Saturday, 2 November 2013

Oh Dear - Another Grey Day

Welcome to all my followers old and new, Tania from Aus is the latest to sign up to follow, I hope you enjoy my witterings........

It was very grey and overcast again this morning, how wonderful - not...

Had an extra lie in, woke at 8.30. DB is moving about better, still slow but getting there by this time next week he should be fully mobile and I might get a chance to re-coup some lost energy.

The leaves are very slow to come off the trees this year, a lot of them still have most of their leaves on despite last weeks wind. The grass badly needs cutting but I cannot do it whilst it is still so wet, a few dry days would dry it out and I could get it cut. I emptied the kitchen waste into the compost bin, the water was squelching out of the grass as I walked over it.........

The sun did manage out around 11.30. Just after DB had retired to bed with a dizzy. He is being weaned off his tablets and true to form they are ramping up again, not a happy bunny.

Dough made and cooked for some soft rolls. Also made 6 large white chocolate cup cakes and prepped the liver and bacon veg etc for supper.

We had a call from out credit card providers, some lowlife had tried to draw cash and book an hotel and travel using our CC details. No idea how they got them, I do not carry the card unless I am going to put diesel in the car, which I did last Thursday. Its kept in the safe when I am not using.

Our cards have been cancelled and they are sending us new ones.....

Liver and bacon casserole for supper, bananas for dessert.

I am going to put my head down for hald an hour see if I can get some shut eye.


  1. A pox on the lowlives who steal, hack, and troll to take advantage of other people. I'm glad your card company was paying attention so they were foiled in stealing from you.

    With DB coming off of his medicines, I hope you can see the doctor sooner than the scheduled appt. if his symptoms become too intrusive.

    Your cupcakes sound yummy but if they were at my house, they'd be gone too quickly and with my fatigue and the hours I sit, I'd soon be as big as a house!

    Hope you had a good nap!


  2. Sorry to hear about your credit card fraud. Lucky the providers realised and got in touch with you straight away. Now comes the bother of a new card and remembering the pin number.
    Been a cold, wet and windy day here, and the lights were on and off most of the day because it kept going so dark.
    Love liver and bacon casserole. Wish I was joining you. Hope tomorrow is a restful day for you.


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