Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Double Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

My goodness its cold this morning, a heavy frost, should kill some of the germs that are about. The sun is shining but just now the frost is holding, its -2c in the garden. Me thinks the heating will be going back on. I had to clean the condensation off the windows this morning. the ones in the front bay were the worst. I thought double glazed windows did not get condensation.........glad I am not committed to going out, the roads will be like skating rinks especially the one over the hills to the A46. When I was younger I used to love the clear frosty mornings to go for a walk, now its a case of keeping warm so my joints do not seize up or I manage not  to do a dying fly on the ice. The thought of a broken limb fills me with horror.

DB is staying inside too he is still a bit unsteady on his feet, no more concord landings required thank you!!

Nothing really planned for the day except to make a pot of pea and ham soup using the liquor from the gammon joint, some dried peas I have soaked overnight and chopped up bits of ham. I have taken mince out of the freezer for mince and dough balls for supper, we were to have had macaroni cheese and salad but its too bbbrrrrr for salad. We have the remains of the sponge pudding from Sunday for dessert.

New laptop is on hold for a while, I cannot make up my mind what to get, there are so many available its very confusing, think I may have to ask my techie to source one for me........having said that the next time I go into Leicester I may well have a look at what they have in Tesco, that might give me a better idea of what I am looking for and cost. We are going to have an expensive few weeks if we both need new glasses........


  1. Not a very heavy frost here, but CHILLY!!! Had a lovely day down in Devon/Dorset. The sky was clear blue and the autumn colours just amazing. All sorted for the caravan next year, can't wait!! Went along to the Donkey Sanctuary to get my Christmas cards and then on to Darts Farm for a wander! I love looking at the fabulously expensive things in that shop (thinking 'I could make that'!! and often do!!!!). We did get some meat pies for tea and they were the best I have ever tasted!! Steak and Kid, Steak and ale and Chick, ham and leek, boy, were they good!! Locally made down there and worth every penny for a treat!! Feel so much better for seeing the sea and a dose of vitamin D!!!! Mind how you go if it is icy in the morning.

  2. At retreat we had three people in boots to keep ankle breaks or sprains stable, one wrist support, and one woman on pain pills. We called it retreat rehab. Ana


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