Saturday, 30 November 2013

Well That was a night

I should have kept quiet about DB. As the injections began to wear off the socket began to bleed, and bleed it did. By 815pm a kitchen roll and several home made swabs had been used, so off we went 30 miles to A & E. Thankfully they processed him quickly, and he was seen by the maxillary registrar who decided that it needed stitches, so stitches he got, then of course because they had not left him on a couch he had a dizzy and his BP was everywhere.

Eventually he was put in a cubicle on a couch and after about half an hour began to pull himself together. A couple more checks on his BP which at this stage was starting to go down and he was passed fit to come home. It was 1am as I drew up on the drive.

The journey to the hospital was horrendous, why do people insist in driving right behind you with their headlight full on? I was so glad to get off the country road and onto the A46. Coming back there was hardly any traffic. Its ages since I drove at night not a pleasant experience at all, and one I hope not to repeat. May
be I should have sent him in by ambulance but really it was quicker to take him. I had to park the car away from the hospital so that involved a walk to collect it, I was warned not to go through the park, no way, I was sticking to the bright lights thank you.

It was well after 2am before I got to sleep, only to be wakened by DB shouting again, thats 2 nights this was 10am when I woke and he informed me he now had the dreaded palps.... so after breakfast he is sitting up in bed reading. Do not doubt he will also be sleeping. I put a towel over  the pillows but there is a big blood stain on the bottom sheet and also on the duvet cover. They can stay on the bed till tomorrow, hopefully by then serum will have stopped leaking.......I have a double cover on the mattress so that will not be a problem, but the duvet might be another matter, will see when I take the cover off.

Supper tonight will I think be haggis with mashed neeps (swede) and tatties, its all soft so DB should cope alright with it.

Lets hope today is a better day.


  1. Oh, Dear, you did have a terrible night, I sincerely hope that today is a far better one for you and DB. Greetings and best wishes from Canada.

  2. How awful I hope he's feeling better now. I have done many a night in A&E with my daughter who has several serious allergies only to wait around for it to calm down and back home again.

  3. Oh no, another traumatic night/morning for you. Do hope DB is feeling better by now and that the gum will heal quickly. I guess you will be back in the spare room again tonight.
    It's been a lovely day here today. Managed an Aldi shop this morning. Take good care of yourselves.

  4. Dearie me, my friend. What an awful night for you two! Wonder why stitches weren't put in during the initial extraction since DB is on a blood thinner. It sounds like he might need a pain pill at night if you have any that aren't too strong and that have no aspirin in them.

    Yes, there are idiots who care nothing for others on the road as long as they can speed along as fast as they dare. There is no excuse for having high beams on when in close traffic. Huge trucks and tall SUVs present the same blinding problem for my little car so I seldom drive at night anymore.

    I hope tonight is tranquil and uneventful.


  5. So sorry you and DB had such a terrible night-glad things are better now! I hate driving at night and avoid it whenever possible.

  6. So sorry to hear about DHs bleeding episode. Those things can be tricky to get under control. Hopefully both of you can get some extra rest now. I also dread driving at night. We live in the country and there is not a light to be seen for miles and miles and usually approaching traffic has their bright headlamps on which are blinding. Take Care, Barb


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