he gets up.

Up Date

After going to Aldi this morning I decided to go to Sainsbury this afternoon, so, I have no more shopping to do..........fini.....if I have forgotten ayhting we will go without!!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Another Day Aother Dollar

Another night in the guest room, OH could not sleep so wriggling about kept me awake. He has started his medication again this morning. Went back to bed with a dizzy just after 10am, no nausea this time thank heavens. It could take a while for the medication to start working again, which means I am going to be on a knife edge for a few weeks.

I made a pot of leek and potato soup for lunch, enough for tomorrow as well.

We have to go and collect a script for him and then chase the library van. We  have not heard that its not coming so will chance it. Otherwise will go into the library one afternoon and get new books, need enough to see us through the holiday. When there is not much to watch on TV we tend to sit and read, as well as read when we go to bed.

Supper tonight sausage mash and the baked beans left from last night. Ginger cake and cream for dessert.

The ball of dish cloth cotton has made 2 3/4 dishcloths, with postage and packing they will be £1.60 each. They are washable 100% cotton, can be boiled or washed on a 90c wash. I sling mine in the washer, have been using the same ones for 3 years.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Not a good day

Well yesterday ended badly and today is not going so well either.DB had a very bad dizzy last night, as bad as when he was first diagnosed. I ended up in the guest room and was still awake at 5am. Did not get up until after 10.am.

DB went for his siesta and after about half an hour banged on the floor, the full works again.

I got him to ring our GP this morning and asked if he should go back on his medication, so we have to start again tomorrow. He needs more medication so I will have to take a script into the surgery, I just cannot cope with day after day of attacks like this. In 2008 he was having anything up to 4 attacks a day and we look as if we are going the same way again. He has an appointment with the consultant again next month........hope he has stabilized by then.

I am not in a happy place just now now.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Another Manic Monday

Well not really, bed stripped and sheets etc washed and hung on the airer. Monday clean done. 

Postman knocked the door with a parcel and a package for me. A Christmas pressie from across the pond, it was flat, it did not rattle but felt soft, at that point DB took it off me and hid it away until Christmas day.

I sliced up the beef from yesterday, all told we will get 6 meals from it, we have cold beef, jacket spuds and salad for supper tonight and slices of ginger cake with cream for dessert.

After lunch we went into Melton to get our feet done, what used to cost us £30 in Scotland we now get done for free....a quick trip to Tesco for a couple of things and home.

Its been a very grey day, we had some rain this morning hence the laundry on the airer, now at 3.40pm the lights are on in the sitting room. I will be glad when the days start drawing our again and its lighter at night.

I have been search for long enough for dishcloth cotton, last week I found some in one of the local shops, so knitting dishcloths, several people have asked me if I had any. I love them, The ones I am using are 3 years old, I chuck them in the washer on a boil wash and they come up like new, brilliant.

Watched strictly last night, what a shock to see Natalie in the dance off, the public are fickle.......the final on Saturday will be interesting.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Late up again this morning, sun shining but quite a breeze blowing, by lunch time it was like night, hissing down with rain and blowing a hoolie.......

DB succumbed to another dizzy this morning, he is off the medication and they are ramping up again, we do not see the Specialist again until January.

Roast beef for supper tonight. I need to part cook the yorkies, I am using the combi micro to cook it, so will put the yorkies in until they are set and then finish them off once the roasties are cooked. Strawberry fluff for dessert.

Not doing much except cook supper have 3 books to finish reading before Wednesday, so resting and reading.

1.30 pm and we have the lamps on in the sitting room, its like night here.

Just as we were about to have supper, the door knocker went....

Santa had come to visit on the Trumpton fire engine.......

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Blue Sky

Yes we had sun and blue sky, how long for is any ones guess. We had a frost overnight but it soon cleared.

Lie in this morning, no alarm set so it was after 9am when I woke. Thanks to the extra meds I am sleeping better and the energy levels are coming up.

Pot of soup on the stove, using the bottom of the fridge stuff, some chicken stock and lentils. Also prepped macaroni cheese for supper, we will have it with tomato and celery sald and a baked spud. The last of the bananas for dessert.

DB spent an hour in the garden clearing up leaves and the berries from the catoneaster, the backbirds have been having a good time. DB saw the branches swaying and thought Mr Squirrel was around but it was a blackbird. I understood squirrels hibernated, we have seen it several times in the garden recently. He is very annoyed he cannot get at the nuts hanging from the bird table.

