Sunday, 10 November 2013

Gosh a sunny day

We woke up to a sunny morning, I sorted through the laundry basket and found enough to do white load. It almost dried in the sun. It's on the airier to finish off.

Db watched the service at the Cenotaph on TV. I was doing various jobs and also finished sewing down the binding on the table mats and pot holders. I also made one to go with the mats, I just have the binding to sew down on it.

Supper cooking. I decided to make a lemon sponge, it's ages since I last made one, hope it turns out ok. We will watch strictly later.

Hope I do not get indigestion again, I could do with a decent nights sleep.

DB back to normal, walking ok and doing his jobs round the house including the washing up!! For which I am very thankful.

We have an appointment with the chiropodist in the morning, we will do another couple of errands whilst we are out and also have a trip to Sainsbury's which opened this last week.


  1. Glad all seems to be calm again, in your neck of the woods - except for the Indigestion!! A dose of Gaviscon might do the trick maybe? Take Care X

  2. Busy day here, so just popped in to read about your day. Lemon sponge! YUM!! Hope it was delicious and that you're in dreamland with no tummy misery tonight.

    Tomorrow will be busy with laundry and packing but think I have nearly everything essential finished.



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