Friday, 1 November 2013

What a grey day

It was sunny when we got up, I was tempted to strip the bed, glad I resisted, its now dull grey and vercast, there has been some rain the drive is damp.

OH walking  in the house mostly without his crutch, just uses it for going up and down stairs. Was going to try and get him out for a short walk, but maybe not as it looks like rain.

I am so very tired, sat at the breakfast table wishing I was still in bed. Friday clean done, the sitting room and dining room floors were looking very dusty, so got the little floor cleaner out and moved everything, under DB's chair was particularly dusty and 'bitty'. Its at least 3 weeks since I last did it and it showed. The bed settee gets heavier each time I move the blessed thing, I am loathe to get rid of it, its handy if we have more than one visitor, I sleep on it and DB sleeps in the guest room.

It started to rain at lunchtime, a horrid grey day yyuukkkk.....DB had just reminded me that there are only 51 days to go until the nights start to draw out again, I cannot wait.....

Supper tonight fish and chips, we have bananas so thats dessert sorted.


  1. Hope you can work in a nap when BD has his siesta since you were still tired this morning and then did all of that cleaning.

    Perhaps you need some really bright daylight lamps and bulbs so the early dark winter days don't get you down? Even one such lamp would help a lot.

    It's been overcast here and rain is possible later this arvo. Time will tell.


  2. Very windy here, cloudy but no rain so far, we had enough yesterday.
    Feeling a bit under the weather today, head ache, stiff neck, ear ache which makes me a bit light headed, taking it easy.
    We put our clocks back this weekend, not looking forward to those early dark evenings. Nice to know we have only 51 days and they will start getting lighter.

  3. Sorry you are feeling so tired, not surprised though with what you cope with. Hope you find a bit of peace and quiet over the weekend.


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