Friday, 15 November 2013

We can now see out the windows

The window chappie arrived on time..... unheard of, all the blown panes have now been replaced and we can see out of all the windows. I must remember not to go into the front bedroom in the nude, as now the misted panes have gone, the world and his wife will be able to see me getting my knickers out of the chest of drawers.

We had to move the caravan slightly so that the ladder could be put at the right angle up to the landing window, no problem there with the mover.

I made a plate of sandwiches for P, he sat and ate them with us at lunch time.

I put the bath mats and towels in the washer, it has been fine but cold, the mats are dry, but the towels are on the airer to finish off.

DB went for his siesta, yesterday was a bad day he started with the dreaded palps during the afternoon and still had them when we went to be, however they had gone this morning. He had an appointment with the Dr this morning about his neck, told to stop taking paracetamol as it could be masking other things, he has an appointment with our own GP to follow up a couple of things from the hospital.

Fish and chips for supper tonight, possible chocolate mousse for dessert, will see.


  1. Glad your windows have been replaced. All the rooms will seem so much brighter again. Fish and chips sound good for supper tonight. Enjoy.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. The first time I spent the night with my boyfriend (now DH!) unchaperoned at his Gran's house we left the curtains open as there was nothing over looking us - until the window cleaner woke us up! I'm glad the windows are fine, it really lifts the spirits to see the sun shine in (if it does!) Wannabe Sybil (who is stuck signing in as Lyssa Medana) x

  3. Pleased the new windows are in without too much bother. fish and chips sounded good!! We actually went to a new pasta place, so local we could walk!! Very nice not to have to cook or wash up!! But f-r-e-e-z-I-n-g walking home!! A frosty night I think! Am pondering getting the winter duvet out! We have decided to keep our caravan on one site next year for a season. It is a bit pricey but I think we will use the cvan more, as we won't have to go and get it before heading off. Thought we would try it for the summer. Have to say I am looking forward to it, we could head off after I finish work on a Friday lunchtime and it will be near my favourite town!! What's the betting it will be the wettest summer ever now!!!!


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