Friday, 8 November 2013

Even more brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

My goodness its cold this morning, had to crank the heating up a bit......sun was shining but no heat in it really.

Cotton Reel phoned me last night and put my visit off till tomorrow, she has to be somewhere this afternoon, so I had an afternoon free, what shall I do??? Well possibly sleep as I was still awake at 3am.

Friday clean was done yesterday, so no cleaning. I could sit and sew down the binding on the two mats I made or I could just simply read........we will see.

The sunshine turned to rain before lunch and by 3pm we had to have the light on in the sitting room it was so dull and dark. It was good to close the curtains and shut the weather out,

I did have a quick nap on the settee when DB went for his siesta, when I woke, I was really cold so put the fire on in the sitting room for a while to get the temperature up a bit. I cannot stand to be cold.

We are having fish, mustard mash and peas for supper. I will bake a couple of bananas and have them with custard for dessert.

Yesterday I had a conversation with the 3 call centre in India. me, Hi, this is....... I have a mobile broadband dongle number........ the contract runs out on 10th Dec, I am giving you a months notice to termiate my agreement with you as per your terms and conditions. 

Them: pardon madam?

Me; I repeat previous statement.

Them; I have your account up madam (being called madam or by my christian name by these people really hacks me off.) I can see you have been a customer of ours for a long time and have never been in arrears with your payments. We would like to retain your business, we will only charge you £5 25 a month and give you more gigabytes........

Me; no thanks I want to terminate my contract.

Them; are you sure your do not want to keep the dongle at the reduced rate.

Me; almost snarling at this point, no I do not want to keep the dongle I no longer have a use for it.

There then followed a very convoluted conversation during which they almost wanted my leg measurements and how many times I pee a day!! By this time I was royally hacked off, only good manners prevented me from snarling a particularly sarcastic comment down the phone.

They still persisted in trying to get me to take the cheaper deal.....eventually after 36 minutes (good job I was not paying for the call) they got the message and agreed to terminate the contract.

I had to be revived with brandy when I got off the phone!! Took me an hour to recover. DB said I had used the words 'no I do not want the deal' 14 times during the conversation.

Why cannot these people just accept when you say NO!! thats exactly what you mean.


  1. Oh heck what a palava! Sounds like you need a good rest after all that

  2. How annoying some people and some businesses can be! Too bad they cannot be charged for wasting your time.

    What a nice surprise to have an unexpected arvo "off"! It might be time to get a quilt out to keep downstairs so you can nap in cozy warmth when you choose to.

    AMIL and I ran our errands so am about to make a couple of pillow covers. I was going to make piping for them, but somehow I don't think I'll take that time.

    When I checked AMIL's INR this arvo, she was too low at 1.9 when her doctor wants her between 2 and 3. She confessed to missing 3 pills in the last 36 hours, so took that double dose at 5a today when she thought of it and will take a double dose tonight to get her INR up a bit more. She's getting so forgetful.


  3. What a shame your visit to Kathleen was put off, something to look forward to tomorrow.
    I had a similar phone call with our Canadian telephone/internet/satellite company, talked to a girl in the Philippines to try and sort it out!!!!.
    Cold.....I woke up to a dusting of snow this a.m......way too early in the season for my liking.
    Have a good weekend.


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