Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Now we have fog!!

No frost today just swirling fog. Busy day DB has his INR this morning and then we are both getting our eyes tested and DB gets his 24 hour BP monitor fitted this afternoon, so I will be residing in the guest room tonight.

Very foggy when we got up, could no see the top of the hill from the front bedroom, it started to clear but  was still hanging about until mid morning when some blue sky appeared, not that it was any warmer....its been bbrrrrrr all day.

I have had several enquiries about stovies......they are mainly a Scottish thing DB's mother used to make them on Monday, wash day. You can have the, just potato or put in the bits off the Sunday joint, cooked sausage or as in our case half a large tin of corned beef cut into dice.

Peel and slice potato's thinly. Finely chop and onion. Put the onion in a heavy bottomed saucepan  that has a well fitting lid,with some dripping and lightly fry, then add the sliced spud and turn over so the potato is coated with the dripping. Turn the heat down very low and keep tossing the potato's until they are cooked, shake the pan a couple of times without taking the lid off, at this point turn off the heat and add the diced corned beef or whatever and leave for about 10 minutes to enable the spuds to 'unstick' themselves from the pan bottom, serve. The idea is that the lid enables the potato to cook in the steam. I put a circle of foil on the top of the pan before I put the lid on, it helps to seal the lid so no steam escapes.
I usually melt a stock cube in a tiny drop of water and pour it down the side of the pan, it helps to create some steam and also flavours the spuds, do not add any salt, there is enough in the stock cube.

OH puts ground black pepper om his and a dollop of spicy brown sauce. Cheap and cheerful grub, but loaded with fat which is why we only have it very occasionally. I keep the corned beef in the fridge, it makes it easier to slice.

Back from town, neither of us need a change of prescription, my cateract is almost ready to be sorted, I have to go back in 6 months for a further test and at that point the optician will refer me to set it done, The MD has not got any worse so thats great.

Supper tonight is chicken, salad and jacket spuds, the remains of the lemon cheesecake for dessert.

I have spent some time on the sewing machine this afternoon, finishing off a project. I could not remember how to add script to a design.......its time I got back to using it more frequently.


  1. Cheers that one of your busy days is over and done with and that neither of you need new glasses!!

    Like you, we have corned beef hash rarely due to the fat but the stovies sound yummy as I love onions. We may give that a try. Is it good with roast beef?

    The cold rain continues here and before midnight we'd had nearly an inch of rain fall and it's been raining hard ever since midnight so all is very soggy. There is a chance of snow this arvo.

    I've cut and pieced the binding for AMIL's table runner and am midway thru pressing it. Today I feel crummy again, so am not whizzing thru projects at anywhere near top speed. Bother.

    Hope you sleep well tonight and that DB's 24 hr monitor shows nothing alarming going on.


  2. I'll be 'round for tea the next time you have 'Stovies' it sounds DELISH!!!! Sausages here tonight as I am off out in a minute to our local quilt group. Not nearly so much fun, or friendly as the one we do a 40 mile round trip for!!! Think we only go so we can moan!!!!! Damp and dull all day here, no fog though, thank goodness. Am still sewing Christmas gifts at a rate of knots!!!! Hope all goes well with the monitor, and glad your eyes are no worse. Cheerio

  3. Thanks also for the stovies recipe. Think I will also give it a try. I spent all afternoon machine quilting a king sized quilt - with difficulty.
    Good that your prescription hasn't changed and that your eyes are no worse. We go for our eye test on Friday, so here's hoping our prescription hasn't changed either.



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