Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sun, rain sun

has been the case, it was sunny but quite windy when we got up, so I stripped the bed and put the washer on. Out on the whirly after about an hour of twirling round black clouds and rain. I was upstairs making the bed, could not be bothered to go out and fetch it in so it stayed out, after 20 minutes rain gone, sun out again, hopefully I will get it dry......

DB is moving around much better just using the crutch to steady himself as he goes up stairs, good job he is recovering, I know I would not be able to keep up the pace much longer, very painful this morning and extremely tired.

I bought a turkey breast joint from Aldi this week, I have de-frosted it to have for supper with roast spuds, calebrese and carrots, might do some stuffing balls with it. Did think about unrolling it, stuffing it and putting the net back on, cannot be bothered.

Still not sewing done, mats cut out and thats it. I am really feeling that having the embroidery machine is a complete waste, I am just not using it as I used to........perhaps once DB gets back into working mode I might feel better about it, if not I have to consider my options. Having said that when DB went for his siesta I went into the sewing room and quilted both mats and have the binding sewn on one and almost on the other, decided to quit whilst I was ahead and came down for tea and cake. Prepped the supper.

DB has managed to get an ordinary slipper on his bad foot and is now bending his foot as he should, he says it does not hurt going up stairs but does coming down, but of course  you stretch your feet as you come down.

I fetched the sheets etc in after lunch we had another sharp shower of rain, so everything is folded in the basket waiting to be ironed. Forecast is for rain tomorrow so the rest of the laundry will have to wait.


  1. I love my embroidery machine. Matter of fact it is stitching out some Christmas ornaments as I type this. I wish I had known I would love machine emb as much as I do. We never know in advance how we're going to take to something or how something will fall out of favor with us.

    I stitched a binding onto a cute quilt yesterday and today my right hand is really fore. Oh the price we pay for getting older!

    I hope DB is getting better each day so he will be fit as a fiddle for the holidays. In the meanwhile, I think you're doing a fine job of caring for him.

    Warm Regards, Barb

  2. Cheers for DB's continued recovery from the injuries to his feet! I continue to wish him well.

    Having DB back on both feet and feeling fine will certainly lighten your load so I hope you keep the embroidery machine for the time being.

    Applause for the quilting you accomplished today and I can imagine how delightful that feels!! I have decided to go buy modern looking fabrics to make a couple of pillows for L and not try to piece these covers in a style and colors she likes. The modern fabrics will be quick, easy, and am more assured of making something she will enjoy.



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