Thursday, 14 November 2013

Not so cold this morning, sun is out and we have a breeze which is blowing the leaves off the trees in the wood all over the garden.The grass is too wet to walk on, so they will have to stay for a bit.

Sauce made for pasta salad for supper. Used up a couple of slices of bacon from the fridge, onion, garlic, herbes de provance,splash of white wine and half a chicken stock cube, will finish it off with some soft cream cheese stirred in later.

Not much going on, lap top is still undergoing technical surgery, new glass panels being fitted in the blown windows tomorrow, starting upstairs, think we may have to move the caravan for the chap to get at the landing window. Could be an interesting day.

No more sewing done, although DB is much better and back 'doing his duties' I am still very tired, very little energy, not that that is anything unusual!!

Friday clean will be put off, no point if the chap is going to be making a mess. He did manage yesterday to get one of the front bedroom windows to shut properly, a screw had come loose from the locking mechanism and jammed. It had been jammed ever since we moved in. He also has to relay the lead over the bay on the front, it has lifted in a couple of places.

DB has just been out to the shed, he says despite the sun it's bitter out, I am planning on staying in the warm. The heat is not on, the sun through the bay is warming the room nicely. It will go off around 3 pm, so the heat will kick in then.

My friend in the US has gone with her MIL to visit family, it's strange not seeing a comment from her each day. Hope she is having a good time catching up with all the relatives.


  1. I think you sent us your cold and damp weather. Very unusual low temps right now. Staying inside as much as possible and sewing. Tonight is the guild meeting and I have to go to pick up a kit I got at the show.

    Been sewing and sewing. Keep having to sweep the floor to keep the trimmings in their place.

    Have a great day.

  2. Hope your not cold tomorrow when the workmen are around. At least they will be done before winter sets in.

  3. The new windows should help with keeping warm for you this winter.


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