DB will have to phone the agents on Monday and get them to remind our LL we still have the christmas tree in the garden, if he does not get a move on he will miss the time slot and we will be stuck with it for another year. It has grown at least 2ft this year and is now taler than the house, I hate to think where the roots go.

The sun disappeared at lunch time and by 2.45 we could hardly see so the light had to go on. Its also turned bbbrrrrrr again.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Up early this morning I had an appointment to get my locks cut. If it gets too long it starts going into ringlets, not a good style for an 70 year old!! Back nicely trimmed, had a coffee and then tackled the friday clean. It was the week to move the settee and turn the big rug. I was shattered when it was finished. Made a pan of soup as well for lunch we had some garlic bread left from last night.

Just 12 days to go to 25th....where has this year gone??? Over in a flash. This time last year we had no idea we would be back in Leicestershire.......

DB retired to bed with a dizzy, second this week, I had bought some stem ginger so made a ginger cake....the kitchen smells delicious......I also have a loaf in the bread maker.

A very dull grey day, we are promised rain/frost, I was glad to draw the curtains on a very murky afternoon. Nice and snug with the heating on, curtains drawn and a good book.

Supper fish,chips and peas....... for supper. DB has asked for a slice of the ginger cake with custard for dessert,,,,,,,,,

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Another very grey day and cold.

We had our fuel bills in this morning and to my surprise I am getting money back. Apparently the energy companies can no longer hold on to more than one months payment in advance. As our gas account was £114 in credit we are getting it back. I will be putting it in a separate account just in case we need it later. I have worked out how much our weekly bill is likely to be and it is just over £10 a week, so hopefully we will not have too big a bill to pay at the end of winter.

DB had a call from the Drs secretary he spoke to earlier in the week. The letter that should have been sent from the hospital had not been sent. It has now arrived and he is on the waiting list for the scan. I have suggested that he contacts the hospital administrator and lodges a complaint. Had the letter gone in when it should have done he could have already had the scan, as it is, it could be sometime before his name comes up.

Spag bol  and garlic bread for supper tonight, possibly banana in some form or another for dessert.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


My goodness its cold this morning. Out to the PO to post a couple of parcels and for DB to get his INR checked. Nurse not happy when he told her what happened when he had his tooth out.

I got the TV choice for the next 3 weeks, talk about extortion, they had put the weekly one up to 45p, it was 38p last week, the double one was 90p.

A better night last night thanfully, DB woke me when he got up for the loo, went striaght off again. Will continue to take double meds until next Monday and see what happens when I go back down to a single dose. Its mainly my shoulders, hip and knees that are the problem.

Trip into town this afternoon....on the bus..... should be interesting......

We went into town on the bus, just a short trip took approx 10 minutes. Into the Library to return some books and then walked to the hairdressers for DB to get his hair cut. We then went and got more bird seed and I managed to find an open ended zip fastener for the fleece gillet I am going to make fo DB.

Back to the library for books, we were just coming out when we saw the bus at the stop, we just got on when he drew away. A quick journey home.

Now we have done it once we can do it again, the buses ran to a reasonable timetable.... 3 an hour and we can either catch them in the town centre or outside the library, very handy. We were out just over an hour.

Heating is back on, its very cold out.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A very dull, grey day. just how I feel, another bad night and I have spent most of the day on the settee reading.

DB did not help matters when he choked on his supper last night and then had a dizzy this morning.

The hospital contacted me this morning about my op, I have rearranged it for after Christmas, still not sorted how I am going to get there and back, will have to apply myself to sorting it out somehow.

I need to go to the ppost office, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. DB has his INR test so I will see to the parcels whilst he is at the Drs.

Sausage and mash tonight with the beans left over from last night......

Monday, 9 December 2013

The day after yesterday

Well, we did not get the frost we thought we might, and its quite mild outside. DB has an appointment around 10am, I will be staying at home doing the Monday clean. The towels I washed yesterday are still damp so washing today has been put on hold.

I took some extra medication before I went to bed, as a result I feel very tired this morning, tempted to go back to bed and sleep it off.

Read the meters our electricity bill has gone up with a wump a result of having the fire on in the sitting room, so today I am going to put the heating on around 3pm. I read the meter today so will read it again in the morning and just see how much extra gas we have used. I cannot bear to be cold. It makes me feel worse.

