Thursday, 28 November 2013

More Fog

Another foggy start, no sun today so it was still hanging about after lunch.

DB's bp monitor stopped working sometime during the night, when he woke this morning there was an error message on I took it off. I slept in the guest room, did not want it to keep me awake, I am not a happy bunny if I cannot sleep.

We went to return it, I nipped into Morrisons I wanted some stem ginger. Thanks to Morgan for the heads up on the Aldi voucher, I got 2 papers, DD2 and I are going to Aldi next Thursday and the vouchers are vailid until closing time next Thursday, so looking forward to a £5 discount.

DD2's for lunch, soup, crackers, cheese and yogurt, went down very well, came home and DB went for his siesta. He has ro go to the dentist tomorrow and I have something to collect from Tesco, so will drop him off and then go back and collect him.

Fish mash, peas and sweetcorn for supper tonight, we have bananas so banana and ice cream, I have a carton in the freezer thats needs finishing off.


  1. I would rather have fog than what I have on the ground a the present time. On the weekend we had at least 20 inches of snow and then last night another 6 inches by the looks of it. No where to pile it anymore when we remove it from the driveway and walkways. It's not even Winter yet.

  2. What a bother that the monitor stopped working! You should have no charge for this go and be reimbursed for your time and trouble going back to the office - like that's going to happen!

    We've had more than 3" of rain in the last week and all is soggy and cold.

    I'm so glad you are once more so close to family and friends!

    It's cold but sunny here and we've just returned home from Thanksgiving dinner at AMIL's home. As usual, we used our family's traditional recipes and divied up cooking duties. All was delicious and is now cleaned up with leftovers put away, and dishwashers loaded.

    I'm thankful our paths crossed and we're friends!


  3. Glad you found it helpful - must admit I only managed to find out because of a rumour somewhere that I chased up, and confirmed! Pays to think about the dates too and realise that it was about the time they did them...looking forward to my Aldi trip tomorrow. Have just found and posted that there is a Lidl voucher on their Facebook page, so that might help people who can't access Aldi, and the qualifying spend is less too.


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