Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Whay a yuk day

First of all I must apologize for not welcoming several new followers who have joined my blog recently, you are very welcome.

It was a nasty rainy start to the morning, very dark and overcast, wish I was going with my DGD to Jamaica, she is off on her jolly for being one of the top sellers for her company, lucky girl. Thankfully the heavy frost lifted during the night it was -2c when we went to bed.

I did not have to put the heating back on yesterday, the frost lifted and the temperature in the house went up, so the heat stayed off. I did try to bleed the landing radiator, but could not undo the screw no matter how hard I a call for the plumber to come and sort it for us.

Laundry done, now drying on the airer in the dining room.

By lunch time the sun was out although it was still rather cold. I used up the last of the pea and ham soup for lunch. Whilst DB went for his siesta I sewed another couple of blocks for the country quilt which I have fetched out of storage. I need to put another 8 blocks down the side, I am thinking of getting some planish material and putting large borders on it, getting a bit fed up with doing the squares. I need a trip to the fabric warehouse for either pink, green, beige or cream fabric.

Macaroni cheese made for supper, doing a couple of baked potato's and a small side salad to go with it. DB asked for banana fritters and ice cream for dessert.

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  1. Rather you than me having to make Banana fritters!! Or have you got a shortcut? Just come home from a quilt group meeting, four of us go, it's a 40 mile round trip, how crazy is that, but it is worth every long, dark mile! A fun and friendly group!! We never quibble about going there, but our local group, well, we always think of an excuse not to go!! They are a completely different crowd!! On the way home, driving over the Downs we had sleet!!! Very chilly, am just going to get my hot water bottle and go to bed!! Keep warm!!


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