I sold 2 pot holders yesterday so have 2 parcels to go to the PO tomorrow.

Supper tonight is egg and chips with banana for dessert.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fine morning, sun was out for a while. Towels in the washer and out, at least they had a bit of a blow but did not dry much.

Bad night again last night was still awake at 3am, its getting s regular thing again, will have to up my medication for a couple of days see if that helps. I did have a nap whilst DB had his siesta, still feeling tired though,and for some reason my feet are like blocks of ice.

DB out raking leaves again this morning another bag full tied up to rot down. The bulbs I put in are beginning to show their heads, little bits of green poking through.

We are having roast pork for supper..... its all ready just have to put the remoska on to do the chops and roast potato's. We will be having banana split for dessert.

Have 2 pot holders to pack up, that makes 2 parcels for the post office this week. decision has been made re the country quilt, just have to wait for the sale at The Fabric Guild and see what I can find. Still lots of bits and strips to use up. Not really in the mood for sewing.

Christmas dec box down off the top of the wardrobe, sorted out the stuff thats in it, will not be decorating until next week at the earliest.

 Now I am making bread regularly again the flour mountain is going down the overflow that I stashed in the dresser cupboard will soon be gone and the crystal bowls will be able to go away,  until they next have bread flour at AF that is. Thats the one draw back of a tiny kitchen very little storage space.

A magnificent sunset tonight, guess this means a heavy frost overnight.

The light was shining in the window in the hall and bouncing off the mirror back onto the wall on the stairs, fabulous..........

We had gone out to put the cover on the car windscreen, DB is going out in the morning, do not want to have to defrost the car before he goes.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Sun shine

After the storms the weather is trying to make amends....its another bright day but very bbrrrrrr if you are outside.

DB did another hour in the garden, picking up leaves and sorting out stuff that had blwn about in the garden. We are so lucky it was not worse, those poor people who have seen their beloved houses slide into the sea were mostly not covered by insurance amd will only get around £6000 compensation. I know they must have known the risks but its sad all the same.

No idea where the morning went, it just seemed to slide by me. Lunch was soup, ham sandwiches, courtesy of my quilting friend who sent me home with some ham for DB, yogurt and fruit.

I have just prepared the liver and sausage casserole for supper, with mashed spuds, calebrese and cauliflower, it will be something with banana for dessert.

DB having his siesta, I will be putting my head down for half an hour shortly, I will have to boost the heating its getting a bit chilly as the low sun moves round to the side of the house.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Thank goodness the wind has dropped

The wind had dropped completely this morning when we got up. Awful to see the damage,  from the storms, especially those people whose houses have slipped into the sea, they must be devastated. Its been a clear day  but very cold.

Also the news of Nelson Mandela's death, it had been expected for a while, but sad all the same. 

DB had an appointment at the bowls club to pay his fees for The Stute.

I did the friday clean whilst he was out. 

I visited my friend Cotton Reel this afternoon, lovely to see her and enjoy a chat and a cuppa. We chatted and put the world to rights, looked at quilts, chatted about quilts and had something I eat. I came home with a couple of parcels for opening on Christmas day, some magazines and a pack of ham.......

I had a letter in the post this morning to go for my operation 23rd December, I do not think so, they wanted me there at 7.45am. I would have to leave here at 7am to get there for 7.45 and its 30 miles away. I cannot drive myself as I am not allowed to drive for 24 hours so how do I get there???? Answers on a post card please......

I have phoned and cancelled the appointment, no way am I having an op 2 days before Christmas. I want to be in full possession of my facilities when I cook the Christmas lunch thank you. I will sort it out after the holiday.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

What a day

I took DD2 to Loughborough to do her shopping this morning. High winds blowing a hooley. the oak tree at the back of us has lost all it leaves, they are blowing round our garden.

The journey there and back was ok, no hold ups. I stopped at home to drop off the shopping DB was outside grappling with our little greenhouse which had blown over. A large terracotta pot has been reduced to fragments, we managed to rescue thee french lavender which was in the greenhouse I have brought it into the house for safety.

Just after I got home it started to rain. I am glad we are not in Scotland, it has been really bad up there thousands are without power. I hope our friends on the east coast are ok, they have a holiday site and some of their caravans are very close to the beach.

