Tuesday, 5 November 2013

So thats what happened to the rain

It arrived this morning.We had decided to go out this morning to Grantham to check out the caravan dealers we found at the show. It was pelting down, windscreen wipers going full tilt all the way there.

We blagged the key to the van we had been looking at when we went to the show. Took it to bits and had a good nosy round. Still ticked all the boxes. Back in the showroom we handed back the key and were given 2 cups of coffee. T the salesman had a chat to us and we made a few enquiries about various things and headed off to have a butchers at the shop. Very well stocked, but no pressure to buy. We priced up a couple of things, storing the info away for future use. At no time did we feel any pressure to put our names down for a van, nice dealer and very nice salesman.

By the time we left to come home the rain had stopped and the sun was out, but the nearer we got to home the nearer we got to the very black clouds scudding over and by the time we got in the door it was pouring again.

Lunch over DB retired for his siesta, I did a bit of research on the internet on halogen convection ovens, need to do a bit more before I make up my mind about them.

It turned really cold so I put the fire on in the sitting room for a while, just brough the heat up enough to make it comfortable, using the electric fine is a heck of a lot cheaper than using the gas.

DB asked for egg chips and beans for supper, so thats what he  got,. I had a hm roll left so cut it into 4 slices, buttered it and made a bread and butter pudding, delicious. its ages since I made one so we really enjoyed it and there is enough for tomorrow night.

Library van here tomorrow, I finished my books and have been reading freebies on my Ipad. Some of them are total rubbish, but any port in a storm.......


  1. My DIL has one of those cookers and uses it every day so I will wait on your review on it. It is nice to look round new van.

  2. Interesting that you and DB went to look at caravans. Do you suppose you'll purchase one in the near future?

    Your bread pudding sounds yummy and am glad you enjoyed it. Today is AMIL's 83rd birthday so after we vote, I plan to make a one layer cake for her.

    Hope all the folks in the States who are voting today vote the selfish, uncaring, greedy Republicans who caused the government shutdown right out of office!


  3. I love my halogen oven, it seems a lot quicker for things like sausages and it cooked a gammon joint really well. It also seems to use a lot less fat. I am not sure about using it instead of a conventional oven, but I am using it more and more. I would recommend looking at the cookbooks if you can get a free sneak preview to get an idea of the range and if it would suit. hth WS xxx


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