Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Its Frosty

We woke up to signs of a heavy frost, even the trees had silver edges to the leaves that are still clinging on and it was b....y cold when I put my nose out of the door.

By lunchtime it has thawed but was still bitter.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy this morning, it was lunch time before he appeared down stairs. I did the Monday clean before he came upstairs, just have to do the carpets and bathroom floor with the hoover and mop.

The central heating is back on, I just will not be cold. I  turned the bedroom rads off though,  turned them back on when I went up to draw the curtains late this afternoon.

I  decided to give DB a treat, he loves stovies, so, as I got a tin of corned beef recently, I will make them for his supper. We can eat the rest of it later in the week with jacket spuds and a small side salad. Corned beef has become very expensive over the last 12 months, I bought a tin as a treat when we were in Sainsbury recently.

This afternoon we had a quick trip out to do a couple of errands, I was glad to get back into the warm, it was blooming cold out.


  1. Bother about those annoying dds but cheers for all you accomplished while he slept!

    What are "stovies"? Speaking of corned beef, we like corned beef hash that comes in cans.

    Today is cold and the storm system that has dumped ice and snow on much of the country is raining on us. Our heating is on but I am also dressed warmly and am glad to be indoors.

    I'm about to attempt to put small bias tape on two small pre-printed stockings as binding. I can tell this will be a bit of a trial but it's got to be done. I think I can, I think I can!


  2. I also wondered what a stovie is. I had a lovely lunch out with another quilter and then came home and stayed in since it was cold. Slight flurries of snow.

    Working on two quilts and some needlebooks all afternoon.

  3. Not so frosty down here this morning, chilly though! I'd like to know what Stovies are too?!! Had a sewing day today, but was very late because the A34 was shut and all the traffic was using MY short-cut!!!! Not complaining though, some workmen and drivers were hurt, so there for the grace of God......


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