DB went for his siesta. I prepped the veg for supper tonight, beef and bean stew with dumplings and veg. There is enough crumble left for one so DB can have that, I will find something else.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Goodness - some sun

It started off very cold and grey this morning but by 10am the sun was out and we had blue sky, it was still very cold though and clear skies could well mean a heavy frost tonight, I hope not, I am taking DD2 to Aldi tomorrow to do the shopping. Another load of laundry out on the whirly, it might dry a bit.

DB and I went in to the library, no sign of our mobile library returning, so an hour in the car park, chose books and then nipped round to Wilkinsons for some sellotape. Last year I bought a new wide roll, can I find it??? No something else that appears to have gone walkabout.

I ordered more of the LED bulbs yesterday, they arrived this morning. One for the lamp behind DB's chair, one for the hall and one for the landing. Sitting room and hall no problem, neither of  us could get the bulb out of the landing light however hard we tried, so a quick call for some help, I would not be surprised if we do not end up having to have a new fitting on the landing. Not my problem though.

Macaroni cheese and salad for supper tonight, there is enough of the crumble left for tonight. I need to pu a load on we are almost out of bread.

DB has gone for his siesta, so I am going to put my head down for half an hour.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Another day at the sweat shop

Well not really. DB had a Drs appointment this morning so we had to get up early. I needed to do the Monday clean as I was otherwise engaged yesterday, so a swoosoh around the bedrooms. I also tackled a pile of ironing that needed doing. Insulation people back and also the new light bulbs arrived, we are trying them out in the lamps in the sitting room and dining room and our bedside lights.

Yesterday we did a freezer audit, I took out some chicken and a pot of beef and bean stew, chicken tonight, I put it in white sauce with mashed spud on the top and did a farmers pie, cauli and carrots with it. DB requested an apple and blackberry crumble so that takes care of tomorrow as well.

DB has stopped complaining about his tooth socket, so I guess it is healing over, just waiting for him to find one of the stitches in something he is eating!!

Made arrangements to visit my quilting friend on Friday.....time for some chat and tea.

Monday, 2 December 2013


Lousy nights sleep, I was still awake at 4am and up at 8am.

DD2 &DGD arrived just before 10am and we were off to Ikea. I was so good. I just bought DB's favourite biscuits and that was all. DD spent up, she wanted 2 shelf units like the ones I got for the sewing room for her kitchen. I delivered her home and stayed for some lunch. DB had been fine whilst I was out, he had his lunch and his siesta so as up when I got home.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to sort out entering stuff on my lap top, got just a little frustrated, I'm not really impressed with windows 8 but I'll stick with it for now.

I am shattered, will be having an early night.....another busy day tomorrow. DB has a Drs appointment and I have to wait in for a delivery and the insulation people are coming to put the spacers in the roof. Wednesday we are planning to go to the library.

DB and I did an audit of the freezer and I do not need to buy any meat. I bought a turkey crown a couple of weeks ago so along with the beef joint I got some time ago we will have plenty for the holiday. His mouth is improving every day, no more bleeding.....and he is tackling more food to eat, less of the soft stuff which is a relief.

I got some chicken and mushroom out of the freezer I will make a chicken and mushroom pie for tomorrow night, I might also make some mince pies whilst I have the oven on.

Supper tonight, herb fritatta with veg, I had a couple of rounds of bread. I made a chocolate cream for dessert and topped it with chopped up dark chocolate.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

\whats that I see

Goodness it the sun, mind you there has been a heavy frost.

Up and stripped the bed, blood has come out of the quilt cover but not the sheet, have put washing up liquid on it and put it back in see if that fetches it out. The rest is out on the line, it will not dry but gets a blow, the frost is holding on the grass.

DB is better this morning, face still slightly swollen but he managed to eat bacon, haggis, tomato and fried bread this morning. There is always too much on a small haggis for the two of us, so after we have had it for supper, I reheat it in the microwave and we have it for breakfast. We will just have a cup a soup at lunchtime. I have got some mince out to cook for supper with swede and spuds mashed together, carrots and calebrese. We have one banana left so banana and ice cream for dessert.

I have no plans except to try and recoup some energy after the last couple of days. I am taking DD2 and DGD to Ikea tomorrow.

Update, the sheet had a second wash and the stain is still there although quite a bit fainter, it can stay......maybe it will wash out over time but I doubt it, I did run a cycle of cold rinses through the machine before I put it on to wash, it has cleared the stains on the duvet cover.