Monday, 4 November 2013

Rain???? Hmmmmmmmm

Well the forecast yesterday said we would have rain today, so I did not sort out the laundry. Wake up to bright sunny skies, so quick ferret round for a coloured load, in the washer and out on the line. We do check the forecast regularly, well DB does, they certainly got it wrong for today.

Monday clean done, I want to finish the mug rugs I started yesterday and get the binding sewn down on the table mats. Then I just might start on some more pot holders.......My machine foxed me yesterday I wanted to sew the binding on the table mats, could not get the thing to change so I could do a 1/4" seam, tried several times to no avail, then I remembered I had the straight stitch plate on, had not changed wonder it did not like me cussing at it.

Supper tonight will be cold turkey and salad, used the slicer to slice the remainder of the meat up. It would easily have done 3 of 
us, will decide later whether to get another one for Christmas or a small turkey crown.

Nothing planned for the rest of the day, DB is now walking without his crutches in the house and has his slippers on, might get him out for a walk later. We are going out tomorrow morning for a couple of hours, I am feeling stifled in the house all the time.

DD2 phoned at lunchtime she had something she wanted me to print off and take down to her. Job done, we will be going to deliver it when DB gets up after his siesta. Tea and cake at her house today.


  1. It's always best to look out the window as the weather forecasters do sometimes goof. There was a TV weatherman here who used to give part of his forecast while standing outside - and that made for accurate current weather! How nice the weather let you do a load of laundry and dry it, too.

    Cheers for DB's continued improvement!

    Enjoy today's visit and tea with DD2! That should help your cabin fever calm down a bit.

    Well done on getting back to your sewing. I do enjoy working with Christmas fabrics! I've begun leaving a note to myself on my machine when I have the sewing machine set for a particular task. When I turn the machine off, it loses the settings and more than once I've had to pick out erroneous stitches because I forget to re-enter the needed settings.


  2. Glad to read of OH's continuing improving health - hope the walk helped a little, for both of you xx


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