Sunday, 17 November 2013

Not much to report today, it's been a very grey one.

We were late up again this morning. Porridge and croissant for breakfast. Gammon on in the pressure cooker to cook, fat trimmed,scored and a mixture of mustard and broown sugar rubbed in, then in the convection oven at 200c for 20 minutes. Sliced it when it was cold, thickish slices for supper tonight and tomorrow, the rest cut thin for sandwiches in the freezer. Apples peeled, blackberries added from the freezer and sponge topping, 3 nights desserts done.

I guess ice cream making is more or less done for now so took the base out of the freezer, a bit more room in there now. I can easily put it back in if DB decides he want's ice cream.

DB spent some time in the garden he did think about trying to cut the grass but it was just too wet, so dead heading and leaf gathering. He went for his siesta after lunch.

Put the heating on just after 3 pm, my feet were like blocks of ice even with 2 pairs of socks on!! The readings will be up this week, have just paid another DD, so we should be ok for now. We have noticed a difference since the windows were done.

Rain forecast for tomorrow so the laundry will have to be dried inside.  

We are half way through November and Christmas will soon be on us, this time last year we had no idea we would move back to was the beginning of January my daughter phoned with her news and sparked us looking for a new home. Here's to 2014 being a more settled year for us.

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  1. A frightening thought that Christmas is just around the corner! Hope it will be a quiet one for us!! We will have a four-legged visitor over the holidays though, atleast we can walk off the turkey and pud!!!! Last nights firework 'do' was a success, well, no one seemed to want to go home!! I went to put the washing in the dryer earlier (fed up with it hanging around the house!!) and found a packet of fireworks that obviously fell out of the bag, so just had a short impromptu firework show - again!! Now that really is it!! The neighbours will be grateful, I'm sure!!!! Have been sewing this afternoon, lit the fire mid afternoon as I was chilly!!! Nice and cosy now!


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