Friday, 29 November 2013

Fun Friday

Welome to a new follower, Louise, you are very welcome.

What a grey day, light levels so low I have the light on in the sitting room......DB is in the garden clearing the leaves again, lots coming down after the heavy frost this week. Weather makes me feel very depressed, feel so much better when the sun shines. Usual winter aches and pains, seems to move to a different part of my body this time its hands and fingers. Typing with one finger is a pain.

Friday clean done with some help. I need to look at Christmas week make sure the house is nice and clean for the festivities, so I can relax. I do not touch the cleaning again then until New years eve, the whole house gets done in one go then.

DD2 asked us for lunch on New Years Day which will be nice for us. I have a couple of appointments at the hospital before Christmas. One for my ear op, funnily enough the last lot of drops the specialist gave me seems to have cleared up what ever the problem was, I seem also to be able to hear slightly more in that ear too without my hearing aid. Weird..........the second one is to check my hearing aid.

DB is having a tooth out, so he has asked for paoched eggs at lunch time and then he will have soup for his supper. His INR was 2 so he should not bleed too much, fingers crossed. I will drop him at the dentist and then go and pick him up I have to collect a parcel from Tesco.

Need to do a list of Christmas cards, I bought some a couple of years ago from the Oxfam shop reduced, should have enough, fingers crossed. I do not want to spend out on any more.


Tooth out, it was not a pretty sight apparently. No bleeding which has to be good. He is having soup for supper.

I also picked up the parcel from Tesco. I have been given a new lap top computer.  its windows 8 and very different can  see problems ahead so there may be some weird entries on my blog for a few days till I get used to the thing.

Tomorrow is Saturday, lie in day....hooray........


  1. Grey and dingy here too, and windy! Had the first wash with the new washing machine, it's very quiet!!! Everyone out so treated myself to sausage and chips from the chippy!!! Haven't done that for years!! They were delicious, probably pay later with indigestion!!!! Glad the trip to the Dentist was OK. Good luck with the laptop!!!

  2. It's always good to bid the dentist good-bye! Hope DB fares well tonight and in the coming days with minimal discomfort and bother.

    It will be interesting to see if perhaps the ear gtts have done a good enough job that your surgery won't be needed. Hope so! Fingers crossed you can avoid the surgery if that's the best thing for you.

    Do you have pretty shiny items like glass, silver, or brass around your home that bounce light around your rooms? I've found that helps on grey days and perhaps those little touches might help you, too.

    I wore myself out getting AMIL's Christmas decorations out of the attic, setting up her Christmas tree (will have to sort out the lights another day), and doing a bit of decorating in places she couldn't easily or safely reach. At her request, I hung the little wall hangings I made for her last year and decorated her mantel. She can take her time with putting most of the decorations where she wants them. It was fun but tiring.

    I need to sort out my Christmas card list, too.


  3. I recently got a new laptop with Windows 8. Can't say I like it, but I'm getting used to it. Glad there were no problems with DB's tooth extraction.

  4. Hi, Thank you for the mention, I was so pleased to find you yesterday and catch up with all your news. I hope you have a peaceful weekend and that DB's tooth (or lack of tooth!) is not too painful. Xx


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