Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hurray!! It's Saturday

Not so cold this morning, and we can see out of the windows, no nasty my knickers out before I went to bed last night, so no floor show for the neighbours this morning!!

We were late getting up, a lie in for the weekend. DB was hoping to cut the grass but it has rained heavily.

My left wrist started to do a dance last night, to just keep up with all the other bits that jump about from time to time. First time for the wrist, it's usually shoulders and fingers. To add to the discomfort a small blood vessel in my left  decided to rupture, so I also have a nice bruise. Have a wrist support on this morning. Now DB is mobile again am getting a bit more rest which is helping overall.

Early  lunch, decided its time we had a bit of an outing, so going to the local nursery to look at their decks and treat ourselves to a toasted tea cake and a cup of tea.

Loaf in the bread maker, liver out for supper, gammon joint in soak for tomorrow's supper. We will have some sausage with the liver.

No news is good news re my lap top J was supposed to call yesterday guess he is still working on it. We will see on Monday.

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  1. How annoying to have a painful and bruised wrist, hope it improves soon. Damp afternoon here. We had a belated get together with friends for Firework night, son no.2's idea!!! Only Sainsbugs fireworks so more whooshes than bangs!! It didn't last long! Cooked up Chilli and Lamb Tagine, plus sausages for the children. It was a fun evening, hope the Dustbin/recycling man doesn't count the empties!!!! Sewing tomorrow!! Christmas bits to start and also finish!!


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