Monday, 25 November 2013


Grey morning but it brightened up at lunchtime. Then it was down hill all the way, by 2.30 it was very cold in the house, so the heating went on.

No Monday clean done. DB had an appointment at the dentist. He has to go back and get a tooth out on Friday, had to pay in advance £49!!

Whilst DB was in the dentist I nipped to get some cook in the oven bags, also picked up 2 new tooth brushes, think its about time we had new ones.

Back home we had a drink and then DB went out to cut the grass and I prepped the chicken for supper tonight, cannot make up my mind whether to do veg or pasta.......

Yesterday laundry was dry apart from one of DB's roll neck sweaters and a pair of socks so most of it folded and put away.

As the mobile library vans are out of action I went onto the website and renewed my books for another 2 weeks, due back 16th December. Hoping the van will be back after the holiday.

DS2 sent a message to say they got back ok last night. DD2 has asked us for lunch on Thursday. Just a snack lunch, like us they eat at night.

DB will be up soon after his siesta, better go and fill the kettle.......


  1. We are also having chicken, Lazy Curry, boned and skinned chicken thighs and drumsticks in the slow cooker with sauteed onions and peppers, some Madras paste and chicken stock. 3 hours on low and a cup of Basmati Rice stirred in for the last 30 minutes. A one pot wonder for tonight and one in the freezer for an even lazier dinner next week. It is cold, damp and grey here, I am getting over a double trip to London, Saturday and then again yesterday.

  2. What a bother to have the library van out of action for such a long time. Hope you have enough reading material to keep you entertained until it comes again.

    It's freezing cold here so the sunshine isn't very warm.

    There isn't much sewing I need to do for the holidays but need to get going on AMIL's table runner so please give me the push I seem to need!


  3. Isn't the dentist expensive ... and the cost of simple toothbrushes .. yet we can do without them.

    Vicky x

  4. Expensive day here too! New washing machine, my poor old faithful gave up the ghost! Will have to read the instructions, have flashing lights on this new-fangled thingy!!!!!

  5. The dentist here is very expensive too but we do get freebies every time we go-toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and several different pick and brush little gizmos. You can also have coffee, tea, bottled water, granola bars and apples while you wait, and the use of an ipad. No wonder they are so expensive, have to pay for all the freebies!


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